Skincare that's actually popular in Korea - Olive Young Awards 2022

2022 Olive Young Awards

Korean skincare and makeup has gone viral countless times on social media. From brands like COSRX, Some By Mi and Beauty of Joseon, K-beauty is taking the world by storm. But did you know that the best-selling brands in Korea are quite different to the products you might see on your Tik-Tok page? It's true - whilst we do love the previously mentioned brands, you might be missing out on some truly golden finds. 

Enter - the Olive Young awards! Olive Young is the number one beauty retailer in Korea and is indisputably the most popular place to get accessible Korean beauty products. Every year, Olive Young holds the 'Olive Young Awards', which highlights the top selling products of the year. These awards are based on real purchase data - so you know that they're actually popular! Today, let's have a look at the results of the 2022 Olive Young Awards and the skincare products we recommend!

Category: Toner

Round Lab - 1025  Dokdo Toner

A mild exfoliating toner, this toner removes dead skin cells whilst providing the skin with moisture. Packed with panthenol and allantoin, ingredients that effectively protect and soothe irritated skin, this toner is a great exfoliant for sensitive skin. Users of this toner report improvement in skin texture, decrease in facial sebum, decrease in oil secretion and decrease in the number of dead skin cells. With a watery texture, it leaves no sticky resides whilst still feeling dewy and supple.

2022 Olive Young Awards 2nd Place

Bring Green - Tea Tree Cica Soothing Toner

Featuring Tea Tree Extract, this toner is a must for those with acne-prone, itchy, oily skin. It's another soothing, exfoliating toner that will help balance your skin's pH level as well. Packed with Centella Asiatica and Panthenol, it's hydrating as well as soothing. Remove whiteheads and blackheads without irritation! The fresh, clean finish will definitely leave your skin happy. 

2022 Olive Young Awards 3rd Place

Category: Essence/Serum

Goodal - Green Tangerine Vita C Dark Spot Care Serum

A serum that promises to brighten hyperpigmentation sports, blemishes and even skin tone in just 2 weeks! Vitamin C derived from freshly picked Jeju green tangerines, and Niacinamide for intense brightening effect. Not only is it an extremely effective serum, it also comes in sustainable packaging that is easy to recycle and features a metal free pump!

2022 Olive Young Awards 2nd Place

Category: Cream

Bio Heal BOH - Probioderm Lifting Cream

The Bioheal BOH Probioderm Lifting cream is the best anti-aging cream Korean skincare has to offer! Infused with all prebiotics, probiotics, postbiotics, this cream promises elastic, firm skin, reducing  symptoms of aging. Minimise pores, hydrate, improve skin resiliecy and a lifting effect, what can't this cream do? With the softest texture and perfect formula for absorption, brighten and revitalise with this cream. It's no wonder this cream was so popular!

2022 Olive Young Awards 3rd Place

Category: Face Mask

Abib - Mild Acidic pH Sheet Mask Heartleaf fit

The go-to sheet mask for those with irritated, dry skin! A powerful combination of soothing ingredients, Centella asiatica (Cica) Allantoin and Madecassoside calms stressed skin. Delivered by a super soft, thin sheet mask, moisture penetrates deeply into the skin, leaving it soft and supple. The main character of this sheet mask is Houttaniya Cordata Extract, also known as heartleaf is known for reducing inflammation, perfect for inflamed, sensitive skin.

2022 Olive Young Awards 2nd Place

Category: Cleanser

Manyo Pure Cleansing Oil

The perfect makeup remover this cleansing oil also removes blackheads, sebum and fine dust! Infused with fermented rice, it also leaves your skin supple without any residue. Proven to remove 99.4% traces of pollution or dust o the surface of the skin, you won't have to worry about any external irritants!

2022 Olive Young Awards 1st Place

Category: Sunscreen

Birch Lab - Birch Juice Moisturizing Sunscreen 50ml

 Round Lab Birch Juice Sunscreen

One of the most popular Korean sunscreens and the winner of the 2022 Olive Young awards in the sunscreen category is the Round Lab Birch Juice Moisturising Sunscreen. It not only features SPF50+ PA++++ UV protection but also its key Inje Birch Tree Sap ingredient that sets it apart from the rest. This natural ingredient helps to maintain your moisture balance and keeps your skin hydrated for longer. 

2022 Olive Young Awards 1st Place

Dr G. Green Mild Up Sun+ 2022 Olive Young Awards 2nd Place

A physical sunscreen that wears nicely on the skin! Enriched with Zinc Oxide, this sunscreen provides sun protection like never before. Another sunscreen great for sensitive skin, whilst also creating a barrier from external irritants like pollution. 

 2022 Olive Young Awards 2nd Place

Cell Fusion C - Laser Sunscreen 

Ever applied sunscreen and felt a stinging sensation? This sunscreen is the answer for you! The Laser Sunscreen is a hypoallergenic sunscreen that provides strong protection from UV rays, and is comfortable tow ear for sensitive skin. With a skin like finish, this texture of the sunscreen means it can be reapplied easily through out the day even after applying makeup. 

2022 Olive Young Awards 3rd Place

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