The 8 Best Korean Peeling Gels Money Can Buy

 The 8 Best Korean Peeling Gels

Korean skincare is adored world-wide for its ability to innovate and adapt to consumer trends. An up and coming skincare trend that is gaining popularity are Korean peeling gels. They offer a solution to any of your skin smoothness and radiance concerns that you can feel instantly.

I love that you can feel the dead skin cells coming off of your face. It lets you target different areas of concern, like my nose for example which was sensitive from its fair share of sun damage. In this blog post, we'll explore everything you need to know about Korean peeling gels and how they can help transform your skin. Let's help you achieve smoother and brighter skin today! 

What are Korean Peeling Gels? 

Korean Peeling Gels

At some point I thought that Korean peeling gels were like those blackhead peel-off products that you find at your local pharmacy. You know that viral product that appears to rip all of your impurities from your pores? Korean peeling gels are actually nothing like that. Whilst those blackhead peel-offs can remove gunk from your pores, they can also do more harm than good by damaging your skin. 

Instead Korean peeling gels are an exfoliating product that gently remove surface level dead skin and impurities. It utilises a chemical exfoliating process that is formulated to 'peel' your skin and improve cell turnover. So rather than the peeling gel adhering to your skin, you'll notice small balls forming on the surface of your skin. This is actually your dead skin cells being removed! 

They're also different from your traditional physical scrub. There's no scrubbing required for Korean peeling gels, making them absolutely essential for anyone out there with sensitive, rough skin. These peeling gels are also incredibly satisfying as you can literally see the impurities and dead skin being lifted away.

How do Korean Peeling Gels work? 

The function of Korean peeling gels lies within its formulation. Often formulated with AHA, BHA and enzymes, they break down the bonds between your skin barrier and dead skin cells.

They also contain a gentle clumping agent that is responsible for the little balls that you can see form on your skin. Once your dead skin cells have been lifted from your skin, you can simply wash them off with water. How easy is that!

The Benefits of Korean Peeling Gels for Different Skin Types

The Benefits of Korean Peeling Gels

Gentle on sensitive skin

Suitable for sensitive and irritated skin. Removes dead skin cells to promote cell turnover and recovery of the skin barrier.

Brightens dull skin 

The removal of dead skin on the surface of your skin barrier reveals a more radiant skin tone underneath. 

Smooths rough skin 

Korean peeling gels help to remove rough skin and even skin texture by lifting dead skin cells. This leaves your skin smoother and softer than before. 

How do I use a peeling gel? 

  1.  Apply after cleansing and drying your face
  2. Apply your Korean peeling gel to your face, avoiding sensitive areas
  3. Massage into skin gently, with particular attention placed on clogged pores and rough skin
  4. You'll notice balls forming on your skin as you do this, don't freak out! It's perfectly normal.
  5. Rinse with lukewarm water to clear your skin of any debris
  6. Apply the rest of your Korean skin routine as your normally would. 

The Best Korean Peeling Gels

This list is in no particular order because we love every single one of these peeling gels. They each have their own unique benefits, some will be great for sensitive skin whilst others focus on brightening your skin. They're definitely all worth a try but hopefully this list will help you decide. 

Some By Mi Yuja Niacin Brightening Peeling Gel 120ml

Yuja Niacin Some By Mi Skincare Peeling Gel

Best for hyperpigmentation and dark spots. 

I was born with a bunch of hyperpigmentation and freckles, and whilst I love them, I do occasionally feel the need to brighten up my skin. That's where this brightening gem comes in. With dedicated brightening ingredients like Niacinamide and Glutathione, you know you'll be taken care of with this option. 

MEDI-PEEL Cica-Nol B5 Aha + Bha + Vitamin Calming Peeling Gel 120ml

MEDI-PEEL Korean Skincare Cica-Nol Peeling Gel

Best for sensitive and irritated skin. 

I have a super sensitive nose from years in the Australian sun. So when I was picking a peeling gel for myself, this beauty from MEDI-PEEL really stood out. With a gel based formula and a cica + panthenol based ingredient list, I knew that this peeling gel would be at the top of a lot of lists. 

Beauty of Joseon Apricot Blossom Peeling Gel 100ml

 Beauty of Joseon Peeling Gel

Best for those with rough and uneven skin.  

For all of my Beauty of Joseon lovers out there. This ones for you. The perfect all -rounder but also ideal for rough and uneven skin. Plum flower water is the perfect addition to an already stacked formula, to hydrate and smooth your skin. 

RNW DER CLEAR Mild Peeling Gel 150ml 

RNW Korean Skincare Peeling Gel

Best budget option.

Priced at just $20 for 150ml of this RNW peeling gel, this is our most budget friendly option on this list. It's the perfect way to set foot in to the world of peeling gels and discover for yourself their amazing benefits. 

Banila Co Clean It Zero Brightening Peeling Gel 120ml

Banila Co Clean It Zero Peeling Gel

Best for vegan skincare consumers. 

Based on the mandarin peel, this peeling gel not only gives off an inviting citrus scent but it has a fully vegan formula! It effectively brightens and purifies your skin with Vitamin A and E. 

Ma:nyo Pure Aqua Peeling Gel 120ml

 Photos of Manyo Pure Aqua Peeling Gel

Best for dehydrated and dry skin types. 

With three different types of hyaluronic acid, this water gel formula is a skincare gem for anyone who likes products that hydrate and nourish. You'll be left with no tightness or stripping feeling, just buttery smooth skin and a glowing complexion.

Graymelin Pineapple Mild Peeling Gel 100ml

Photos of Graymelin Pineapple Peeling Gel

Best for pineapple lovers.

Whether its on a pizza or in your peeling gel, in my humble opinion its always better with pineapple. Bromeline that's naturally derived from pineapples plays a critical role in how effective this peeling gel is in clearing your pores. Try this if you're after something light and refreshing. To discover more products from Graymelin, check out our blog here.

Cure Natural Aqua Peeling Gel 250g

Photos of Cure Korean Peeling Gel

Best all-natural peeling gel. A great Japanese alternative!

With no strong chemicals that can stress out your skin, this all-natural exfoliating gel is a favourite amongst a lot of skincare enthusiasts. Based primarily on activated hydrogen water and a bunch of natural extracts, this is one of the most gentle peeling solutions out there. 

A final note on Korean peeling gels...

Korean peeling gels are gaining more and more popularity and for good reason. Hopefully with this in depth guide on everything you need to know about them, you'll end up loving peeling gels as much as I do. With one of the most gentle exfoliating methods on the skincare market, it's an absolute life saver for anyone with sensitive and irritated skin. 

Try incorporating a peeling gel at the start of your Korean skincare routine, just a couple times a week and you'll notice visibly smoother and more radiant skin. With a peeling gel for every skin type, you're bound to find the perfect one for you. Check out our entire range of exfoliants and scrubs with the link below. Best of luck with your skincare journey! 

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