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    In Eastern philosophy, the energy of the sky is called ‘Yul’ and the energy of the earth is called ‘Ryo’. ‘Yul’ is Yang. ‘Ryo’ is Ying, and ‘Yul’ is the outside and ‘Ryo’ is the inside. When ‘Yul’ and ‘Ryo’ are in harmony without overflowing or lacking, the rhythm is dynamic and balanced. This perfect condition is called ‘Yulyeo’.

     If the hair is ‘Yul’, the scalp is ‘Ryo’. Ryo (呂, Ryo) is a hair care brand that cares for the scalp for beautiful hair that is young, full, full of shine and vitality. This is because all hair problems such as hair loss, drooping hair, and rough and loose hair all originate from the scalp.

     Ryo returns the problematic scalp to an optimal balance,’Yulyeo’.

    3 products
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