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    The founder of d'Alba was profoundly inspired by White Truffle, grown in Italian sanctuary Piedmont. White Truffle is one of the world’s most valuable substances used for not only consumption, also for cosmetics, containing large amounts of vitamin C, vitamin B12, minerals, amino acids, which improve elasticity and antioxidant effects. d’Alba products are all infused with the finest White Truffle and healthy natural ingredients for safe use of all skin types, adding a touch of luxury.

    Try the viral White Truffle First Spray Serum to improve fine lines and wrinkles, or the White Truffle Nourishing Treatment Mask for improved skin elasticity and hydration. Read our curated blogpost on d'Alba here.

    30 products

    More about d'Alba

    d'Alba Piedmont is a premium skincare brand renowned for its innovative fusion of Korean skincare technology and premium ingredients like Italian White Truffle, delivering luxurious yet effective skincare solutions. d'Alba products also represent an ethical choice, being both cruelty-free and vegan.

    White Truffle Line

    The White Truffle line is d'Alba crown jewel, all the products in this line are crafted using white truffles sourced from Piedmont, Italy. This premium ingredient offers five core benefits for the skin:

    • Anti-aging properties to combat wrinkles and fine lines
    • It is high in vitamin C, brightening dark spots and hyperpigmentation
    • Soothes inflamed skin
    • Rich in antioxidants that aid in repairing damaged skin
    • Rich in vitamins and minerals to nourish and rejuvenates the skin.

    Additionally, truffles are beneficial for acne-prone skin, thanks to their anti-inflammatory properties.

    This line's global bestsellers, is the White Truffle First Spray Serum. Infused with a delightful blend of White Truffle, avocado oil, and lotus extract, this bi-layered formulation offers exceptional nourishment and hydration, serving as the perfect skincare base.

    Waterfull Line

    The d'Alba Waterfull line is a sunscreen line that combines powerful sun protection with a hydro-tapping system that provides hydration and nutrition to your skin. All the sunscreens in this line are versatile and suitable for daily use thanks to their light textures and natural formulations.

    Mild Skin Balancing Vegan Cream

    The d'Alba Mild Skin Balancing Vegan Cream, is a revolutionary anti-aging moisturizer that nourishes and calms the skin while reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Thanks to its lightweight, non-sticky formula it is comfortable to wear all day long, while the neutral pH level minimizes irritation for safe use on all skin types. The inclusion of White Truffle, renowned for its vitamin C-rich properties combats hyperpigmentation and promotes skin repair. Additionally, the inclusion of Vegan Ceramide, Panthenol, and Hyaluronic Acid, provides intense moisture and soothes the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed and revitalized.

    Shop official d'Alba in Australia at La Cosmetique. Available in-store and online.

    Yes, d'Alba Piedmont's skincare range are certified 100% cruelty-free and vegan. Making them a great choice for those concerned about the ethical standards of their cosmetic choices.

    Yes, d'Alba products are made in Korea using premium white truffles imported from Italy.

    Yes, La Cosmetique is the official distributor and retailer of d'Alba in Australia.

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