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    South Korean beauty brand too cool for school promotes creativity with its refreshing range of egg mousse skin care products, cosmetics and body care. too cool for school combines cuteness with quality to capture the hearts of the playful and artistic. Its unconventional packaging reflects the rebellious spirit of the young and also young at heart.

    Try the best-seller 3-in-1 multi-use makeup kit After School BB Foundation Lunch Box or their high gloss watery lip tint Artclass Clair Tint. Or read about their Egg Pore Clear Pad and the benefits of eggs in skincare in our curated blogpost.

    116 products

    More about Too Cool For School

    Too Cool for School (TCFS), is a South Korean beauty brand established in 2009 by a collective of designers and artists, with the goal of bringing a vibrant and artistic perspective to the beauty industry . Their mission was to craft not only highly effective beauty solutions but also visually captivating and enjoyable ones. Embracing a youthful and rebellious ethos, the brand's name encapsulates the notion of defying convention and charting one's own path.

    TCFS Artclass Line

    Too Cool for School offers a diverse array of inventive, top-quality make-up products encased in imaginative and playful packaging. These products have been designed to cater for all, ensuring optimal colour match for every skin tone.

    This line best-selling product is the Artclass by Rodin Shading, which rapidly gained popularity upon its introduction. This contouring palette boasts a trio of complementary shades designed to effortlessly sculpt and define facial features, comprising light, medium, and dark tones for a naturally contoured appearance. Renowned for its adaptable and lifelike hues, the Artclass by Rodin Shading palette has become a go-to for makeup enthusiasts across various skin tones.

    TCFS Egg Mellow Line

    The Egg Mellow Line is Too Cool for School most popular skincare line, that has as its primary component egg yolk. Egg yolk is abundant in Vitamin A and proteins essential for skin nourishment. This nutrient rich ingredient makes this line perfect for revitalizing dull skin but also promote brightness. Moreover, its Vitamin A content aids in acne reduction, while its natural antibacterial properties combat acne-causing bacteria. Lastly, being predominantly composed of water and fats, egg yolk effectively seals moisture within skin cells, resulting in a remarkably soft and supple feel. A product from this line popular for its moisturising and nourishing effects, is the Egg Mellow Cream that also doubles as a serum, priming moisturiser, neck cream, and eye cream.

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    No, Too Cool for School abstains from conducting any animal testing before products hit the market and strictly avoid it at all post-market stages. However, some countries may mandate a hygiene permit for products entering the country.

    Yes, La Cosmetique is the official exclusive distributor and retailer of Too Cool for School in Australia.

    Yes, TCFS is a South Korean beauty brand, founded in 2009.

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