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    ISOV is a Korean cosmeceutical brand that combines cosmetics and mesotherapy. With more than 23 years of experience, ISOV aims to create healthy skin byย offering high-efficiency professional skincare products that use safe ingredients and natural plant extracts. The brand offers a comprehensive range of products for both professional and home use. Check out their best-sellers like theย Multi Vitamin C HD Serumย and Silk Neck Cream.

    75 products

    More about ISOV

    ISOV is a Korean brand developed by skincare professionals with countless hours of clinical experience. They combine natural ingredients with cutting edge technology, to improve the health of your skin. Over the last 23 years they've become a trusted brand amongst Korean beauty clinics. ISOV has even extended their product range to offer commercial skincare products that produce clinic-like results.

    ISOV Serums

    ISOV's range of serums caters to diverse skincare needs, providing visible results through premium ingredients and advanced technology. From the antioxidant-rich Complex VC Serum to the dual-action Complex AC Serum addressing acne and skin barrier repair, ISOV serums offer solutions for every skin type.

    ISOV Cream Masks

    Ditching traditional sheet masks, ISOV's Cream Masks offer a richer formula for deep hydration and targeted skincare benefits. Whether it's the soothing Centella Cream Mask or the problem-solving AC Cream Mask, these products provide a versatile approach to skincare concerns.

    ISOV Cleansers

    Proper cleansing is crucial for healthy skin, and ISOV's cleansers are tailored to meet diverse needs. The pH Balance Pure Cleansing Oil ensures a spa-like experience, while the O2 Snow Bubble Activator takes cleansing to the next level with its unique gel-to-foam texture.

    Moisturizers from ISOV

    ISOV's creams and moisturizers address specific skincare needs, delivering nourishment and repair. Whether it's the regenerating Meso Repair Cream, the fast-absorbing Meso-fills Cream for anti-aging, the brightening Meso C Cream, ISOV has the perfect product for your skincare routine.

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    Absolutely! ISOV has extended its product range to cater to a wide audience, including those new to skincare. The brand's commitment to improving skin health applies to skincare enthusiasts at all levels. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced skincare user, ISOV has products suitable for your specific needs.

    Yes, La Cosmetique is the official distributor and retailer of ISOV in Australia.

    ISOV's skincare products are developed by a team of professionals with countless hours of clinical experience. The brand's commitment to combining natural ingredients with cutting-edge technology results in products that deliver visible and clinic-like results. This approach ensures that users experience the benefits of professional skincare in the comfort of their homes.

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