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    MEDI-PEEL, a Korean aesthetic expert, provides a wide range of highly-functional and scientifically proven skincare products, allowing customers to easily manage skin at home with results that rival clinical treatments.

    MEDI-PEEL products are safe for sensitive skin, and easy to apply, like their Peptide9 Bio Sun Stick. They also offer premium modeling pack that are popular both in professional beauty clinics and for home use, like their Spa Moisturising Modeling Pack and Spa Collagen Modeling Pack.

    217 products

    More about MEDI-PEEL

    MEDI-PEEL, a fusion of "medicine" and "peeling", specializes in scientifically proven and highly effective skincare products. Founded in 2010, this Korean cosmeceutical brand, affiliated with Derma Maison, combines patented technology with meticulously selected ingredients like lactococcus ferment, peptides, and rose extract. The brand focuses on enhancing innate beauty and promoting overall skin health through its range of products, including peeling, anti-aging, and firming formulas.


    Harnessing the power of nine different peptides, the Peptide 9 line is designed to enhance skin elasticity and prevent moisture loss. This range incorporates premium active ingredients like French porphyrin, desamido collagen, and astaxanthin, working synergistically to rejuvenate and plump the skin. The Peptide 9 line comprises various products such as essence, ampoule, ampoule stick, eye patch, eye cream, face cream, and sun stick.


    The Red Lacto Collagen series works to reduce the visibility of enlarged pores and enhance skin elasticity by incorporating active components such as lactobacillus ferment, low-molecular-weight collagen, and six varieties of amino acids. This comprehensive collection offers a variety of products, including a cleanser, face mist, essence, ampoule, face cream, peel-off mask, and more.


    Fueled by anemarrhena asphodeloides root extract, adenosine, and five varieties of peptides, the Box-Tox line in anti-aging effectively retards the skin's aging progression while reinforcing the skin barrier. This line encompasses a toner, ampoule, face cream, eye cream, wrinkle stick, and ampoule mask within its range.


    The Cica-Nol line, which incorporates the Cica-Nol Complex comprising five types of centella extract and panthenol. This line specializes in calming and restoring irritated and damaged skin, simultaneously regulating the skin's sebum levels. The anti-inflammatory assortment comprises a cleansing water, cleanser, toner, peeling gel, spot patch, gel cream, face cream, face balm, toner pad, sun stick, and shampoo.

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    MEDI-PEEL distinguishes itself by combining patented technology with carefully selected ingredients such as lactococcus ferment, peptides, and rose extract. The brand focuses on enhancing innate beauty and promoting overall skin health through its range of products.

    Yes, MEDI-PEEL's skincare solutions are crafted for ease of use and clinically proven to be safe for sensitive skin types.

    Yes, La Cosmetique is the official distributor and retailer of MEDI-PEEL in Australia.

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