Finally, NEOGEN's Limited Edition Calming Solution is Here!

Ji U x YooHyeon NEOGEN

An exciting collaboration with SUR.MEDIC (by NEOGEN) and K-Pop sensation Dreamcatcher has officially arrived, and I can't help but show you what it's all about! The Ji U Hyeon Set is the ultimate calming solution for sensitive and easily irritable skin, with all products formulated with Azulene as the key soothing ingredient.

If you personally struggle with skin sensitivity, irritation, inflammation, and redness, this is your calling!

What is Azulene?

Azulene derives from chamomile and other plant life like yarrow. Best known for its anti-inflammatory properties, it is a growingly common ingredient in numerous cosmetics and skincare products including cleansers and moisturisers.

Employing azulene in your skincare can effectively calm irritated skin, redness, or acne with its innate anti-inflammatory traits, improving skin radiance and health. Its antioxidant characteristics aid the skin in fighting environmental aggressors, such as the sun and pollution, shielding the skin from damage like premature aging. Azulene rejuvenates skin cells, and its natural moisturising abilities assist in maintaining skin hydration and suppleness, promoting a more youthful complexion.


NEOGEN is a Korean skincare brand that is committed to providing effective skin solutions through carefully curated ingredients and rigorous clinical testing.

NEOGEN's core values are rooted in:

  • Achieving healthy, beautiful skin with formulas crafted from carefully selected ingredients.
  • Experiencing genuine skin enhancements with high-performance products, powered by advanced bio-technology.
  • Providing trustworthy, safe, and skin-friendly products, backed by extensive clinical testing and formulations free of harmful ingredients.


Developed by NEOGEN, Sur.Medic serves as your dedicated skin concierge, ensuring your skin's vitality round the clock. Offering a daily first-aid approach to skincare, Sur.Medic is effective, convenient, and adaptable, accommodating your skin's ever-changing needs and providing personalised solutions for optimal results.

Ji U Hyeon Set (Azulene Soothing Care)

Ji U Hyeon Set Azulene Soothing Care

This set promotes your skin's natural luminosity, providing you with a healthier skin surface and complexion.

The main products featured in this set include:

1. Azulene Soothing PH Cleanser 100ml:

Soothes and strengthens the skin, protecting and preventing the skin from drying.

Azulene Soothing PH Cleanser 100ml

2. Azulene Soothing Cream 30ml:

Calms and relieves irritated skin, while strengthening the skin barrier.

Azulene Soothing Cream 30ml

3. Azulene Mild Tone-up Cream:

Primes and tones up the skin, to brighten and improve skin dullness with its purple base, while also smoothing pores.

Azulene Mild Tone-up Cream 50ml

You will also receive:

Deamcatcher Photo Cards
  1. PVC Bag and Wrist Strap
  2. Ji U Hyeon Handwritten/Drawn Stickers (Ji U 1 + YooHyeon 1)
  3. Dreamcatcher Photo Card Holder
  4. 6 Random Phot Cards (2 out of 6 Ji U random photo cards + 2 out of 6 YooHyeon random photo cards + 2 out of 6 duo random photo cards)

Get your hands on this set while stock lasts at La Cosmetique, for personal use or even as a perfect gift!


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