Aesthetic Korean Nail Ideas: The Best Gel Nail strips, Nail polish and Tools in Korea

We've all had bad experiences at the nails salons. I had to sit there for thirty minutes pass my appointment time and not even get the nails I wanted. Don't even get me started on how expensive it is to get your nails done these days. 

I have always been influenced by K-dramas and dreamt about getting those chic and pretty nails that all the K-pop idols have got, but Australia is not exactly the best place to get your nails done. So I started doing my own nails, experimenting all the nail products I could possibly find at the chemists. You won't believe how many bottles of nails polish I've got at home, sadly, most of them were a disappointment...until I started exploring Korean nail brands such as Glossyblossom, Wakemake and Victory.  In this blog post, I'll share my experience with these Korean nail stickers, nails polish and nails tools from La Cosmetique and how they've transformed my nail game!

Gel Nail Strips:  Glossy Blossom

This was one of the Korean nails product that really blew my mind when I used it for the first time. All I had to do was to peel, apply and file..and vola! My nails look like they were professionally done without using any UV lamp!

Well, Glossy Blossom's salon-grade gel nail strip kit is actually one of the most popular nail product in Korea at the moment, especially amongst students because they are simply so affordable and 9-5 gals because you can literally get your nails done in 3 minutes. Consider this as a 'stick on nail polish'

How to use Gel Nail strips?

how to use glossy blossom gel nail strips
  1. Prep your nails. Make sure they are clean and polish-free. Note that oil and debris can reduce the adhesion of your adhesive gel.
  2. Choose a size that is 10% smaller than your nails. Match the strip to your nail bed. You can trim a bigger strip to perfectly fit your nails.
  3. Peel off the clear film and rest it on the nail bed. Place the gel strip that it does not touch the cuticle. Smooth the gel after application, from bed to tip. Press the gel strip down to secure it in place.
  4. File and trim the extra gel for an even more polished look.

How long do they stay on?

The gel nail sticker will generally last for 7-10 days It depends on how seriously you take the application process. My tip is to firmly press the stickers on while applying it and patiently file the edges to ensure a smooth edge finish! 

Will Nail stickers damage my nails?

Good news: Glossy Blossom Nail stickers are totally safe for your nails. Unlike some nail stickers on the market, the Glossy Blossom nail stickers are made of real UV coating gel that is safer to use and peel off without damaging your nails! 

 Can Kids use Nail strips? 

Yes, absolutely! Glossy Blossom has a whole range of nail strip products designed for children's small and delicate nails with certified and safe Mini Gelica! Besides being 100% safe for children, they also come with incomparable vivid colors! 

How to remove Nail strips? 

Remove the sticker slowly from the cuticle side (inner side of your nails). You can use a wooden stick as shown below! 

If you want to explore more products from Glossy Blossom, click here.

Best Korean Nail Polish! 

Speaking of high quality yet affordable nail polish, WAKEMAKE was the first brand that came in my mind. Unlike most drugstore nail polish I found in Australia (e.g. Maybelline, L'Oréal, Natio...), WAKEMAKE nail polish definitely with less odor and are super quick drying with cheaper price! 

The Summer season range is definitely more 'buildable', you can layer the nail polish to create your desired color or opacity! I love this range for it's jelly nail finish, that is so sheer and makes my nails look so lively! 

The Nail Gun range on the other hand, is more pigmented and gives a brilliant shine with just a single stroke.

How long does it last?

WAKEMAKE nail polish usually last 10-14 days. In order to make it more long lasting, try use the WAKEMAKE Nail Gun Base which is a coat that prepares the base of the nail color. 

  • Nail Gun Base increases the adhesion and retention of nail colour
  • Helps to apply colour evenly by preparing the nails before applying colour
  • Base coat minimises nail staining and damage

How do I treat Thin Nails? 

Another of my all time favorite product from WAKEMAKE is their Strong Gross Nail Hardener that prevents broken or cracked nails by creating a strong protective film and gives natural-looking, thick nails. 

Product Features:

  • Packed with Vitamin A to help revitalize nails
  • Helps boost nail health with Vitamin B2
  • Has Vitamin B3 to help increase skin tone
  • Helps keep nails hydrated and glowing with Vitamin B5
  • A nail care with Vitamin C to help synthesize collagen
  • Infused with Vitamin E that strengthens hydrating effects

If you want to explore more products from WAKEMAKE, click here

Salon-grade Nail Treatment At Home:

Victory Nail's Ceramic Stone Nail File

Korean girls prioritize grooming, including nails. Achieving salon-quality nails at home can be difficult, but Victory Nail's Ceramic Stone Nail File can help. It has a versatile design for shaping, callus removal, and cuticle lifting. It's portable and made from durable ceramic material, ensuring it will last for years. Plus, its lovely color and sleek design make it a tool worth showing off.

The Victory Ceramic Cuticle On Off Oil Pusher

The Victory Ceramic Cuticle On Off Oil Pusher is the perfect tool for anyone looking to achieve salon-quality nails at home. This innovative product combines the power of oil hydration and a ceramic pusher in one easy-to-use handle. With its patented on/off function, you can easily control the amount of oil being used and ensure hygienic use of the nail pusher. Plus, the ceramic particles containing fine oil prevent loose skin and hangnails from appearing as powder, making the process of removing nail cuticles even easier. With its portable pen size and durable ceramic stone construction, the Victory Ceramic Cuticle On Off Oil Pusher is a must-have for any nail care routine.

If you want to explore more products from Victory Nail,  click here


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