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    Ma:nyo, also known as Manyo Factory, believes that the key pillar to effective skin care is good ingredients. This up-and-coming K-beauty brand uses galactomyces fermentation filtrate and bifidalacto complex as their key ingredients to supporting a healthy moisture barrier. Some of their most popular products include the Pure Cleansing Oil 200ml/400ml, Bifida Biome Complex Ampoule 50ml and the Galactomy Clearskin Toner 210ml. 

    60 products

    More about ma:nyo

    MA:NYO is a skincare brand dedicated to crafting top-quality products through daily experimentation and innovation with natural ingredients. Their focus is on tailoring effective solutions for diverse skin concerns and lifestyles, delivering visible and measurable results while minimizing irritation. They prioritize the use of verified raw materials and fine-tuned ingredient ratios, ensuring maximum effectiveness and skin compatibility. MA:NYO also places a strong emphasis on sustainability. They integrate botanical and organic elements into their formulations and actively seek ways to reduce their ecological footprint through packaging solutions such as tape-free packaging and refillable containers. Through these efforts, MA:NYO strives to create products that benefit both the skin and the planet, fostering a more sustainable approach to skincare.

    MANYO Pure Cleansing Oil

    Ma:nyoa Pure Cleansing Oil is a remarkable success story in the realm of skincare products: having achieved an astounding milestone of over 10 million sales and continues to gain momentum! This facial cleanser, with a gentle pH balance, is truly exceptional. It boasts a harmonious fusion of 14 plant-based oils, including argan and stone bean oils. Its remarkable effectiveness lies in its ability to eliminate makeup, sunscreen residues, and even stubborn blackheads and whiteheads. The formulation is meticulously designed to transform into a luxurious milky texture, ensuring a deeply penetrating and comprehensive cleanse.

    MANYO Bifida Biome Ampoule Toner

    Designed specifically for dry and hypersensitive skin types, the MA:NYO Bifida Biome Ampoule Toner stands out as a skincare essential. Serving dual purposes as both a toner and an ampoule, it deeply nourishes the skin with a remarkable blend of ten varieties of hyaluronic acid. At the heart of its formulation lies Bifida Biome™, a unique Manyo concoction that combines bifida fermentation solubilizer and microbiome to nurture and fortify the skin, providing a protective shield against external stressors.

    MANYO Galac Niacin 2.0 Essence

    The MA:NYO Galac Niacin 2.0 Essence is a standout product that demands attention. With its intensified niacinamide content, this essence serves as a potent weapon against pigmentation, promoting a flawless complexion with balanced skin tone. Formulated with a blend of 93.69% Galactomyces ferment filtrate, 4% niacinamide, and sodium hyaluronate, it effectively hydrates, soothes, and minimizes pores. This fast-absorbing essence gently exfoliates the skin, leaving it smoother, while niacinamide combats melanin production.

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    Yes, MA:NYO actively explores methods to diminish its ecological impact, such as adopting packaging without tape, developing an eco-friendly packaging system, and introducing refillable containers.

    Yes, La Cosmetique is the official distributor and retailer of Ma:nyo in Australia.

    Yes, MA:NYO is suitable for sensitive skin, being crafted only using verified raw materials and fine-tuned ingredient ratios, to ensure excellent effectiveness and skin compatibility.

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