Cell Fusion C Expert

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    Cell Fusion C Expert is a professional skincare solution specifically designed for beauty clinics and professional use. Engineered by clinical experts, Cell Fusion C Expert has been a trusted name since its founding in 2001, offering safe and effective skincare products for hypersensitive skin or delicate skin post-treatment.

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    45 products

    More about Cell Fusion C Expert

    Cell Fusion C Expert is the professional skincare line tailored for post-derma treatment recovery. Unlike typical skincare offerings, this line is specifically crafted to deliver intensive care for compromised skin following clinical procedures such as laser treatments and micro-needling. Normally exclusive to clinics, the Expert line ensures top-tier quality.

    Cell Fusion C Soothing Repair Cream

    Ideal for those undergoing intensive facial treatments or cosmetic procedures, this moisturizer ensures a smooth recovery process for optimal results. With a moisturizing texture and cooling sensation, it soothes the skin post-procedure. Infused with patented skincare technology and plant-derived ceramides, it effectively strengthens skin health.

    • Offers a cooling sensation for post-procedure comfort.
    • Infused with patented skincare technology and plant-derived ceramides.
    • Effectively strengthens skin health.

    Cell Fusion C pH Biome Gel Cleanser

    This highly effective gel-to-foam cleanser gently purifies sensitive skin post-procedure. Infused with Panthenol, allantoin, and Nectarbiome, it replenishes, repairs, and deeply hydrates, leaving the skin with a radiant glass-like appearance.

    • Generates a rich lather for gentle cleansing.
    • Enriched with Panthenol and allantoin for replenishment and repair.
    • Contains Nectarbiome for a radiant finish.

    Cell Fusion C pH Biome Toner

    A nourishing dual-layer toner that instantly hydrates for swift recovery post-dermatological procedures. Infused with beta-glucan, it offers 20% more hydration than hyaluronic acid, essential for achieving supple, radiant skin even during distress.

    • Provides immediate hydration for rapid recovery.
    • Enriched with beta-glucan for superior hydration.
    • Essential for achieving supple, radiant skin.

    Cell Fusion C pH Biome Serum

    An enhanced version of one of Cell Fusion C's most beloved products, this repair ampoule is perfect for aiding dry, damaged, and sensitive skin post-procedure. Packed with concentrated capsules releasing peptides and biome ingredients, it fortifies the skin barrier, facilitating deep repair and maintaining optimal pH balance.

    • Formulated with concentrated capsules releasing 8 types of peptides and biome ingredients.
    • Fortifies the skin barrier and provides comprehensive care for damaged skin.
    • Maintains optimal pH balance for skin health.

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    Yes, Cell Fusion C Expert products are specifically formulated to improve troubled skin, having been frequently used on irritated skin post-treatment.

    Yes, La Cosmetique is the official distributor and retailer of Cell Fusion C Expert in Australia.

    Yes, Cell Fusion C Expert is a professional skincare line that is commonly used in clinics for post-derma treatment recovery.

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