Top Mascara Brands from Korea & Japan - For Natural, Waterproof Makeup!


 Top Mascara Brands from Korea and Japan

We makeup addicts all know that mascara is the ultimate way to enhance our makeup look. Depending on how thick and luscious our lashes are, our makeup can either turn natural or smoky. From K-pop idols to anime eyes, let us help you find the perfect mascara to step up your makeup game. 


Peripera Ink Black Cara

 Peripera Ink Black Cara

This mascara is my go-to when I am looking to add more volume and thickness to my eyelashes. The brush is extra large and is dual-curved with an hourglass shape that helps add volume to the lashes. It is also smudge-proof and droop-proof, meaning that it has a long-lasting effect and is perfect for a night out without worrying about your lashes drooping down and smudging!

Get your Peripera Ink Black Cara today!


CLIO Kill Lash Superproof Mascara (7 types)

 Clio Kill Lash Superproof Mascara

Want long, luscious lashes like your favourite K-pop idols? Then this Kill Lash Superproof Mascara is perfect for you. This mascara has fibres that extend your eyelashes naturally, making it look like you applied individual lashes - just like a K-pop makeup! Besides having amazing long-lasting and smudge-proof qualities, it comes with its own mascara remover which is way more effective in removing your eye makeup than a regular cleansing lotion!

Depending on what you want to achieve with your lashes, there are multiple Superproof Mascaras with different unique effects, such as Fixing, Long Curling, Volume Curling, and Extreme Volume. If you are looking for one with fibres, I recommend the Fixing and Long Curling line. From the Choco Brown shade for a natural makeup look to the Rose Brown shade for a more reddish and pink look, multiple shade ranges are available for this product! 

Check out CLIO's Kill Lash Superproof Mascara range for your versatile makeup look!


Too Cool For School Artclass Magicurl Fixing Mascara 

Too Cool For School Artclass Magicurl Fixing Mascara

How can we talk about eye makeup without mentioning Too Cool For school? I'm sure you have heard of their best-selling Artclass By Rodin Shading, but have you given their Magicurl Fixing Mascara a try? This mascara, too, has fibres that lengthen lashes and a long-lasting effect. The thin wand is easy to use and helps you apply your mascara evenly without any clumps! This line also has multiple shades, including black, dark brown and ash brown for those who have bleached hair or dyed hair! 

Shop Too Cool For School's Artclass Magicurl Fixing Mascara here!


NEOGEN Extra Slim Metal Maxicara 

Neogen Extra Slim Metal Mascara

A TikTok-famous mascara made by NEOGEN!

Although Neogen is mostly known for their dermatological skincare range, their Extra Slim Metal Maxicara is by no means less powerful! It's one of the most unique mascaras with a 2.5 mm metal wand which allows us to coat our lashes more neatly and precisely. This unique metal brush can be washed or wiped off with a tissue to keep it clean. It curls, lengthens and volumizes the lash. Not only is this mascara smudge-proof and long-lasting, it also has a vegan-friendly formula AND it comes in 2 colours (Brown and Black)!

Why hesitate? Shop NEOGEN Extra Slim Metal Maxicara now!


Kiss Me Heroine Mascara

Kiss Me Heroine Mascara

One of the best-selling mascaras around the world, Kiss Me Heroine Mascara is known for its crazy waterproof feature. It can be worn to swimming pools without smudging and drooping! Besides fibres, this mascara is made by combining ingredients such as wild rose oil, argan oil and camellia oil. which are suitable for people with sensitive eyes. Available in 2 different lines (Long Curl for enhancing length and Volume Curl for enhancing volume) AND 2 different shades (black and brown), the Kiss Me Heroine Mascara is an all-time favourite for many.

Check out Kiss Me's range here.


Bonus tips

Thanks for reading till the end! Here's a little reward for you - more lashes tips!

To make Kpop Idol-like lashes: Use tweezers and pinch two lashes together after applying a coat of mascara. Make sure to not overdo it as it can look messy and too clumpy.

Makeup Salons in Korea do this too: Get a wooden q tip and warm the wooden part with a lighter or hair dryer lightly, then brush it onto the eyelashes to melt clumpy parts and make them more even! Always check the temperature with your fingers to make sure it is not too hot as your lashes can easily burn!


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