Hado Labo Lotion Dupes + Employee Review

Hada Labo Gokujyun Hyaluronic Acid Lotion

The popular Japanese moisturiser by the pharmaceutical brand Rohto Mentholatum is part of the Hada Labo Gokujyun range and is formulated with four types of hyaluronic acids to intensely boost skin’s moisture levels without leaving a sticky finish. It is formulated without alcohol, fragrances and other potentially irritating ingredients for the skin.

Here are some amazing dupes for this product that are suited for all skin types including skin barrier concerns such as rosacea and eczema and even sensitive skin.


Medi-peel Aqua Essence Peptide 9 Toner


Medi-Peel Aqua Essence Peptide Toner Review

Starting off with the Aqua Essence Peptide 9 Toner by the Korean brand Medi Peel. This toner essence is suitable for all skin types and is especially ideal for dehydrated and sensitive skin. This product easily soaks into the skin, hydrating it without leaving a sticky residue and leaves the skin plumped and luminous. Additionally, this essence toner has patented time code collagen, 9 types of peptides and 4 types of hyaluronic acid to deeply hydrate, even out skin-tone, enhance elasticity and combat signs of aging.


This product feels so soothing on my skin and it is thick enough to keep my skin feeling plumped and hydrated . I like how there's peptides in it so it feels good knowing that I can prevent and fade any premature wrinkles. I like to use the toner with the emulsion from the same range for more effect. Additionally, the product is definitely non-sticky and absorbs so well and quickly into my skin. My verdict would be that out of all the future mentions of essence toners, this has got to be one of my favourites.

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RNW’s DER.MOIST Hyal Treatment Toner


NRW Der.Moist Hyal Treatment Toner

This is a moisturising toner that retains moisture in the skin with quintuple hyaluronic acid, trehalose and plant-derived polysaccharide. The 5 hyaluronic acids are composed of hyalight, hyalactive, hyalcover, hyalultra and hyalglue. This product is formulated with Glyceryl Glucoside, which is known as the main ingredient of desert plants, thus it assists with circulating and locking in moisture as well as strengthening the skin's barrier.


This brand is focused on “renewing your skin” and my skin definitely feels renewed. I sometimes get irritated, extremely dry and sensitive skin, so this product has repaired my skin’s barrier as I noticed that my skin wasn’t acting up as much as it was. Additionally, the product is scent-less and I didn’t feel the need to reapply or apply as much during the initial application, as my skin felt moisturised all throughout the day.

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VT Super Hyalon Skin Booster

VT Cosmetics Super Hyalon Skin Booster Review

This hydrating skin booster is formulated with 8 different kinds of hyaluronic acid to provide and lock in intensive moisture to especially dehydrated skin, all other skin types and skin concerns. Additionally, it includes the ingredients sodium hyaluronate to restore moisture levels and improve skin texture, as well as polyglutamic acid, which helps improve fine lines and wrinkles by making the skin plump and rejuvenated.


I was interested in the ingredient polyglutamic acid, as I heard that the moisture locking system was stronger than hyaluronic acid. I gave this product a try as this has the infamous hyaluronic acid ingredient as well as polyglutamic acid. During the winter time when my skin was at its most dehydrated condition, adding this product to my routine, it really made a difference in moisturising the flaky and dry parts of my face.

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Neogen Hyal Glow Rose Essence

Negoen Hyal Rose Glow Essence

This Hyal Glow Essence by Neogen is infused with 3 types of damask rose and 8 types of hyaluronic acids to revitalise, intensely moisturise and provide a dewy glow to the skin that lasts all day. Damask rose aims to provide hydration and reduce dryness and with hyaluronic acid complex infused as well, this helps achieve healthy glowing skin and evens out the skin-tone with brightening benefits damask rose as well as from the ingredient niacinamide.


If you want that healthy, youthful glow, this essence is the holy grail. It has hyaluronic acid which helps keep my skin hydrated all-day. After using it for a few weeks my skin condition improved drastically. Even using it as a part of my skincare before applying makeup, made the foundation application process smooth and I had a glowy complexion. Additionally, not just the bottle has a baby pink tint, the actual formula has a subtle pink colour! The scent is definitely soothing when I’m either using it to wake up in the morning or wind down in the evening. After using the rose essence, my skin wasn’t irritated and my skin looked brighter and more revitalised.

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Dr.Jart+ Vital Hydra Solution Mask

Dermask Micro Jet Vital Hydra Solution Mask (5pcs/box)

Although this not a Hada Labo dupe, you can get similar results with a face mask! This is a cellulose sheet mask that deeply hydrates, replenishes and protects the skin’s own moisture. This is a great addition to the skincare that fits well with all of the products mentioned above for all skin types. The mask is made up of fine cellulose fibre and its lightweight and transparent film allows the pores to fully absorb essential nutrients and moisture. Additionally, the product is formulated with a patent moisturising ingredient called aquaxyl and hyaluronic acid, which its purpose is to retain the maximum amount of moisture as well as strengthening the skin’s barrier. Lastly, the product contains seaweed extract which has alginic acids that assists in removing impurities from the pores.


In Conclusion...

All of these essences and toner essences are great dupes for the Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Lotion, as they contain hyaluronic acid to keep moisture locked in all-day but also that they are all suitable for all skin types as well as sensitive skin that is prone to irritation and has a compromised skin barrier. The Hada Labo lotion can be hard to find, especially when restocking your skincare supplies. Here at La Cosmetique, we have so many options that are great dupes for the lotion and can be easily picked up in-store at:

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