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    LITS, a subsidiary of Japanese high-end skincare brand Nature Lab. Plant stem cells are used as the main ingredient to help smooth skin fine lines and reshape the skin barrier. LITS also strives to produce increasingly innovative products through global partnerships with leading authorities in stem cell exploration, consistently pushing the boundaries of innovation, unlocking the full potential of this ingredient.

    Get their best-selling masks to revitalize and regenerate your entire face. Try Revival Stem Power Shot Mask if you are looking for a mask with powerful anti-aging benefits, or White Stem Bright Shot Mask for an intense nourishing and brightening effect.

    17 products

    More about LITS

    LITS, a subsidiary of the Japanese skincare brand Nature Lab, is dedicated to harnessing the power of nature to create skincare solutions. LITS focuses on incorporating key ingredients like Plant stem cells. These stem cells have been scientifically proven to smooth fine lines and fortify the skin barrier. Through international collaborations with leading experts in stem cell research, LITS continually pushes the boundaries of what's possible, unlocking the full potential of this extraordinary ingredient. Understanding that timeless beauty involves not only looking youthful but also feeling confident in one's skin at every stage of life, LITS is committed to developing cost-effective solutions without compromising on performance that are affordable for all women. Moreover, their products are designed to meet the diverse needs of women worldwide, offering a helping hand on their journey to radiant, healthy skin.

    LITS Revival Line

    The LITS Revival line, an anti-aging skincare series crafted with a blend of 3 Plant-Derived Stem Cells, known to stimulate cell regeneration and restore youthful vitality. Engineered to provide the ultimate nourishment and repair for mature skin, the products of this line were created to maximize moisturizing performance, ensuring your skin remains plump and smooth. For added skin tightening benefits, these formulations include Passion Fruit Extract, which soothes and nourishes, helping to maintain firmness and resilience.

    From this line, try the popular Revival Lift Essence, their best selling essence, beloved for reducing the signs of aging skin.

    LITS Moist Line

    LITS Moist Line is the skincare line dedicated to your total skincare needs, formulated with two key ingredients: Collagen and Plant-Derived Stem Cells. Collagen, featured as self-dissolving capsules that better penetrate deep into the skin, helps to increase hydration and tighten the skin's texture. While the extraordinary Plant-Derived Stem Cells deliver exceptional revitalization functions, toning and rejuvenating your skin.

    This line is a perfect fit for you if your want to turn your skin from dry and lackluster to tightened, flawless and plump.

    LITS White Line

    LITS White is a line designed for women who never give up on achieving youthful, glowing skin. Committed to purity and simplicity, this line features additive-free ingredients carefully selected to enhance both beauty and health.

    For glowing skin try the White Stem Bright Shot Mask an intensive facial mask  that delivers rapid moisturising benefits.

    Shop official LITS in Australia at La Cosmetique. Available in-store and online.

    Yes, LITS, is a Japanese brand. subsidiary of the well-known Japanese skincare brand Nature Lab.

    Yes, La Cosmetique is the official distributor and retailer of LITS in Australia.

    Stem cells in the LITS skincare lines, they offer a range of benefits, including promoting cell regeneration, reducing signs of aging, protecting against environmental damage, improving hydration, and brightening the complexion. Overall, they contribute to healthier, more youthful-looking skin.

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