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    Unleashia is a vegan and cruelty-free Korean makeup brand that specialises in all things glitter, also famous for their best-seller, Tap Me Palette Duo! Their product line includes a range of high-quality cosmetics, from eyeshadow palettes like the popular Glitterpedia Eye Palette, glitter sticks to lip tints and glitter gels. Spice up your make-up with the Red Pepper Paste Lip Balm and Healthy Green Cushion

    20 products

    More about Unleashia

    Unleashia was founded by Yuna Lee, an expert makeup artist based in the heart of Seoul. With a core vision centered on self-expression, Unleashia has become a pioneering Korean brand that challenges conventional beauty standards and transformed the beauty landscape by encouraging people to embrace their distinctiveness. Their meticulously formulated products, are crafted with cruelty-free, premium ingredients, catered to a wide spectrum of skin tones and preferences, promoting self-acceptance, body positivity, and the defiance of societal expectations.

    Eye Makeup

    Unleashia is best known for its glittery products, that's why one of their best-sellers is the Glitterpedia Eye Palette, offering 9 shades of glitter for a unique look every day, minimizing fallout and particle loss. For a quick application, also try the Pretty Easy Glitter Stick for stunning eye makeup, easy to apply and perfect for beginners.

    Lip Care

    Unleashia's Non-Sticky Dazzle Tint adds glitter to traditional lip tints, with 5 colors available, moisturizing and protecting lips with natural ingredients like avocado and rosehip. The Red Pepper Paste Lip Balm, in collaboration with Haechandle (a Korean Gochujang maker) offers 3 flavors with varying plumping effects, formulated with ginger and sea salt extracts for healthy lips.

    Face Makeup

    Unleashia also offers a wide range of face makeup. For shaped and defined brows, try the Shaper Pomade Eyebrow Fixer No.1 Clear, a lightweight pomade with an infused setting powder, formulated with natural ingredients for hydration. For a a semi-matte satin finish while offering skincare benefits and sun protection, try the Healthy Green Cushion. Thanks to ingredients like Carica Papaya fruit extract and Bakuchiol for glowing skin naturally hydrates the skin.

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    Yes, Unleashia is dedicated to fostering harmony among people, animals, and nature. As a brand, it embodies cruelty-free and vegan values, utilizes ecologically produced packaging, incorporates biodegradable glitter in its products, and aims to achieve complete environmental friendliness.

    Yes, La Cosmetique is the official distributor and retailer of Unleashia in Australia.

    Yes, Unleashia is a South Korean brand that encourages individuals to celebrate their authentic beauty.

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