Why Koreans Use White Truffle in the d'Alba First Spray Serum

White Truffle Korean Skincare

Known as the king of the culinary world, Truffles are one of the most coveted ingredients in the world. This is largely due to the scarcity of the produce and the difficulty in cultivating it. With its incredible aroma, the White Truffle is pound-for-pound more expensive than gold.

The White Truffle's standing within the culinary world is well documented, yet its skincare benefits are largely unknown. Its intense concentration of vitamins, amino acids and anti-oxidants are something that skincare fanatics should be aware of.

At first glance Truffle based skincare may sound like it would cost an arm and a leg. But companies like d'Alba Piedmont have teamed up with truffle extractors to provide affordable Truffle-based skincare options. Let's see how this incredible ingredient can benefit your skin and if it's suitable for you!

Most commonly asked questions about Truffle-based Korean skincare:

Why do Koreans use white truffle in their skincare? 

Benefits of Korean Truffle Based Skincare

The benefits of white truffle for your skin are centered around 5 core effects on your skin including:

    1. Anti-aging: Fights wrinkles and fine lines 

Anti-oxidant rich content as well as anti-aging peptides are responsible for the Truffles' excellent wrinkle and fine line control.

    2. Brightening: Fades dark spots and hyper-pigmentation 

The Truffle's High vitamin C content helps to fade dark spot and hyperpigmentation concerns. 

    3. Soothing: Calms inflammation and irritation

The Truffle's soothing properties make it suitable for sensitive skin. It also calms inflammation and irritation. 

    4. Repairing: Prevents further damage and heals skin barrier

The truffles high concentration of anti-oxidants gives the ingredients its  ability to heal inflamed and damaged skin.

    5. Nourishing: Packed with vitamins and minerals to rejuvenate skin

White Truffle delivers essential vitamins and minerals for overall skin health. It also helps the skin to retain moisture, leaving your skin softer than before. 

Is truffle good for acne? 

Truffles are an amazing skincare ingredient for people out there with acne concerns. They serve two key functions that are necessary for your skin to recover from acne. Firstly, it boasts anti-inflammatory properties that are essential for targeting acne. And it also helps the skin to recover from acne scarring with its high vitamin C content.

Secondly, fatty acid found in Truffles also help to repair the skin barrier and calm irritation. Try white truffle skincare like serums, creams, and sprays on acne-prone skin. It's a good way to see the benefits for yourself.

Can you use truffle on sensitive skin?

Truffles have been noted to work well with other skincare ingredients without resulting in unwanted reactions. They will likely pair well with your other skincare products you already use. This means that you shouldn't find it difficult to add Truffle based skincare into your existing routine.

Truffles are also known to have a high ceramide content that's perfect for sensitive skin. Ceramides are a naturally occurring oil that cause no irritation, whilst replenishing lost moisture to keep your skin soft. Always consult medical advice or testing, prior to applying a product to determine if it is right for your skin. 

With all these amazing benefits, be sure to check out our incredible range of Truffle Based Korean skincare from d'Alba Piedmont. Now available in our retail stores and online.

Its the perfect ingredient to sub into an already existing Korean skincare routine. Or feature as the main ingredient to your new skincare haul. There's so much to love with this natural gem, discover it for yourself today! 

The Global Korean Skincare Best-Seller 

d'Alba Piedmont White Truffle First Spray Serum 100ml

White Truffle First Spray Serum 100ml

We're starting off with a bang and one of d'Alba's global best sellers in the form of their White Truffle First Spray Serum. It contains a beautiful blend of not only White Truffle but also natural extracts like avocado oil and lotus extract. 

This bi-layered formulation offers excellent nourishment and hydration that forms the perfect base. It can be used under or over makeup to provide a glowing complexion. The convenient spray bottle design makes this one of the easiest ways for you to try White Truffle. The White Truffle First Spray Serum is available in both a 50ml and 100ml product size to suit your needs.  

How to use d'alba first spray serum: 

Shake well. Hold bottle 10-20cm away from the face and spray directly onto the skin. Pat remaining serum gently to absorb. 

A Korean Skincare Brand Overview: d'Alba Piedmont 

Now that you've been introduced to their best-seller, we'll give all you need to know about the d'Alba Piedmont brand. 

d'Alba Piedmont Korean Skincare

What is d'Alba Piedmont?

Not to be confused with Barbera d'Alba (an Italian Red Wine Grape Variety), d'Alba Piedmont is a luxurious skincare brand. It offers affordable Korean skincare products based on the White Truffle. Their most popular products include the aforementioned d'Alba First Spray Serum and their line of d'Alba sunscreens

Is d'Alba a Korean skincare company?

d'Alba Piedmont is a premium Korean skincare brand that collaborates with an Italy based White Truffle Extraction organisation. They provide the perfect combination of the highest quality of truffle, with the expertise of Korean skincare research. This produces some of the most effective Truffle-based skincare on the market, that are a must try! 

Is d'Alba Piedmont cruelty free and vegan? 

d'Alba Piedmont's skincare range are certified 100% cruelty-free and vegan. This makes them one of the best brands for those concerned about the ethical standards of their cosmetic choices. 

Where can I buy d'Alba Piedmont skincare products in Australia? 

d'Alba Piedmont skincare products that feature the amazing White Truffle  ingredient are now available in our La Cosmetique stores. They're based in Sydney and Canberra, and we have our online store! La Cosmetique are an official, licensed retailer of the d'Alba Piedmont brand. This means that any of the products purchased from the store are certified to be authentic. 

The Best Skincare Products from the d'Alba Piedmont Brand 

d'Alba Waterfull Essence Sun Cream 50ml

d'Alba UV Essence Waterfull+ Sun Cream

Type: Chemical Sunscreen 

For: Lightweight and glowy finish, with no white cast. 

The original offering from d'Alba is their Waterfull Essence Sun Cream. It combines a full-protection SPF 50+ PA++++ rating with a hydro-tapping system. Thus, delivering rich hydration to your skin.

This sunscreen doesn't have any unwanted stickiness, nor any strong fragrance. Making it perfect for sensitive individuals. It's one of their best-sellers for good reason! 

d'Alba Waterfull Mild Sunscreen 50ml

d'Alba UV Essence Waterfull+ Mild Sun Cream

Type: Physical Sunscreen 

For: Sensitive skin that may experience irritation from chemical based sunscreens. 

This mineral based sunscreen formulation is suitable for sensitive skin types. With an essence like consistency, it's one of the most comfortable sunscreens for daily use. With Centella Asiatica extract and White Truffle extract, this natural formulation is perfect for our Vegan friends. This is one of the best gifts you could give a loved one. 

d'Alba Waterfull Vegan Tone-Up Sunscreen SPF50+ PA++++ 50ml

Waterfull Vegan Tone-Up Sunscreen SPF50+ PA++++ 50ml

Type: Hybrid (Combination of both chemical and mineral sunscreen)

For: Dull skin tones that need to brighten their complexion. 

This sunscreen from d'Alba is one of their most versatile products. It features a SPF50+ PA++++ rating for UV ray protection. And the plethora of skincare benefits that the White Truffle provides.

It even features a sweat proof formula that reduces the likelihood of streaks and smudging, making it the ideal makeup base. This tone-up sunscreen delivers exactly as promised by providing a wonderful natural pink glow. It leaves no annoying white cast! The perfect daily use application of the White Truffle and a must add to any skincare collection. 

To discover more about the differences between these d'Alba vegan sunscreens checkout our TikTok here

What's a White Truffle based skincare routine that you could use? 

d'Alba Skincare Routine

This is one of the best skincare routines for dry, sensitive skin. Its perfect for all ages from teens, to those concerned about signs of aging and wrinkles. 

Mild Skin Balancing Vegan Cleanser 200ml

Mild Skin Balancing Vegan Cleanser 200ml

The first step involves this luxurious and gentle cleanser. It helps to remove surface debris and excess oils, leaving your skin clean and rebalanced.

This soft, dense foam cleanses and hydrates without a stripping feeling. It boasts the White Truffles' amazing repairing properties. Making your skin barrier stronger than before. 

Mild Skin Balancing Vegan Toner 150ml

Mild Skin Balancing Vegan Toner 150ml

The Mild Skin Balancing Vegan Toner is the next step in the routine. Balancing your skin pH is critical to ensuring you don't suffer from flaky skin or inflammation and acne. It helps to achieve just that. And expertly helps to hydrate and calm your skin, giving you an overall healthier and clearer complexion. 

White Truffle Vital Spray Serum 100ml

 d'Alba Vital Spray Serum

The final step of this routine before you apply your favourite cream to end the routine, is the White Truffle Vital Spray Serum. Not to be confused with the aforementioned White Truffle First Spray Serum 100ml. This dual-layered spray serum focuses on delivering skin relief and protection. With natural flower oils that pair perfectly with White Truffle to deliver amazing skin benefits.

This skincare routine is simply a guide and a snapshot. There are endless ways you could incorporate White Truffle in your skincare routine. Make sure to add one of the d'Alba sunscreens to ensure that you're skin is protected against the elements! 

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