Acne 101 : Regain Healthy & Unblemished Skin With These Must Have Skincare Products

Why am i getting acnes? 

Acnes are probably one of the nightmares we've all had, they could appear anywhere on our faces at any moments. They don't care if you have to go to a party or shoot your graduation photos tomorrow, they just come into the room with redness, pain, inflation and stubbornness. If you're trying to cover acnes with makeup, forget about it. No matter how many layers of concealer you apply, it'll just end up super flaky and nasty. This blog will provide a guide for you to keep acnes & acne scars away, introducing you to a range of products that are perfect for acne skin!

Acnes appear due to various reasons, usually due to hormonal change, stress, diet and poor skincare routine. Based on studies and personal experience, I have concluded six simple steps for you to follow to clear acnes and regain healthy skin:

1. Practice good hygiene
    • Cleanse your skin thoroughly day & night: always remove sunscreen and makeup before you go to bed and be wise about what cleansing products you use.
    • Dry skin using disposable facial towels: stop using traditional towels because they are literally the perfect nursery for bacterias and parasites. 
    • Avoid picking your acnes: picking acnes are probably satisfying, but it could also spread bacteria, leading to infection and scarring! Never touch acnes with dirty hands, especially acnes with open wounds! If you just couldn't control yourself, using acne patches is definitely a good idea. We offer a range of acne patches, keep reading! 

2. Be wise about your skincare routine

      • Keep skin hydrated: Even if you have oily skin, hydration is essential. Moisture-depleted skin will often overcompensate by creating more oil which at some point will clog the pores and form acnes. 
      • Keep skin calm & soothed: Always adjust skincare routine based on skin conditions at the time. Avoid using harsh or over-nourishing products when you are having breakouts, try skincare products that are more gentle on the skin with ingredients such as tea tree oil, green tea, aloe vera, niacinamide...
      • Unclog pores and control excess oil with chemical exfoliants: chemical exfoliants such as BHA, AHA, PHA and LHA can effectively remove dead skin cells on the surface and control excess oil. They are able to penetrates pores to dissolve breakout-causing blockages, targeting existing acnes and blackheads and preventing future breakouts. 

3. Sun protection

      • Sun protection is vital for acne skin because UVA & UVB rays from the sun could further acne breakouts and cause hyperpigmentation. It is however often neglected by many people because sunscreen seems like an extra burden for the skin. But this is not always the case, we offer a range of sunscreens that are perfect for acne skin!

4. Practice proper diet 

      • Practicing a healthier diet that includes whole grains, fibres, vitamins and antioxidants is also important to having healthy skin. Also adjust the amount of sugar, trans-fat, saturated fat and dairy in your daily diets, because they may be the cause of your acnes!

 Our Solution For You: 

Lucky for you, we have customised a skincare routine for you to follow to clear those acnes! This routine includes: makeup remover, cleanser, toner, serum, lotion, moisturiser and face masks tailored to the needs of acne skin. Each step of the routine will include two products for you to pick based on personal preferences! 

Step One: Make up remover

1. Banila Co Clean It Zero Cleansing Balm Pore Clarifying 

This is a  hypoallergenic cleansing balm that transforms from a sherbet-like balm texture into a smooth oil when applied to skin. It is infused with AHA, BHA & LHA which is perfect for acne skin, gently exfoliating skin to remove impurities from pores. Shop here
2. Manyo Herbgreen Cleansing Oil

Here is another makeup remover that is perfect for acne skin. It is a fresh and light textured cleansing oil containing 14 plant oils that thoroughly and gently remove impurities and makeup residues. It is infused with soothing herbs that is super calming for the skin and can quickly help your skin to restore clarity! Shop here

Step Two: Cleanser

1. Some by Mi AHA BHA PHA 30 Days Miracle Acne Clear Foam 100ml

This is an acne-clearing cleanser that combines AHA, BHA, and PHA with a blend of skin-calming ingredients for clean, healthy skin! This irritant-free cleanser contains >70% of natural ingredients that effective soothes skin and purify pores. Shop here

2. VT Cica Mild Foam Cleanser

This is a mild cleanser that creates soft & thick bubbles that helps  cleanse the skin and pores thoroughly. It contains Centella Asiatica Extract which helps calm the skin and reduce inflammation, which is crucial to acne skin. It also contains Rosemary Leaf Extract which purifies skin and unclog pores. Anthemis Nobilis Flower Extract has also been formulated into this cleanser to provide antioxidant protection! Shop here

Step Three: Toner / Toner pad

1. Some By Mi AHA/BHA/PHA 30 Days Miracle Toner

Containing three types of chemical exfoliants (AHA, BHA, PHA) , tea tree water extract, papaya plus witch hazel extracts, this toner is a life saver if you are currently experiencing a breakout. It effectively removes impurities within the skin, soothes skin inflammation and boost skin cell regeneration, resulting in smooth and healthy skin! It also contains Niacinamide which targets acne scars and dull skin! This toner is dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. It feels super light and refreshing on the skin and is great for everyday use! 

2. VT Cica Mild Toner Pad

 This toner pad picks up impurities, dead skin cells while soothing and delivering moisture to the skin. It contains BHA which is a chemical exfoliant that removes dead skin cells, excess oil that results in improved skin texture and skin tone. It is also rich in Cicaliao™ and Cicahyalon™ which are incredible soothing ingredients that gently hydrates and soothes the skin. It also has double-sided pads with the rough side improving skin texture and the smooth side as a mini face mask for dry and irritated skin areas. Shop here

Step Four: Serum

1. Some By Mi AHA/BHA/PHA 30 Days Miracle Serum

Targeted at irritated and acne-prone skin, this serum is packed with 3 kinds of chemical exfoliants (AHA, BHA, PHA), tea tree leaf water and 14.5% centella asiatica. It removes stubborn impurities within the skin that are clogging the pore, soothes irritated areas and locks in moisture. It feels super light and non-sticky, resulting in a clearer and smoother skin in 30 days. Shop now

2. Medipeel Derma Maison Sensinol Control Serum

Here's another great serum for sensitive, irritated and acne-troubled skin. Here's the science behind it: It contains azulene, centella, and hamamelis to strengthen the skin's own defense ability. It regulates the pH of your skin to adjust your skin's oil-and-moisture balance by controlling sebum secretion. The Azulene is anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, which also regulates sebum secretion. This serum solves the problem from its root, allowing the skin to improve its own defence system, resulting in clear, calmed and firm skin! Shop here

Step Five: Moisturiser 

1. Some By Mi AHA/BHA/PHA 30 Days Miracle Cream

This is a non-greasy cream packed with acne-busting ingredients: chemical exfoliants (AHA, BHA and PHA) to reveal healthy skin below dead skin cells, tea tree extracts that is anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial and Centella Asiatica to improve skin resiliency & strength. This moisturiser leaves the skin super silky and conditioned while controlling excessive sebum production. 

2.  Cosrx Green Tea Aqua Soothing Gel Cream

If you are someone who is looking for a light-weight moisturiser with refreshing finish, then this Cosrx green tea aqua soothing gel cream is definitely for you. It is a cooling, oil-free gel moisturiser that deeply hydrates the skin without any greasiness. It contains Vitamin B5 which repairs the skin barrier and calms the skin down, ideal for acne/irritated skin. 


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