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    Missha is a Korean cosmetics brand which has grown globally. It develops safe and advanced solutions to deliver the most effective results.Β MisshaΒ is popular for its iconic Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule Cream 5X which is being chosen by over 10 million customers and M Perfect Cover BB Cream which has sold over 100 million units worldwide. Try also the Airy Pot Pressed Powder for a flawless filter effect that doesn't disrupt your makeup.

    59 products

    More about Missha

    Since its inception in 2000, MISSHA has had a remarkable 20-year journey, emerging as a leader in Korea's cosmetics market. Their secret is attentively listening to their customers' skin-related concerns, and craft solutions focused on functionality and efficacy. With iconic products like their M Perfect Cover BB Cream with over 100 million units sold worldwide, MISSHA has transcended K-beauty, establishing itself as a globally trusted brand.

    Time Revolution Line

    The Time Revolution Line is what Missha has become famous for. The products in this line target fine lines, wrinkles, and dull skin, for a bright and more youthful complexion. This line features fermented active ingredients that are turned into phospholipids, molecules similar to the ones in the skin, to enhance skin-friendliness and absorption. For a deep and long-lasting hydration, try the popular Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule Cream 5X.

    Airy Fit Sheet Masks

    Missha has a collection of Airy Fit Sheet Masks made out of natural cellulose fiber sheet, twice as thin as regular masks. They offer a sensation akin to a second skin, effectively delivering beneficial active ingredients to nourish, hydrate, and pamper the skin.

    Artemisia Line

    Missha's Artemisia line revolves around the powerful calming effects of Artemisia (also known as Wormwood). This line bring unparalleled hydration and relief to irritated skin, helping to calm irritation and strengthen skin barrier. From this line, try the Missha Artemisia Pack Foam Cleanser and experience the convenience of an innovative 2-in-1 cleansing solution, combining the benefits of cleansing foam and clay pack, all in one product.

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    Yes, Missha is a South Korean brand owned by Able C&C Co., Ltd.

    Yes, Missha prioritizes the utilization of eco-friendly packaging and manufacturing methods. Additionally, its products frequently contain natural ingredients like tea tree oil, snail mucin, and green tea extract.

    Yes, La Cosmetique is the official distributor of Missha, and other Able C&C Co. brands like Chogongjin and A'Pieu in Australia.

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