Korean Toner Pads: How to pick YOUR Toner Pads?

What are Toner Pads? 

If you are someone who has used your toner with a cotton pad, then you will definitely understand the annoyingness of pouring toner on the cotton pad on daily-basis. Yes, it is simplistic itself to do so, but imagine having to re-enact it everyday. Therefore the revolutionary Toner Pads enters the room. 

For those who don't know, toner pads are cotton rounds that are soaked in toner that could have various functionalities to fit different skin types. The cotton pads usually come with a rough side (for mild exfoliation) and a smooth side (for hydration). With the combination of the applicator and toner, applying toner has never been easier. Continue reading to see the benefits of toner pads, types of toner pads and how to pick your toner pads. 

Benefits of Toner Pads

  • Cleanse & Micro-exfoliate: As someone who wears makeup almost everyday, I know how much residues makeup could leave on my skin. If you wear makeup or sunscreen, then you need to be aware of the hazards of not giving your skin a good cleanse! Pores will be clogged and skin will look dull, causing your skin to age quicker than ever. One simple way to solve the issue is to use toner pads. The rough side of toner pads could effectively remove makeup residues and dead skin cells off the skin by a few gentle swipes, resulting in a much smoother complexion. 
    • Quick kick of moisture: Each piece of toner pad usually has a generous amount of toner that gives your skin that extra boost of moisture, resulting in softer and clearer skin. As I have mentioned, toner pads usually has a rough side & a smooth side. While the rough side is used for exfoliation, the smooth side can be used as a mini mask on areas that are particularly dry or rough. 
      • Timer saver: I don't know about you guys, but I always struggle with time-management in the mornings, and it is impossible to complete each step of my skincare routine without running late. Toner pad is therefore a life-saver to me, that I could cleanse and hydrate my skin in one go. Plus, some toner pads have got a cooling effect that helps me wakeup during the mornings. 
        • Easy to travel with: Have you ever travelled with a whole bag of skincare products? Well toner pads will definitely make your life easier. Just put a few pieces of it in a ziplock bag on the go. 


          What Types of Toner Pads are Available? 

          1. COSRX

            COSRX has 3 types of toner pads, each targeting a different skin type/ skin condition. Keep on reading to find out which one you should get! 

            For those who have oily, combination and acne-prone skin, this toner pad is a MUST HAVE! These daily pre-soaked exfoliating pads gently wipe out excess oil and dead skin, leaving the skin super clear, smooth and well-balanced.
            You must be curious about how does this work? Well, this one is infilled with Salix Alba (Willow) Bark Water 85.92%, which contains BHA that acts as a natural exfoliant, helping to remove dead skin cells and promote new skin growth.
            After wiping your entire face with the rough side of this pad, turn it over and use it as a mini sheet mask on oily or rough areas such as the nose, forehead and chin. Shop your Clear Pad here today!

            If you feel like the One Step Original Clear Pad is a little too harsh for your skin because you have dry and sensitive skin, the COSRX Moisture Up Pad is more likely to be your holy grail. 

            It contains hyaluronic acid, propolis and natural BHA to gently hydrate, smoothen and replenish the skin without any irritation. After wiping your entire face with the rough side of this pad, turn it over and use it as a mini sheet mask on specific dry areas such as the cheeks, nose and chin. It gives your skin that extra boost of moisture, allowing makeup to glide on smoothly without looking flaky at all. Shop your Moisture Up Pad here today!

            This is the ultimate calming toner pad to soothe irritated skin with just a few simple wipes. It contains Green-RX Complex (Camellia Sinensis Leaf Water, Centella Asiatica Extract, Hamamelis Virginiana, Tea Tree Leaf Extract, Artemisia Princeps Extract) and PHA to gently remove dead skin while hydrating and calming the skin. This one can also be used as a mini face mask on irritated areas! Shop your Green Hero Calming Pad here today!

             2. Beplain Cicaful Calming Pad (Sensitive skin)


            Featuring famous soothing agent Centella Asiatica (or Cica), this pad will balance your skin's pH, moisturise you skin and relieve tired skin. It also contains Madecassoside, another ingredient famous for its soothing properties. This toner pad is recommended if

            • You need a quick soothing treatment during your morning routine
            • Your skin is irritates from wearing a mask or shaving

            This pad can also be used as a quick soothing mask, by leaving the pads on your cheeks or other dehydrated areas on the skin for 3-5 minutes before applying makeup. It will ensure your makeup glides on smoothly and is hydrated from within for the whole day!

            3. Neogen

            Neogen has a variety of toner pads, each targeting a different skin condition. Here, I will introduce you to three of their most popular toner pads! Check out Neogen's collection to discover their full range!

            This popular toner pad is for all skin types, including sensitive skin. The micro-fibre pads are enriched with some of the most calming ingredients including cica complex, tea tree leaf extract, aloe vera, heart leaf, ceramide and hyaluronic acid. This pad also contains gentle peeling ingredients PHA & LHA which are way less irritative compared to AHA & BHA. The unique formula of this toner pad hydrates, soothes and remove dead skin cells effectively! This toner pad is definitely something that you could use on daily bases without worrying about irritating your delicate skin! Shop your Calming Cica Tree Pad here today!

            Hello oily/combination skin people, you have made it here! This Real Charcoal Pad is a double-effect pad that absorbs excessive sebum + exfoliates skin surface. Here's how this baby works: It contains Bamboo Charcoal & Canadian glacial soil alongside with some non-irritating peeling ingredients that absorbs sebum and waste while removing dead skin, resulting in a visibly smoother skin texture and tightened pores!  ABS Ginger Mint Extract has also been formulated into this toner pad to cool the skin temperature and further tighten the pores! Shop your Real Charcoal Pad here today! 

            If you are looking for an All-in-one toner pad, this one is for you. Well, it's actually called a peeling pad, so obviously, it has peeling effects that leaves your skin smoother and cleaner, but this one also offers firming, hydrating and brightening effects. Infused with purple wine, 10 kinds of berries and PHA, it revitalises and firm skin into a youthful complexion! By the way, this is a no-wash exfoliator, so no need for washing after using it! Just perform your normal skincare routine after using it! Shop your Wine Lift PHA Gauze Peeling Pad here today! 
            We also have an entire blogpost dedicated to Neogen Toner Pads, so make sure check it out to find more toner pads for you!

            4. Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Toner Pad Plus (All skin types)

            This one is definitely one of the most popular Vitamin C toner pad in Korea, well-known for it's 5-in-1 effect: Vitality + Moisture + Even Skin Texture + Remove Impurities + Booster. It is formulated with Naturally derived fruit acids to remove stubborn dead skin cells for a smoother and brighter skin. It can be used everyday as a substitute of regular toners! Shop your Goodal Green Tangerine Vita C Toner Pad here today! 

             5. Too Cool For School

            This is a dual effect pore care toner pad targeted at blackheads and enlarged pores! It contains Egg White (albumin) extract to help firm the pores to create a smooth and sleek complexion alongside with PHA & LHA which are gentle chemical exfoliants that can be used even by sensitive skin! It also contains Egg Yolk Extract, Panthenol and Birch Tree Water for an extra boost of moisture and nourishment, leaving the skin extremely comfortable and nourished! Shop your Egg Pore Clear Pad here today!
            Are you experiencing sensitive, itchy and tired skin? Don't worry, we've all been there. The most crucial thing to do when our skin is irritated and fatigued is to calm it down with soothing ingredients. This toner pad is enriched with centella asiatica (cica) extract, green tea, houttuynia cordata, and mugwort, comforting tired vulnerable skin. It also contains Egg Yolk extract to nourish and create a glowing complexion! 
            Simply wipe your face with this toner pad and use it as mini face masks on irritated areas and see the sensitivity, irritation or redness go away. Shop your Egg Cica Ampoule Pad here today!

            6. SNP Prep Vitaronic Toner Pad (Dull skin / Uneven Texture)

            SNP Prep Vitaronic Toner Pad Shopping link

            From the 'Prep' Skincare line by SNP, the Vitaronic Toner Pad uses simple, yet powerfully effective ingredients. Formulated with a stable Vitamin C derivative, powerful anti-oxidants provides a radiant finish to dull skin. The culprit to textured skin is often a lack of moisture. 3 different sizes of hyaluronic acid help deliver moisture into the deep layers of skin and lock in moisture all day long. Additionally, niacinamide will ensure an instant brightening effect! This is a great mild exfoliant for rough skin with uneven texture.

            7. Cell Fusion C Pore Tox Pad ( Sensitive Skin / Dehydrated Skin / Oily skin)

            Pore Tox Pad 140ml 60pcs Cell Fusion C

            Proven to be effective for immediate pore reduction, the Pore Tox Pad by Cell Fusion C is a safe exfoliant for sensitive skin. Formulated with a gentle exfoliant PHA, this toner pad effectively removes dead skin cells whilst moisturising the skin. It also features Pinus Palustris Leaf extract, a patented pore care ingredient that reduces englarged and removes excess sebum, with a visible immediate effect.

            8. Cell Fusion C Post α First Cooling Pad (All skin types)

            If you're in search of a quick and refreshing solution, the Cell Fusion C Post α First Cooling Pad might just be your new best friend! This cooling pad offers an incredible skin-cooling experience that doesn't just stop at comfort. Experience a fast and powerful cooling effect that reduces skin temperature by -5.7 degrees! it's also packed with soothing ingredients for a wholesome skincare treat.


            9. MEDI-PEEL 

            Highly soothing and moisturising, this pad is perfect for sensitive, delicate skin. Say goodbye skin irritation with this all calming Cica pad. Formulated with Cicanol complex your skin barrier. Collagen products usually include animal derivative ingredients, however this pad is formulated with vegan collagen! Strengthen and repair your skin barrier with a vegan formula that's also proven to be safe for sensitive skin and free of 20 harmful ingredients!
            Aqua mool-tox
              Simplify your skincare routine! This sparkling water pad cleans up dead skin cells and impurities in the pores. Formulated with pure and natural mineral water, a 100% pure and anti-bacterial cotton pad efficiently removes dead skin cells whilst delivering moisture to the skin. With a mild pH of 5.5, it's perfect for the skin and has comfortable application. Rich minerals support the skin for long lasting glow.

              10. Red Lacto Collagen Peeling Pad  (All skin types)

              Red Lacto Collagen Peeling Pads (70pcs), your all-in-one solution for a range of skin concerns. These versatile pads are your go-to remedy for sebum and skin waste, rough skin texture, skin dryness, and sagging pores. Aptly dubbed the 'Baby Pore Peeling Pads,' they offer a remarkable 6-fold pore tightening effect in a single use.


              11.Houttuynia Cordata (Heartleaf) Calming Toner Pad  (All skin types, especially sensitive skin)

              Goodal Heartleaf Calming Toner Pads (70Sheets) are a testament to the power of simplicity. They're designed for minimal friction, thanks to their unique blend of plant-derived Tencel and 100% pure cotton gauze.

              These toner pads don't just apply skincare; they offer a cooling effect, providing your skin with a refreshing, revitalizing sensation. It's like a breath of fresh air for your face, making it a delightful part of your skincare regimen.

              To ensure your skin's wellbeing, Goodal has completed tests on irritation to sensitive skin!


              12. One Thing Multi Big Pad  (All skin)


              Picture this: you have your favorite toner or ONE THING extract at the ready. Now, grab one of these two-sided pads and let the DIY skincare games begin! 

              How to DIY:

              1. Choose Your Toner or Extract: Start by selecting your favorite toner or ONE THING extract. These pads work wonderfully with a wide range of skincare products, so the options are virtually limitless.

              2. Apply and Customize: Pour your chosen toner or extract onto the gentle side of the pad. Gently press it onto your skin, allowing your DIY skincare solution to work its magic. You can also create exfoliating pads by applying your selected extract to the textured side, which is perfect for removing dead skin cells and revealing a radiant complexion.

              3. Enjoy the Benefits: By DIYing with ONE THING Multi Big Pad, you get to enjoy a personalized skincare routine that perfectly caters to your unique needs. Whether you want deep hydration, brightening, or exfoliation, you're in control of your skincare journey.


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