An alternative to Vaseline when slugging?

Miss Flower and Mr. Honey Propolis Cream

 What you need to know about slugging

Slugging - it's been around for a while, so if you're up-to-date with skincare trends, you're sure to have heard of it before. Not so familiar? Slugging is basically the practice of applying a thick occlusive (usually something that contains petrolatum/ petrolleum jelly) to the face overnight as the last step to your skincare routine. By applying this thick final layer, you prevent something called transepidermal water loss. This is the loss of moisture in skin, as water evaporates out of the top layer. Those with dry skin likely have compromised lipids, which is the glue that keeps the outermost layer of skin in tact. Slugging partly plays the role of those lipids by not letting of the moisture in your escape.

The most common product used for slugging is Vaseline. Whilst this will do the job, there is another alternative with a long laundry list of more benefits over Vaseline. Introducing.... Miss Flower and Mr. Honey Propolis Rejuvenating Cream for premium slugging!

One common complaint about slugging is the sticky, greasy finish you're left with for the rest of the night - that's quite literally where the name came from, as the film like residue is reminiscent of a slug. With the Banila Co Miss Flower and Mr. Honey Rejuvenating Cream, you're left with deep moisture that locks into the skin for long lasting hydration without a sticky finish. 

Concerned if this is really the right choice for slugging? Let's have a look at the texture of this luxurious cream.

Miss Flower and Mr.Honey Propolis Rejuvenating Cream TextureMiss Flower and Mr Honey Rejuvenating cream texture in bottle

Just from the pictures alone you can really see the richness of the cream, locking that moisture in tight! Slathering such thick product on your face every night, you might want to consider what other benefits this step can offer! For example, while this cream is a petrolatum-based formula, it is also formulated with 6 types of premium honey blend (honey, propolis, beeswax, honey hydrops and honey butter) which creates a nourishing network of moisture over you skin just like the structure of a honeycomb! Also can't forget about the heavenly, yet not overwhelming, pleasant scent. 

With Vaseline, it's recommended you only slug throughout the night. However, with Miss Flower and Mr. Honey Propolis Rejuvenating Cream, you can apply at anytime, and get keep that glow throughout the whole day! It preps and primes the skin to create a smooth and glowing canvas for your makeup.

Try slugging today! Check out more Korean makeup and skincare with La Cosmetique!

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