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    Known for their combination of quality and minimalism, iUNIK's philosophy is what separates it from all the other Korean skincare brands. All of their products are based on natural ingredients and cater to all types of skin including dry, oily and sensitive skin. With global certifications and scientific research to back the efficacy and safety of their product ranges, iUNIK is committed to being a 100% transparent and honest skincare brand.

    Our iUNIK collection at La Cosmetique ranges from skincare products like cleansing oil, moisture cream, restore serum to daily essentials like sunscreens and toners. To discover more about this fantastic brand, check out our iUNIK introductory blog that covered the benefits of natural skincare as well as our favourite products from the brand.

    25 products

    More about iUNIK

    iUNIK sets itself apart from other Kbeauty brands thanks to their focus on quality and minimalism. Their philosophy is to create products based on natural ingredients to leverage the body's innate capacity to continuously heal itself. In line with their minimalist approach all of iUNIK collections are named after the skin type they are designed for.


    This line is designed for all people with trouble skin. It features natural ingredients like Calendula and Propolis, both rich in antioxidant to protect the skin, combat acne, repair damaged skin cells and control excess sebum. As well as, Centella asiatica (Cica) and Tea Tree, other popular ingredients to treat acne and renowned for their calming properties.


    iUNIK Dry Skin Collection which includes iUNIK best-selling product: Calendula Complete Cleansing Oil, is tailored to those with a dry skin type. The line's goal is to provide additional moisture to the skin, and that's why it includes powerful hydrating ingredients like Hylauronic Acid and Beta-Glucan.


    The iUNIK Oily Skin Collection was created to cater to oily skin types. The star ingredient of this line is the Rose Galactomyces, a type of fermented yeast that is used for its skin brightening and pore control proprieties. It is also helpful to remove dead skin cells and blackheads.


    The iUNIK Combination Skin Line meets the needs of those with combination skin. Star of the line is the Black Snail Restore Cream, ideal for tired and wrinkled skin. This product has powerful hydrating and wound healing proprieties thanks to inclusion of snail mucin.

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    Certainly! iUNIK is PETA certified, committed to cruelty-free practices. They refrain from testing their final products or ingredients on animals, and this principle extends to their suppliers and any third-party entities involved. Additionally, it has been confirmed that iUNIK products undergo no animal testing worldwide, including in mainland China.

    Yes, iUNIK Centella Calming Gel Cream is indeed a moisturizer. It is formulated with botanical ingredients like centella asiatica leaf water, tea tree extracts, Niacinamide, and adenosine. Notably, it lacks irritating substances and alcohol in its formula, making it suitable for providing moisturization throughout the day and night.

    Yes, iUNIK stands out as a prominent player in the K-Beauty industry, earning widespread appreciation for its products. What sets iUNIK apart is its commitment to incorporating ingredients at higher percentages than many competitors. Moreover, it is noteworthy that iUNIK is both cruelty-free and vegan, aligning with the preferences of consumers who value ethical and animal-friendly beauty choices.

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