Makeup That's Actually Popular in Korea - Olive Young Awards 2022

2022 Olive Young Awards

Korean makeup has gone viral countless times in 2022 and for good reason! From brands like Clio, Romand and Banila Co, K-beauty brands are popular globally. These brands a popular for a reason - these are best-selling items that live up to the hype. So what are the the most popular items in Korea?

Introducing the Olive Young awards! What is Olive Young? It's only the number one beauty retailer in Korea. Everyone and their mother goes to Olive Young to get their hands on the best Korean Beauty products. Accessible and affordable, it's no wonder it's so popular.

Olive Young holds their annual 'Olive Young Awards' for the top selling products of that year. It's based on real purchase data from their sales - so you know that it's accurate and reliable. Let's have a look at our recommendation for the makeup products that made the top positions in the 2022 Olive Young Awards!

Category: Eye Makeup 

Clio - Kill Lash Superproof Mascara

Maintain sky-high curled lashes with no clumps and no smudging! Long- lasting, waterproof and clump-free, this is the mascara you've dreamt of. There are 6 types all with different applicator wand shapes to cater to all the effects you could want! Slim fixing is a great mascara base for for fixing curled lashes so they never droop throughout the day. It can also be used as a natural mascara for those effortless days! The Long Curling has slimmer curve wand that  provides thin, neat application for longer, natural lashes, as if you had gotten extensions. #02 Volume Curling has an oval wand that gives a denser application for volminous lashes that don't lose their curl. #03 Sleek Volume combines the best of both worlds, with lengthening and volumizing capabilities with it's thicker curved wand! #04 Extreme Volume is exactly as described, for those that want the most dramatic, thick lashes possible. To top it off, two extra colours are avilable in Rose Brown and Choco Brown for anyone that likes to opt for the more natural look. 

2022 Olive Young Awards 1st Place 

Clio - Kill Brow Auto Hard Eyebrow Pencil 

Learning how to do your brows? this Pencil is made specifically for you! A fail proof solution for any makeup beginners that want to draw on a natural looking brow! This pencil is a hard-type formula that draws on smoothly, even on oily surfaces, and also maintains a natural finish over multiple layers. It also comes with a built-in sharpener for optimal drawing everyday. Long lasting and easy to use, what more could you ask for from a brow pencil?

2022 Olive Young Awards 2nd Place

Kiss Me Heroine Make - Smooth Liquid Eyeliner

An iconic J-beauty product, that has been popular amongst beauty lovers forever! This ultra thin brush tip liner gives ulta-precise application and let's you draw the most natural line, but is also buildable for a more glamorous eye look. Waterproof and sweatproof, even crying won't make this eyeliner budge. Dazzling eyes for hours on end, and you won't have to touch up!

2022 Olive Young Awards 3rd Place

Category: Colour Makeup

Too Cool For School - Artclass By Rodin Shading 

Anyone that's familiar with Korean makeup will definitely have heard of this iconic cult favourite product. Artclass Too Cool For School is orginially a natural contour product, with three, natural ash toned contour shades that can give extreme definition  yet is undetectable. Extremely popular for nose contour, it can even be used as a super natural base eyeshadow, or even an eyebrow definer! A super multi-purpose product, this is a must-have in the makeup kit.

2022 Olive Young Awards 1st Place

Dasique - Shadow Palette (#07 Milk Latte)

Remniscent of a cup of coffee, this toned down eye shadow palette is aptly named Milk Latte. The super natural matte shades are perfect for everyday use, with great base tones like Royal Milk Tea and Milk Brown. Step up your everyday look with the dreamy pearl, glitter shades that will really elevate your eye makeup! Great for both daytime and nighttime looks, this palette is great to always have on you!

2022 Olive Young Awards 3rd Place

Category: Lip makeup

Romand - Juicy Lasting Tint

Another super iconic K-beauty item this year! This lip tint is famous it's glass like glow on the lips, providing moisture and its long-lasting colour payoff. Super hydrating and highly pigmented, you can use it to get a gentle gradient lip, or a super eye-catching full lip. With a wide range of fruit-inspired shades, there is a colour suitable for all skin tones! Juicy lips with juicy tones, layer to your heart's content until you get the desired shade.

2022 Olive Young Awards 1st Place

Wakemake - Water Blurring Fixing Tint

A lightweight lip tint with a blurring effect and matte finish, yet a hydrating feel in its interior. Not so into the glossy look? Even if you've got dry lips, the hydrating formula of this lip tint is packed with 8 types of hyaluronic acid keeps your lips from flaking. The seamless finish of this lip smoothes over dead skin cells and wrinkles for a flawless lip look.  The 8 shades cover both cool and warm tones  that are suitable for each skin tone.

2022 Olive Young Awards 2nd Place

Peripera - Ink Mood Glowy Tint 

Pure, glossy and refreshing! This lip tint is infused with hydrating ingredients that also help to smooth out the texture of your lips. This formula adheres closely to your lips and long long-lasting colour, moisture and glow! No clumping, and even application, 9 natural shades in both cool and warm tones make them suitable for everyone!

2022 Olive Young Awards 'Olive Young's Pick'

Category: Base Makeup

Banila Co - Prime Primer Finish Powder

Struggle with base makeup that breaks down due to oily skin? This powder is definitely the one for you! The Banila Co Prime Primer Finish Powder is a super light, pore blurring, velvety translucent setting powder. Traditional setting powders are often a recipe for cakey makeup, and can dry the skin out if applied too frequently. Upon application, you'll notice immediate oil control and have smooth flawless skin all day long! Designed to absorb excess sebum, yet not dry out the skin the micro-particles that make up this powder will keep your makeup in place all day. with baby-soft finish, you can go about your day even in the hot summer sun and rest assured that your makeup will look good all day!

2022 Olive Young Awards 'Olive Young's Pick'

Category: Beauty Tools 

Fillimilli - Eye makeup Brush Set

Super soft bristles, easy to travel with all at a super affordable price! It's no wonder that this brush set has been present in the best sellers for three consecutive years! For beginners and professionals alike, this brush set is easy to have on you at all times for touch ups and travel, without compromising on quality! This set includes five different brushes that allow you to pull off countless numbers of looks from super natural daily to more intricate needs. 

2022 Olive Young Awards 1st Place

Category: Hair Dye 

Mise-en-scene - Hello Bubble Hair Foam Colour ( #5A Dark Ash)

Hello Bubble Hair Dye by Mis En Scene has been a popular hair colouring product for many years, and every new release seems to get bettwe and better! This year the most popular colour was #5A Dark Ash, which can be described as a cool tone super dark grey colour, that's not quite black. Hello Bubble Hair dye makes permanent hair colouring at home easy to apply and near zero chance of failing! 

2022 Olive Young Awards 1st Place

Trend: Vegan Beauty 

Wakemake - Water Velvet Vegan Foundation 

This foundation is a vegan and hypo-allergenic foundation that has a velvet, finish with inner hydration. The watery, think formula allows for close adherence to the skin and is lightweight, yet has plenty of coverage.

Applying foundation with a spatula was trend that started catching towards the tail end of 2022 last year - and it's a trend you need to try! By applying the foundation with a spatula first, and then blending it in, you're able to get a super thin layer of foundation for a super skin like finish without compromising any coverage! Thinner layers of product will adhere better to the skin, meaning you don't have to use as much product, and you'll get an better overall base makeup finish. 

2022 Olive Young Awards 'Olive Young's Pick'

Cosnori - Long Active Eyelash Serum

Regular mascara use and lash extensions can damage and weaken your lashes. The Cosnori Long Active Eyelash Serum is a gentle daily eyelash care product formulated with patented peptide and hyaluronic acid to allow for strong and healthy eyelash growth. With a comfortable pH level and water base serum, you won't feel any discomfort or blurring, as there are no oils in the formula. This means this can be used even while you have eyelash extensions. At the end of the applicater wand, the ball tip is used to apply the product to the actual base of the lashes. Start caring for lashes like you do your skin today!

2022 Olive Young Awards 'Olive Young's Pick'

Clio - Veganwear Cushion

This Clio Veganwear Ceramide Velvet Cushion SPF 45 PA++ is a vegan cushion foundation, with one key ingredient - Vegan Ceramide™. This patented ingredient gives gives your skin a blurring, matte effect whilst providing moisture and hydrating inside. It covers all the baes, UV protection, brightening and improves wrinkles! Blur pores and imperfections, like you were born with flawless skin. Can't forget that's it's Vegan with eco-friendly packaging and free of any potentially harmful ingredients. 

2022 Olive Young Awards 'Olive Young's Pick'

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