Do You Really Need A Toner in Your Skincare Routine?

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You may be wondering, what is toner? What does toner actually do? Does toner really do anything?

Keep reading to answer these questions, understand the benefits of a toner, as well as our recommendations for products in 2022 that you should use to for glowing skin. 

What is Toner?

A toner is a fast penetrating liquid that helps to efficiently transport nutrients and moisture into the skin. It is usually used as the first step after washing our face. In short, the main purpose of a toner is to provide moisture to dry skin after washing your face, and prepare for the next steps!

What does toner do for your skin? Does toner do anything?

1. Remove Makeup Residue

When using a toner with a cotton pad, it can be an extra step to ensure all makeup residue and dead skin cells are removed. We don't want to be over-cleansing our skin, but also how can I check if all the dust, skin waste and makeup in the pores have been removed properly? Just saturate a cotton pad with your desired toner and gently wipe across your skin will ensure it is as clean as can be. Now you can be confident that your skin is ready to absorb the essences, serums and moisturisers in the following skincare step!

2. Instant Replenishment of Hydration

Does your skin feel dry or feel stretched out after washing your face? This is because in the cleansing process removed some of our skin's natural sebum and oils. Moderate sebum protects the skin, however when this natural barrier is removed, it is easy for any moisture in your skin to evaporate.

Have you heard of the 3-second moisturising rule? The skincare community and research have been suggesting that we should moisturise our skin immediately after cleansing to boost the hydration level and to create a occlusive layer to prevent further moisture loss. Hence, the toner will quickly deliver moisture to dry skin.

But why a toner? If we think of our skin like a sponge, thicker moisture is better absorbed when our skin is slightly damp! So after cleansing and washing your face, it is important to prepare your skin with toner for the next steps of your skincare routine, like a serum or cream. 

3. Prep Your Skin For Makeup

We've all experienced flaky makeup that does not adhere well to our skin before. To prevent this, we need to ensure our skin is well moisturised from deep within! For in-depth hydration, you can saturate a cotton pad with a hydrating toner and leave it on area of concerns for 5 minutes like a mask! Another tip is to use toners with mild exfoliating ingredients like PHA, AHA or BHA. Use the right toner for your skin for flawless makeup application!


Toner Recommendations

Now that we know the benefits of using a toner, you might be wondering which ones to use? Here are 7 recommendations of the best K-beauty toners for different skin types and concerns!

1. MEDI-PEEL: Aesthe Derma Red Marine Collagen Toner 1000ml

Aesthe Derma Red Marine Collagen Toner

#Massive #BabySkin #NonSensitive

For sensitive skin type

People who struggle to find products due to easily irritated, sensitive skin this one is for you! It has gone through various tests to ensure it will not irritate your skin and deliver much needed relief and moisture. This toner mainly improves skin elasticity and reduces the appearance of pores. Also containing 6 types of Amino Acid Complex which only exist in BABn, it will provide a powerful moisturising effect to your skin!


2. Rovectin: Skin Essential Activating Treatment Lotion 180ml

Skin essential activating treatment lotion

#Elasiticity #SkinTexture #InnerHydration 

For those with rough and dull skin

This plant-based formula from Rovectin gently exfoliates and provides instant moisture on your skin from inside out. With 7 layers of hyaluronic acid, it penetrates the deepest skin layer to create fresh and new skin without being greasy and sticky. It only contains safe ingredients, thus it is suitable for all ages and skin types!


3. ma:nyo: Galactomy clearskin Toner 210ml

manyo Galactomy clearskin toner

#AHA_BHA #Nourishment #SmoothSkin

For those who want to improve skin tone 

Remove dead skin cells and impurities with this gently exfoliating toner by Manyo! Consistent use will improve your skin's natural turnover rate and lead better skin texture and brighter tone! Containing proven effective exfoliants AHA and BHA's, you can say goodbye to blackheads, enlarged pores and flaky skin. Enhance the effectiveness of skincare products in the next step by clearing pores and firmly replenishing skin with nourishment and moisture


4. Too Cool For School: Egg Pore Clear Pad (70 sheets)

too cool for school egg cica ampoule pad

#Nonirritant #EggCalming #EmergencyCare

For those with flaky and sensitive skin

Need to exfoliate but you've got sensitive skin? This Egg Pore Pad is for you! Formulated with 1,500ppm of Egg Yolk extract, gentle PHA exfoliants, you can get a smooth, sleek look with these pads. No worries, it's been tested to certify that it's suitable to sensitive skin types. Also extremely convenient to use, this toner comes with 3 layers of cotton pad for convenient sanitary use! This product is also multi-purpose, as you can use it like a face mask by laying the pads on your cheeks as you do other things. 


5. Rovectin: CICA Care Purifying Toner 260ml

rovectin cica care purifying toner

#SkinProtection #Hypoallergenic #Soothing 

For those with breakouts and rosacea

Do you have damaged skin or have acne and scars? Don't worry, this toner formulated with Madecassoside, a plant-based antioxidant, will revitalise sensitive skin while reducing the appearance of scars and dark spots. This brand has also committed to no animal testing, with ethical packaging. Another plus is that this product is vegan, for those concerned about animal product usage!


6. goodal: Vegan Rice Milk Moisturising Toner 250ml

goodal vegan rice milk moisturising toner

#Vegan #Sustainablility #Rice 

For those with dry, sensitive skin 

Another excellent product for our vegan customers, this goodal toner features some very interesting and innovative ingredients! Formulated with a type of rice called "sandui rice" which is grown in a basaltic field of Jeju Island, This vegan rice promotes the creation of hyaluronic acid and gives a moisturizing effect on skin. Furthermore, any gender, skin type and age can use this products!


7. MEDI-PEEL: Dr. Apple-tox Pore Toner 500ml 

MEDI-PEEL Dr. Apple tox pore toner

#Reduce_pores #Brigtening #WinkleCare

For those with oily skin 

This toner contains natural AHA with green vitamin complex, which reduce dead skin cells, sebum, and pores at once! Other ingredients included ensure the skin stays moist delivering effective exfoliation. Reduce uneven skin texture and tone by preventing enlarged pores for flawless skin!


All in all, we highly recommend you to start using a toner in your skincare routine! There are so many benefits, so WHY not? 

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