Cute Undereye Bags? How to make Aegyosal


Ever wonder how Korean celebrities look so young? Exposing their secret! By highlighting their undereye bags! Called aegyosal in Korean, literally translating to cute flesh, highlighting your aegyosal will make you appear more youthful and brighten your look! 

How does this happen? 

By volumising underneath the eye, the eye appears to be enlarged giving a more youthful appearance. This is why this makeup style is used by many of your favourite k-pop idols! 

For example below we can see representatives of aegyosal makeup Twice's Sana and Momo sporting this look very often.



So how do they get this look? In two simple steps you too can also achieve bright youthful eyes!

  1. Smile to reveal your natural eye bag line, and highlight the most voluminous area
  2. Using a dark shading colour, lightly contour the natural shaded area right underneath the eye bag

Here are some product recommendations to get you started!

1. Peripera Sugar Twinkle Duo Eye stick

How to use the peripera sugar twinkle duo eye stick

Make those undereyes sparkle with the Peripera Sugar Twinkle Duo Eye Stick! It comes with two ends, the pointy end will brighten your undereye bag, whilst the rounded end provides a soft shimmer for a luminous glow!


2. I'M UNNY Fake Trick Double Eyelidner 01 Pale Brown 


A mutlipurpose eye product, the IM UNNY Double Eyelidner is perfect for creating the most natural aegyosal shadows! This can also be used to extend your double eyelid line for a widening effect! With this pigmented, yet natural payoff, its hard to go wrong.



3. Peripera Sugar Twinkle Liquid Glitter

Perfect for those that enjoy a more intense glittery finish, the Peripera Sugar Twinkle Liquid Glitter promises a smooth, long lasting solution. Get perfect application with the delicate brush that can even be used on other pars of the face! 


4. Dasique Shadow Palette Undereye Maker 

An all-in-one product for your undereyes, you can achieve both natural or dramatic undereye makeup with this one product! Use the matte shadow for a more natural look, or the glitter for a more dramatic shine. 


5. Too Cool For School Glam Underliner

Too Cool For School glam underliner product imageTCFS Glam Underliner BEfore and after

According to Too Cool For School, it's all about the matte highlight for the most natural aegyosal! With a side for both natural shading and bright volumising, this two in one product is a must!



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