Anua Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner Alternatives

The Anua Heartleaf 77% Soothing Toner is currently in high demand, with nearly everyone looking for it. Unfortunately, it continues to be a constant wish list item due to its consistent unavailability, no matter where you look.

Heartleaf Philodendron – Potts Lane

Thanks to Anua, a skincare brand based in South Korea,  Skincare enthusiasts have turned their attention to a remarkable ingredient called heartleaf also known as Houttuynia Cordata

What exactly is Houttuynia Cordata?

Houttuynia Cordata also known as Heartleaf is a plant that can be found in various parts of Asia such as China, Japan, Korea and Vietnam. They typically grow in damp, shady areas like riverbanks, wetland or forests. 

The herb contains amino acids, polysaccharides, and fatty acids. These are proven to remove blackheads, heal the skin barrier, and soothe irritated skin.

Thanks to Heartleaf's benefits, Anua's toner has not only become a want but a necessity for everyone. It's anti-inflammatory benefits have been a great help to people with rosacea, eczema or dermatitis. Heartleaf is also both antifungal and anti-bacterial which helps prevent fungal acne. Luckily, there are a lot of great alternatives in the market for the mean time which may offer more of the benefits you need. 

Here are some alternatives that are worth checking out: 

Goodal is a brand known for their Green Tangerine products, but they also have a heartleaf range that should not be ignored.    

Goodal Houttuynia Cordata Moisture Toner 300ml | La Cosmetique

Houttuynia Cordata (Heartleaf) Calming Moisture Toner 

The heartleaf soothing hydration toner contains a blend of 20% heartleaf extract and a combination of 8 different types of hyaluronic acid along with glycerin to deliver and lock in moisture for the skin. Additionally, it includes willow bark extract for mild exfoliation and sugarcane extract to offer abundant hydration. 

Goodal Houttuynia Cordata (Heartleaf) Calming Toner Pad 70 pads – La  Cosmetique

Houttuynia Cordata (Heartleaf) Calming Toner Pad 70 pads

If you're more into toner pads, their Houttuynia Cordata calming toner pads also offer the same benefits with an additional cooling effect. The pads are also 100% hypoallergenic and is suitable for sensitive skin. 

Goodal Houttuynia Cordata Calming Moisture Serum | La Cosmetique

Houttuynia Cordata (Heartleaf) Calming Moisture Serum

If the 20% heartleaf extract in their toners is too little for you, consider their calming moisture serum which features 81.9% heartleaf extract and offers moisturizing benefits, thanks to 8 different kinds of hyaluronic acid. 

Banishing Flare-Ups with Goodal's Houttuynia Cordata Line – THE YESSTYLIST

Aside from the products above, Goodal has an extensive range of heartleaf products including creamscleansers and even sunscreen. If you find heartleaf extract essential in your skincare routine, consider exploring  Goodal's Houttuynia Cordata range.

The Korean skincare brand ONE THING simplifies its products by focusing on just one key ingredient that your skin needs. 

ONE THING  Houttuynia Cordata Extract Toner

Houttuynia Cordata Extract Toner 300ml - BEAUTYSTALL

ONE THING's Houttuynia Cordata Extract toner is formulated with an impressive 95% heartleaf extract, making it an excellent choice for soothing and healing acne-prone skin. It's known for its capability to clear the skin and promote a healthy complexion, making it particularly well-suited for those with troubled and sensitive skin.

The brand also provides a modeling pack that guarantees the most effective absorption of heartleaf extract. Craft your very own relaxing and soothing sheet masks using ONE THING's pure cotton facial mask and their houttuynia cordata modeling pack. You can also try One Thing's heartleaf range with their toner and modeling pack set. One Thing Houttuynia Cordata Modeling Set. Take advantage of La Cosmetique's 30% off sale and try One Thing's Houttuynia Cordata products at a discount while you can.

MA:NYO Factory Our Vegan Heartleaf Cica Toner

Our Vegan - Heartleaf Cica Toner - Yatıştırıcı Eksfoliye Edici Tonik –  Korendy Türkiye
Ma:nyo's 'Our Vegan Heartleaf Cica Toner' is enriched with 144-hour fermented heartleaf, bamboo stem water, birch tree juice, glycerin, and centella asiatica (cica). Given its primary ingredient, heartleaf, this toner is specifically formulated to provide soothing relief for sensitive skin. It's gentle, non-irritating, and offers a mild exfoliating effect, making it an excellent choice for calming irritated skin.
Similar to Goodal, Ma:nyo also offers their own heartleaf collection, including items like cleansers, serums, and more. Right now, you can enjoy a special deal on Ma:nyo products – buy three and get 25% off on the La Cosmetique website. Don't miss out on this fantastic offer during our September sale.
Explore Ma:nyo's heartleaf collection today.
While we patiently await the restock of our beloved Anua toner, it could be a great opportunity to explore these various products. Who knows, you might stumble upon a skincare solution that's even better suited to your skin's needs.

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