How To Use Graymelin Cleansing Oil As A Makeup Remover

 Graymelin Introduction

Discover how this Korean skincare brand has revolutionized Makeup Removers and Body Scrubs.

Lets introduce you to some brilliant K-beauty brands that have just arrived in our La Cosmetique stores! Today we'll be featuring one of my personal favourites, Graymelin.

They're an upscale and refined skin care brand that is 100% made in Korea. Graymelin expertly crafts and formulates their products to address specific skin care concerns. Their expertise is reflected in the quality and results that you will experience with their products.

They're also perfect for people like me who have sensitive skin. They ensure that their products are both fragrance and colourant free.

Graymelin is also based primarily on amazing natural ingredients that will work with any skin type. Not sold yet? We've compiled a list of some of their best sellers to give you a taste of what they're all about. 

The Best Makeup Remover

1. Canola Crazy Cleansing Oil 500mlCleansing oil

An amazing product from Graymelin is the Canola Crazy Cleansing Hydrophilic Oil 500ml. It has a hydrophilic formulation that is comprised of 95% canola oil. This makeup remover also features a natural combination of other oils including macadamia and olive oils.

It actively removes impurities and layers of cosmetics including sunscreens and primers. The featured oils each have their own individual properties that help to provide relief from inflammation and irritation. It achieves all this whilst you cleanse your skin, making it the perfect product for sensitive skin. 

Why should I put Canola Oil on my face?

Canola oil contains naturally high levels of essential fatty acids as well as an abundance of vitamin E and K. This combination of nutrients supplies the skin with a boost of moisture and skin tissue repair. It also helps to reduce common skin concerns like wrinkles, fine lines and even acne! Give it a go in the Canola Crazy Cleansing Hydrophilic Oil 500ml by Graymelin. 

What cleanser is best for removing makeup?

The best type of cleanser to initial remove layers of cosmetic and makeup are oil cleansers. Oil based cleansers act as makeup removers and are the best way to remove makeup. They emulsify when they come in contact with water. This makes them more effective than water based cleansers when it comes to makeup removers.

Its unique formulation strips away even the most water proof and stubborn makeup from earlier in the day. To form the perfect double cleansing routine simply apply the makeup remover before your normal facial cleanser. The first step helps to remove your favourite beauty products, even if they're smudge proof!

This will leave your skin feeling refreshed and free from layers of makeup and dirt you may accumulate throughout the day. Make sure to add oil cleansers to your Korean skin care routine today!

Here are some other products from Korean skincare brand, Graymelin, that we love!

An Effective Exfoliating Body Scrub

2. Pink Salt Body Scrub to Foam 

Pink Body Salt

The perfect example of Graymelin utilising natural ingredients and maximising their potential is with their Pink Salt Body Scrub to Foam. This foaming, exfoliating body scrub highlights the natural qualities of Pink Himalayan Salt. It acts as a skin exfoliant to help cleanse your body of dead skin cells and other impurities. Pink Himalayan Salt even has anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe and recover your skin barrier. 

What does pink Himalayan salt do for your skin?

Pink Himalayan Salt is a well known skincare ingredient. It has the natural ability to reduce signs of inflammation, balance skin pH levels and reduce common acne concerns. The lists of benefits doesn't stop there, pink salt also provides mineral nutrients to your skin. These include magnesium, calcium and even potassium.

If you haven't already tried a body scrub, this is the perfect way to try Pink Himalayan salt on your skin! Give the Pink Salt Body Scrub to Foam a go and add it to your Korean skincare routine. 

Is it ok to use a body scrub everyday?

Your body when compared to the face is more resilient to exfoliants. The Pink Salt Body Scrub to Foam is for use on less sensitive parts of your skin. Like your arms and back for example.

This Scrub to Foam formulation allows for more gentle exfoliation of the skin. Its ideal for those who struggle with the abrasive nature of normal scrubs and want to find a more gentle alternative. 

It is not recommended that you use facial scrubs or exfoliants more than two to three times a week. They are simply too abrasive. However, body scrubs can be used more frequently than this. You can use them a couple times a week depending on your skin sensitivity.

Test the use of body scrubs for yourself. Ensure that they do not cause additional irritation and that they do not strip away important natural oils on your skin. 

A Gentle Facial Toner

3. Alaska Glacier Water 85% Natural Toner 

Natural Toner This natural facial toner from Graymelin isn't just formulated with an amazing 85% Alaska glacier water. It also features seven nature plant extracts that help to further improve skin complexion and soothe irritation. This facial toner is perfect for those with dry skin.

The Alaska Glacier Water 85% Natural Toner also includes the ever popular ingredient, Niacinamide. Niacinamide helps to recover and protect your skin from environmental damage. This product is a must try for those with sensitive skin that are also after a staple in their skincare routine. 

What are the benefits of glacier water?

Glacier water in skincare is an incredibly pure source of hydration. This is due to its tendency to be free of contaminants and toxins. Thus, making it suitable for those with sensitive and irritable skin.

It is the perfect hydrating ingredient and is often incorporated into skin care products. Glacier water drives additional moisture into the skin barrier.

Daily use products like the Alaska Glacier Water 85% Natural Toner are particularly beneficial. They provide nourishment to the skin and you can use them frequently. They should continue to become more common throughout everyone's skincare collections. 

A Vibrant Peeling Gel 

4. Pineapple Mild Peeling Gel

Pineapple gelThe final product we'll be featuring by Graymelin is another example of their remarkable ability to capitalise on natural ingredients. This is the Pineapple Mild Peeling Gel. This peeling gel utlises the naturally occurring Bromelain within Pineapple extract to most effectively remove dead skin cells. 

It also clears debris from the surface of your skin as you apply this product. Just like all of Graymelin's other products, this gel is skin irritation tested. Thus, ensuring that it is suitable for sensitive skin and will produce a satisfying result for all skin types. 

Is pineapple good for your skin?

Pineapple is incorporated into skincare as a source of bromelain. Bromelain is a well-researched natural enzyme that clears dead skin cells and provides your skin with a smooth texture.

Pineapples are full of essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They all help to fight inflammation and delay signs of aging! What an incredible ingredient for your skin.

Explore these unique products based on all natural ingredients, now available in stores and online!

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