Express Your Everyday Mood With New Arrivals From Heart Percent!

Commas on Life Essential Lip Essence

Make way for this irresistible makeup brand! Launched in several reputable online and global stores and marketplaces, as well as over 1,200 offline stores across South Korea, Heart Percent climbs the beauty ladder with their exceptional products and positive reviews. Utilised by celebrity makeup artists and numerous online creators, Heart Percent has created a unique spot for themselves in the hearts of many K-beauty enthusiasts. Did you know that K-celebs like Blackpink's Lisa, Red Velvet's Wendy, and solo artist Sunmi have worn their products on stage too!?

Heart Percent seeks to deliver effective products that help express your true mood each day, with a variety of multi-colour eyeshadow palettes, lip tints, lipsticks, lip liners, and blushes to suit your very own personal colour. Want to know which products are best for your personal colour? Head to our blogpost How to Use Colour Analysis to Choose Your Makeup Colour to find out!


Now let's dive into some products you might just love from Heart Percent!


1. Dote on Mood Lip Pencil (20 Colours)

Dote on Mood Lip Pencil

These lip pencil shades have been tailored based on 'personal colour analysis'. With a broad range of lip pencil shades, it assists the application of seamless makeup according to your own personal colour.

It is a high pigment lip pencil that defines, sculpts, and endlessly shapes the lips to create the illusion of a fuller pout. The elastic formula prevents lipstick from blurring beyond the lines of your mouth, giving you the confidence to wear your lipstick proudly.

Described as a 5-in-1 multi-use lip pencil, it is a super creamy and fully pigmented lip liner with a retractable tip for a lipstick, a base for lips, eyes, shadings, and cheek that glides on with ease.

2. Dote on Mood Pure Glow Tint (14 Colours)

Dote on Mood Pure Glow Tint

What is your skin's undertone? Warm, Cool, or Neutral? Heart Percent Dote On Mood Pure Lip Tint provides a wide range of lip stain shades to suit your own personal colour.

This vegan-certified product is a lightweight, clean, transfer-proof, and comfortable liquid lipstick formulated with deeply hydrating ingredients that include up to 38% moisturisers for dewy textures and colours. It moisturises and visibly brightens lips.

3. Dote on Mood Dewy Melting Lipstick (6 Colours)

Dote on Mood Dewy Melting Lipstick

Like fresh dew drops, Dote on Mood Dewy Melting Lipstick offers super shine and comfort without stickiness. Make sure to glide on smoothly for fuller-looking lips with an ultra-shiny wet look.

This long-lasting, nourishing glow lipstick provides super hydration to keep lips soft and moisturised with a blend of natural oils and extracts.

Shine like glass with a lightweight, ultra-comfortable, non-sticky texture.

4. Commas on Life Essential Cleansing Balm

Commas on Life Essential Cleansing Balm

This cleansing balm changes from a sorbet-like texture into a smooth oil texture when applied to your skin. It follows 3 steps of transformation that is ideal for daily cleansing: sherbet, oil, milk.

Hygienic and easy to use, you can carry this top-rated, powerful makeup remover with the convenience of its tube type packaging anywhere, anytime.

5. Dote on Mood Eye Palette (6 Colours)

Dote on Mood Eye Palette

This incredible eye palette provides endless combinations for layered looks that showcase your individual beauty! With a range of colours carefully selected to enhance any makeup style, each palette includes eight coordinated eyeshadow shades for versatile day-to-night looks!

It delivers a silky smooth matte and shimmer texture, and the high-density oil binder enhances the adherence of pearl shadows to the skin, ensuring long-lasting performance.

6. Dote on Mood Blurry Blush (2 Colours)

Dote on Mood Blurry Blush

Indulge in a dreamy, soft-focus blush that adds a vibrant and lively radiance to your cheeks with Heart Percent's Dote on Mood Blurry Blush! This luxuriously smooth, velvety powder gently covers your skin, providing an ultrafine, weightless texture for a soft-focus, airbrushed finish. It has been crafted with a colour palette perfect for daily wear, ensuring versatility and everyday use.

Its fine powder particles enhance the smoothness of your skin. It is also an anti-sebum and darkening powder that absorbs sweat and sebum.

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