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    "Wake up your colour, make up your scene!" WAKEMAKE is a Korean beauty brand with a unique story that empowers women to express their true selves through makeup. This brand aims to encourage the use of eye-catching colours and techniques to inspire confidence and self-expression.

    WAKEMAKE offers trendy makeup, nail products, and beauty tools that allow you to style confidently. Bestsellers include the Water Blurring Fixing Tint, Any-Proof Eyeliner, and Soft Blurring Eye Palette.

    44 products

    More about WAKEMAKE

    WAKEMAKE is a popular Korean beauty brand loved for its awesome makeup products that make you look and feel fabulous under the motto "Wake your color, make your scene."

    One of their bestsellers is the WAKEMAKE Water Blurring Fixing Tint. It's like magic in a bottle! This tint gives your lips a gorgeous pop of color while keeping them moisturized all day long. Plus, it comes in lots of pretty shades, so you can find the perfect one for you.

    Another must-have is the WAKEMAKE Any Proof Eyeliner. It's like a secret weapon for your eyes! This eyeliner stays put no matter what, so you can rock that perfect cat-eye or smoky look all day and night.

    For a fresh and dewy look, try the WAKEMAKE Dewy Gel Glow Tint. It's like sunshine in a tube! This tint gives your cheeks a natural flush and your lips a juicy pop of color, so you can glow from within.

    And let's not forget about their eye palettes! The WAKEMAKE Soft Blurring Eye Palette is like a treasure trove of colors waiting to be explored. With a mix of matte and shimmer shades, you can create endless eye-catching looks that are sure to turn heads.

    Experience genuine K-beauty with WAKEMAKE in Australia at La Cosmetique!

    Shop official WAKEMAKE in Australia at La Cosmetique. Available in-store and online.

    Yes! All products from WAKEMAKE are 100% made in Korea.

    You will definitely find a WAKEMAKE product tailored just for you! This brand is known to provide a variety of colour schemes to suit all skin tones with ease.

    Yes, La Cosmetique is an official distributor and retailer of WAKEMAKE in Australia.

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