Best Korean Sunscreens You Can Find In Australia

More and more people are switching to Korean sunscreens in 2023, for good reasons! Pale and flawless skin is one of the most dominant beauty standard in Korean, hence  Korean skincare brands have invested heavily in research and development of sunscreen. As a result, they have developed sunscreens that offer superior protection, texture and skin benefits! Keep reading to explore bestselling sunscreens in Korean that you could easily purchase here in Australia! 

Why should we wear sunscreen? 

Please! Wear sunscreen! 

Sun damage is the leading causes of premature aging, including wrinkles, fine lines, and age spots. Additionally, exposure to UV radiation increases the risk of skin cancer, the most common cancer in Australia. Even on cloudy or overcast days, UV rays can still penetrate the skin and cause damage. By wearing sunscreen every day, you can protect your skin from these harmful effects and maintain a healthy, radiant complexion! 

Are Korean Sunscreens actually better?

Korea is always pushing the boundaries on texture innovations and formula stability as the market is hyper-competitive and demanding.

Honestly, everyone has got different interpretations on every product. It is unfair for me to say that Korean sunscreens are for sure the best, but from my personal experience, they are so much more comfortable to wear and my skin feels so much better compared to the olden days when I used to wear sunscreens from Aussie drugstores. Sure, Australian sunscreens do a great job at protecting skin from the sun, but most of them are so heavy and greasy! I remember how much I hated putting on sunscreens as a teenager because of the terrible white-cast and heavy texture that gave me break-outs. 

How much sunscreens should I use? 

If you're only apply sunscreen of the size of a pea, then you're not doing it right! The protection will be insufficient and UV rays can still penetrate to the skin and cause damages. 

I always use the 'Two finger Rule'This method involves applying two lines of sunscreen directly onto your index and middle fingers first, starting from the base of the fingers which connects to the palm, until the very tips. Then you use this to apply to your face and neck. With this amount, you are sure to be protecting your skin.

How to re-apply sunscreen?

Ideally, you should re-apply sunscreen every three to four hours to ensure protection! If you are spending the day outdoor, then re-apply every two hours! This is because as UV rays hit the sunscreen on your skin, the chemical blockers from your sunscreen absorb the ultraviolet rays and the SPF of the sunscreen essentially gets broken down, making reapplication necessary. 

However, I have struggled to re-apply sunscreens especially when I am wearing foundation, because applying sunscreens over foundation would simply ruin it! Luckily, we now have the option to re-apply sunscreen with Sun sticks or Sun cushions, making my re-application so quick and easy without messing with my base makeup! Continue reading to explore 9 bestselling Korean sun sticks and sun cushions that you can buy in Australia!  

Best Selling Korean Sunscreens of 2023

I hope you're thinking of switching to Korean sunscreens by now! If you're not so sure about which Korean sunscreen to start with, keep reading to explore 10 of the best Korean sunscreens that are ACTUALLY GOOD! You should pick accordingly to you skin type! 

Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun: Rice + Probiotics 50ml  = Glow skin Glow!

Everybody has been raving about this sunscreen. And I can see why! It's light-weight, it gives a glass skin finish, its gentle on the skin and it is vegan and cruelty-free

Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun: Rice + Probiotics is a sunscreen that's as light as a feather and packs a punch of moisture and nourishment for your skin. This sunscreen is jam-packed with 30% rice extract and grain fermented extracts, a secret recipe for moisturizing and nourishing your skin that is free of alcohol. 

You can apply this sunscreen multiple times throughout the day, and it won't leave any sticky or slippery residue. The best part is, it gives you a natural glow without any of that annoying white cast. It is also a vegan and cruelty-free sunscreen that's also fragrance and essential oil-free, making it safe for even the most sensitive skin types. 

Isntree Hyaluronic Acid Airy Sun Stick SPF50+ PA++++ 22g = So easy to re-apply!

Packed with 8 types of hyaluronic acidNiacinamide and Adenosine, this sun stick replenishes the skin's moisture level and help fight against the signs of aging. It also helps to cool the skin even in strong sunlight. This baby can be used both before and after makeup, it glides on so smoothly like butter but has a magical velvet finish. If you try it you'll love it and regret not using it sooner! This sun stick is for all skin types and it can perfectly fit into your makeup bag to re-apply anytime of the day! A secret skincare hack! Apply this sun stick before you touch up your base make up, it is a game-changer! Shop now

 Banila Co Hello Sunny Aqua Sun Essence SPF50+ PA++++ 50ml = Hydrating & Cooling!

I have always been a big fan of the famous Banila Co cleansing balm, click here to explore their cleansing balms. So naturally I was exhilarated when I found out they now make sunscreens!  The texture of this sunscreen is super cooling, watery and essence like! Applying this to the skin will feel like you are putting on a light-weight essence! It gives moisturizing and cooling care with blue agave essence and can be used before or after makeup without white cast, leaving a smooth and translucent finish! Shop now

Cell Fusion C Aquatica Sunscreen 100 SPF50+/PA++++ 50ml = Hydrating &Calming! 


Did you know that Cell Fusion C is a clinic-based brands that base their formulas and solutions on solid research? I always recommend this sunscreen to my customers if they have sensitive skin and prefer a refreshing yet supple finish. It is infused with Mentha Aquatica Extract to alleviate skin heat,  Allantoin that soothes the skin and  Triple Hyaluronic Acid to moisturise the skin. It is simply impossible for this product to leave a white-cast on your skin, one swipe then it will 'vanish' into your skin! Shop now

Dr.G Green Mild Up Sun+ SPF50+ PA++++ 50ml = Best Mineral sunscreen for sensitive/acne skin!

This is the most popular physical sunscreen in Korea! If you have combination, oily, sensitive or acne skin, then this sunscreen is your holy grail! This is a mild, hypoallergenic sunscreen that protects delicate and sensitive skin from harmful UV rays, blue light, and external aggressors like fine dust and smoke. It is packed with Centella asiatica and houttuynia cordata extracts to soothe and moisturize skin. The finish of this sunscreen is smooth and matt and won't cause any breakouts! Shop now

Derma Maison Cell Repair Whitening Sun Block 50g = Glass Skin!

Don't even bother reading about this product if you've got oily skin, but if you have dry skin and you want that Korean glass skin finish, keep reading, you may have found yourself the perfect sunscreen! This sunscreen is actually used in many skin-treatment clinics in Korean, because Derma Maison is a Derma-cosmetic brand for professionals. It contains Centella, Azulene and SyriCalm CLR, soothes quickly and promotes skin recovery; and madecassoside and vitamins to fight pigmentation and whiten the skin! Sounds like a luxurious cocktail right? 

The finish of this sunscreen is quite sticky, in a good way tho! Try to apply foundation after this sunscreen, you will discover a whole new world! Some Korean girls purposely use this product to create that glass skin effect! Shop now

Cell Fusion C Toning Sun Cushion 13g = Peachy glass skin! 

Sun protection, tone-up and hydration all in one little pink case! Korean girls love to use this product when they're in a rush in the morning because it creates an  peachy, glass skin effect that is so so natural! It uses Tight Fitting Technology that helps the makeup adhere to the skin well while moisturising the skin and concealing pores and unevenness. It also contains Trehalose and 8 Hyaluronic acid to brighten skin tone without dryness. This sun cushion is also great for reapplication! Shop now

COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++ 50ml = Soothing = Hydrating!

This product has remained popular for years now. Despite more and more sunscreens making their way to the market, COSRX Aloe Soothing Sun Cream SPF50+ PA+++ is still many people's favorite, for good reasons! It is formulated with 5,500ppm of Aloe Leaf Extract to soothe and hydrate skin as it protects skin against UVA & UVB rays. It is a gentle, everyday sunscreen for everyone, including those with sensitive skin! 

Did you know that this sunscreen can be used in-place of a day cream and a makeup base? Its hero formula and texture just never gets old! Shop now

Medi-Peel Peptide9 Bio Sun Stick SPF50+ PA+++20g = Anti-aging and whitening

Have you seen those pink collagen sticks in K-drama? Well, Medi-Peel Peptide9 Bio Sun Stick works just like that, but with SPF! It contains UV Mela Complex to care for active oxygen, the main culprit of photoaging and thermal aging. It is also moisturising, anti-wrinkle, improves elasticity and pigmentation

As good as it sounds, you might be worried that the texture of this sun stick is thick and heavy. But don't worry, it actually gives a fresh finish with sebum adsorption porous powder. Reapply it anytime for optimised sun protection! Shop now


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