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    From the bustling streets of France to the comfort of your daily routine, Jmella, offers hair and body products with premium fragrances curated by master French perfumers. Crafted with care and free from harmful ingredients, Jmella infuses every moment with elegance and sophistication. Choose from their curated range of signature products, like the Jmella In France Lime & Basil Body Lotion, a delicate body lotion infused with the aroma of fresh lime and basil, or the Jmella In France Queen 5 Hair Shampoo, an hypoallergenic shampoo, with floral and aldehyde notes.

    10 products

    More about Jmella

    Jmella is the body and hair line that continues to make waves in the fragrance industry, setting new standards of sophistication and elegance. In all their products they use meticulously crafted scents, curated by French perfumers with a century of experience, bringing the luxury of premium perfumes to your everyday life. Their name is the combination of join + smell symbolizing the joy of shared experiences, inviting you to join in creating unforgettable memories through the transformative power of their fragrances. Jmella is also committed to safety, that's why their products are certified by the International Fragrance Association (IFRA).

    Jmella Favorite Line

    Turn your everyday life into a comforting and refined experience with Jmella Favorite Line's luxurious scents, including blooming peony, femme fatale, lime & basil, and queen 5'. Each fragrance exudes charm and sophistication, enveloping you in a captivating aura of luxury. From this line, try the popular Jmella In France Queen 5 Hair Treatment an hypoallergenic hair treatment, infused with relaxing floral and aldehyde notes

    Jmella Signature Line

    For special occasions and everyday indulgence, get the Jmella's Signature Line featuring lively tulipe, pure hug, maison soir, and rose suede. Each scent is a celebration of refinement, meticulously crafted to elevate your special moments.

    Shop official Jmella in Australia at La Cosmetique. Available in-store and online.

    Yes, Jmella products use hypoallergenic ingredients and have passed successfully hypoallergenic tests.

    Yes, La Cosmetique is the official distributor and retailer of Jmella in Australia.

    Yes, Jmella ensures the use of safe fragrances vetted through the rigorous standards set by IFRA, a leading organization representing the global fragrance industry. IFRA, committed to ensuring the safety of fragrance materials, provides guidelines and regulations that advocate for the restriction or prohibition of harmful fragrances to safeguard consumer well-being.

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