The Viral Korean Lip Tint and Gloss

Fruity Glass Tint

Wow! I haven't seen a new lip tint sell out so fast in a while. But this year, COLORGRAM's Fruity Glass Tint and Fruity Glass Gloss really rocked the K-beauty world once and for all. With its adorable packaging and huge colour range, this lip product has truly been the global hot topic of all the best Korean lip tints right now!

If you've been up to date with the K-Pop industry as well, you would have noticed that plump, luscious lips have seemingly been the makeup trend on numerous K-Pop idols. Well, thanks to COLORGRAM, it has become so easy to recreate these glassy lip looks with just one swipe!

K-Pop Idol Tint

The COLORGRAM Fruity Glass Tint is a mixture of lip tint and lip glow, ideal for those who adore glossy finishes! Featuring a variety of clear and high-chroma shades that offer a non-sticky and long-lasting formula, this lip tint leaves your lips looking voluminous and juicy as if you have just bitten into a you a heightened glow over time.

The Fruity Glass Gloss consists of a high-clear and high-shine formula that provides your lips with a dewy look as if you've just applied honey to your lips! If you need extra shine, you can easily layer the product to your lips to build the intensity of the glow. Due to its high-clear gloss, it's the perfect lip gloss to apply on top of other lip tints or lipsticks to add a glassy touch!

Not only that, but the colourful packaging of both lip products are seriously to die for. They are also conveniently compact in size, allowing you to carry it comfortably for touch-ups wherever you go.

When I visited Korea in early January, I noticed that these particular lip tints from COLORGRAM had already been sold out in a few locations. So when I found out La Cosmetique had them in stock, I knew I had to run to the nearest store and grab one for myself! And I think a lot of you were thinking the exact same thing...because tell me why every single shade was gone in a matter of weeks! To witness its virality even in Australia was shocking, but I guess that just proves how good Korean lip tints truly are.

Well, I'm now writing this blog with extra exciting news, because we've just gotten a bunch of popular colours of the Fruity Glass Tint and Fruity Glass Lip Gloss back in stock, both online and in-store!

For all the lip tint girlies, you need at least one of these in your collection. I promise you there is a perfect shade for every special occasion, season, and aesthetic.

Let's check them out below!

Fruity Glass Tint

[NEW] #1004 Pink Gloss

Pink Gloss
  • A subtle pink, clear gloss with glitter particles.

#00 Pearl Gloss

Pearl Gloss
  • A clear-based gloss with sparkling, pink glitters.

#01 Flashing Apricot

Flashing Apricot
  • An apricot orange shade, suitable for warm undertones.

#03 Soda Cool Peach

Soda Cool Peach
  • A cool, peach pink colour that creates a refreshing, cool mood.

#05 Sweet Persimmon

sweet persimmon
  • A bright, coral beige shade that livens your lips, best for warm undertones.

#07 Shy Guava

Shy Guava
  • A sweet, soft pink colour that resembles guava juice, great for cool undertones.

#08 Lovely Raspberry

  • A raspberry red shade, suitable for both warm and cool undertones.


Fruity Glass Gloss

#01 Grape Black

Grape Black
  • A deep, enigmatic black sapphire shade and muted plum colour, adding a touch of mystery to your look.

#02 Chewy Tangerine

Chewy Tangerine
  • An energising pop of vibrant tangerine, offering a rich red hue infused with a gentle orange tint.

Want more? Discover other COLORGRAM products at La Cosmetique!

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