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Round A'round

Introducing Round A'Round 

No.1 in sustainable beauty! Round A'round skincare is composed with simple, yet effective ingredients. All of the products are also vegan certified, and eco-friendly, a great Round A'round is the go to brand for many Korean clean beauty brand lovers! They have some iconic products especially in sun protection like the Greentea Cica Mild Sun Stick that everyone needs to try out!

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Let's have a look at some of their bestsellers!

1. Greentea Cica Watery Sun Cream 1+1 Special Set 

Greentea Cica Water Sun Cream

This sunscreen is an excellent vegan and cruelty free sunscreen with SPF 50. With a creamy texture, it's infused with Green Tea extract that is moisutirisng whilst it protect your skin from the UV rays moisturises the skin, whilst the cica components provide a soothing sensation. 

They've though about everything when it comes to this sunscreen, with eco-friendly packaging made with soy ink-printed made from recycled materials. Sunscreen is notorious for the harmful impacts it can have on our reefs, which is why you'll be glad to find out this is a reef-safe sunscreen!

Buy the Greentea Cica Watery Sun Cream 

A 1+1 special set is available now! Get two sunscreens for the price of one - don't miss out on this deal!

2. Greentea Cica Mild Sun Stick Double Set

Greentea Cica Mild Sun Stick Double Set 50ml x 2 ROUND A’ROUND

Just like the Greentea Cica Watery Sun Cream, this sun stick is also environmentally friendly! Another reef-safe sunscreen with environmentally friendly packaging is always a win! a great benefit of a sun stick is that you can easily reapply throughout the day, and stay protected from the sun all day!

This is a sun stick that is 35% hydration essence, meaning it's light and easy to apply unlike some other heavier sun sticks. It has a light finish and doesn't sit awakwardly on the skin. It is also infused with Madecassoside providing hydrating and soothing benefits! 

Buy the Greentea Cica Mild Sun Stick Double Set 50ml x2

With an already generous amount of product, this 1+1 deal is a steal you can't miss out on!

3. Green Tea Moisture Cleansing Foam Double Set

A cleanser that keeps the ideal pH balance for your skin! With a slightly acidic pH level, this cleanser is packed with moisturizing ingredients that will cleanse the skin without stripping it of its essential oils!

This cleanser is suitable for all skin types, and has won several awards! Picked as the No.1 foam cleanser by Olive Young and Glowpick's Cleansing Foam category winner in 2020. There's a reason this cleanser is loved by so many.

Get the Green Tea Moisture Cleansing Foam in the double set and save!

4. Greentea Trouble Bubble Foam Double Set 

Greentea Trouble Bubble Foam Double Set 200ml + 200ml

The ultimate foam cleanser for acne-prone skin!

Formulated specially for those that have acne prone, sensitive skin that needs delicate care. A mild cleanser that can remove impurities and excess sebum without drying out your skin!

A combination of green tea from Jeju island and Tea Tree Extract can soothe your skin and retain its much needed moisture. It also takes care of sebaceous filaments embedded into the skin. with mildly acidic pH, it's formulated to not give any stress to the skin and soothe it from any stressors. 

Buy the Greentea Trouble Bubble Foam Double Set 200ml


Keen to try ROUND A'ROUND skincare? We covered some of our favourites above, but the ROUND A'ROUND collection features so many other products worth checking out!

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