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A new era of skincare - Introducing skin cycling 

Coined by and made into a viral Tiktok sensation by dermatologist Dr Whitney Bowe, Skin Cycling is the newest skincare trend. Focused on prioritizing rest and recovery for your skin, and making sure you don't overwhelm it with too many harsh products. Get the most out of powerful ingredients, and dodge potentially irritating your skin!

What actually is skin cycling?

It might sound foreign, but there aren't actually that many changes to your usual routine. With skin cycling, you'll designate products for certain days depending on what the product's function is. By doing so, you can even cut down on a long and time consuming routine, and save product!

The most popular cycle is the 4 night cycle, where each night has a specific aim.

Night 1: Chemical Exfoliant 

Most skin cycling routines will start with a chemical exfoliant. On the first night, exfoliation will help shed off the most upper layer of dead skin cells. By revealing a new layer of skin, the products you use the next day will penetrate you skin more easily! With consistency, you should see skincare products work more efficiently and effectively!

Our favourite chemical exfoliants:

1. COSRX: AHA BHA Clarifying Treatment Toner

COSRX AHAH BHA Clarifying Toner Treatment
We can always to turn to COSRX to provide the goods! A pillar of Korean skincare, the AHA BHA Clarifying toner treatment is a great start to exfoliation! A mixture of AHA and BHA compounds effectively removes dead skin cells and prevents blacks and whiteheads from forming. With a convenient spray nozzle, simply apply a light mist of the toner all over your face to start off your skincare routine.

2. Neogen: Wine Lift PHA Gauze Peeling

 Neogen Wine Lifting PHA Gauze Peeling

Another iconic K-beauty brand, another easy to use, effective product. With the Neogen Wine Lift PHA Gauze Peeling Pads, there's no need for cotton pads. The three layer pure cotton pads are soaked with red wine extracts and non-irritating PHAs. Their patented cotton pad will help gently remove dead skin cells whilst not disturbing your skin barrier.

3. Some By Mi: AHA.BHA.PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner

 AHA BHA PHA 30 days mirale toner Some By MI

Night 2: Retinoid

Unfortunately, retinol products require a prescription from your doctor. If you're unable to get a prescription or unsure on retinols overall, we have a solution for you! A fantastic alternative is all natural ingredient bakuchiol! Studies have found promising results showing the effectiveness of Bakuchiol in place of retinol. Turn to nature for skincare with Bakuchiol, so here are some of our K-beauty Bakuchiol recommendations. 

 1. Neogen: Real Bakuchiol Firming Serum 

 Neogen Real bakuchiol Firming Serum

You can't go amiss with the NEOGEN Real Bakuchiol Firming Serum, formulated with natural plant ingredients that have anti-aging properties. Not only does it speed up collagen synthesis, it's a lifesaver for those with sensitive skin! If your skin gets irritated easily and you can't use harsh retinols, turn to bakuchiol for an all natural fix! Enjoy the same benefits like getting rid of fine lines and improving skin elasticity!

2. MEDIPEEL: Bakuchiol Miracle Firming Ampoule

 Medipeel Bakuchiol

Night 3 & 4: Hydration and Repair

To finish off, it's important to give your skin a rest and protect that skin barrier. Build up your skin's defense by using soothing products! This is essential to help your skin recover from exfoliation and retinols. Make sure to give your skin plenty of time! You might want to add another day or two to this phase of the skin cycling routine if you've got sensitive skin!

1. Neogen: Probiotics Youth Repair Cream

Neogen Probiotics relief Cream

Dr Bowe is also an enthusiast for probiotics in your skincare! No wonder, considering the many benefits it has for you skin microbiome and moisture barrier. Reduce the effects of sun damage caused by UV rays and support the healthy bacteria in your skin! This Neogen moisturiser is formulates specifically for those between 25-35 years old. Packed with probiotics, collagen and, ceramides, the Probiotic Youth Repair Cream is a great skin-barrier building finish to your skin cycling routine.

2. Cosnori Pathenol Barrier Cream

Cosnori Panthenol Barrier Cream soothing sensitive skin

Skincare junkies are sure to be familiar with the ingredient Panthenol. Famed for its soothing properties and preventing transepidermal water loss, it helps keep the water in you skin. If it's your first time hearing about this hero ingredient, experience the powerful properties of Panthenol yourself with the Cosnori Panthenol Barrier cream! With 10% concentrated panthenol and kakadouplum extract, this cream will both strengthen and calm your skin barrier on those rest days. 

3. Rovectin Clean Lotus Water Cream

Rovectin Clean Lotus Water Cream

Rovectin is a brand that focuses on repairing your skin barrier. Formulated specifically for sensitive, the Clean Lotus Water Cream is a must! Deep hydration with a light texture the formulation nothing short of perfection. With 75% Lotus Water, the formulation is also 100% vegan and cruelty free! An added plus for environmentally friendly packaging as well of course. 


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