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    A’pieu is a Korean beauty brand launched in 2008 that caters to vibrant, energetic, and passionate individuals. Every product embodies a blend of vibrancy and sincerity, with a touch of wit and charm. Effortless yet genuine, A'pieu encourages self-expression.

    Check out popular items by A'pieu: Madecassoside Tetrasome Cica Cream, Juicy Pang Water Blusher, Juicy Pang Mousse Tint.

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    28 products

    More about A'pieu

    In the bustling world of Korean beauty, A’pieu stands as a beacon of innovation and vibrancy since its inception in 2008. A’pieu's creations capture the essence of self-expression, encouraging individuals to embrace their authentic self. From skincare essentials to makeup must-haves, each item from A’pieu is crafted to empower and inspire, celebrating the beauty of individuality in all its forms.

    Madecassoside Line

    Having Madecassoside as its core ingredient, this line promises superior hydration, improved skin health and appearance and a calming effect for irritated skin. Best-seller of the line is the A’Pieu Madecassoside Tetrasome Cica Cream, a potent calming and hydrating moisturiser for sensitive skin.

    Juicy-Pang Line

    The Juicy-Pang line is a young and vibrant makeup line, for a natural, watercolor-like look that mimics the skin's texture. The available shades range from nude with peach undertones to bright corals and pink variations, some with subtle shimmer for added depth, catering to different makeup looks, offering versatility for various skin tones and preferences. Try the Juicy-Pang Tint for glossy and moisturised lips.

    Fresh Mate Masks

    The Fresh Mate mask line offers a vast array of masks from sleeping masks to peeling masks, all made with a different core ingredient, to provide benefits ranging from brightening to hydrating and pore clearing. All masks leave the skin feeling smooth and nourished thanks to their natural ingredients.

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    Yes, most of A'Pieu products are entirely vegan and don't contain any animal-derived ingredient.

    A'Pieu is a beauty brand owned by Able C&C Co. Ltd, a prominent South Korean manufacturer of make-up and cosmetics, and owner of other brands like Missha and Chogongjin.

    Yes, La Cosmetique is the official distributor of A'Pieu, and other Able C&C Co. brands like Missha and Chogongjin in Australia.

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