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    BIOHEAL BOH, a Korean skincare brand rooted in Bio-dermatology, fuses biology and skin science for highly effective solutions tailored to your needs. Explore targeted care with Panthenol Cica Blemish Ampoule and Probioderm Lifting Cream. Dive into advanced skincare with Probioderm Tightening Collagen Serum. For intense hydration, try Vitamin Hyaluronic Gel Cream. Elevate your skincare with the synergy of science and nature with BIOHEAL BOH.


    61 products

    More about BIOHEAL BOH

    BIOHEAL BOH is a pioneering Korean skincare brand grounded in Bio-dermatology, BIOHEAL blends the power of biology with cutting-edge skin science.

    Probioderm Lifting Line

    This line promises tight and elastic skin, thanks to the inclusion of probiotics and other anti-aging ingredients. Star of the line is the Bioheal BOH Probioderm Lifting Cream, designed for a revitalizing and lifting skincare experience.

    Vitamin Line

    It's well known that vitamins are essential for a healthy and vibrant skin, that's why Bioheal BOH opts to increase your vitamin absorption straight through your skin. Thanks to its vitamin rich formulations, this line offers skin tone evening out and the reduction of blemishes and dark spots. Try the popular Vitamin Hyaluronic Gel Cream, an intensely nourishing formula that replenishes and revitalizes.

    Panthenol Cica Blemish Line

    This Iine infused with Panthenol, a deeply hydrating substance and the powerful soothing properties of Cica (Centella asiatica), is perfect for those with dry and sensitive skin. Highlight of this line is the Bioheal BOH Panthenol Cica Blemish Ampoule, specifically formulated to address blemishes and promote overall skin health.

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    BIOHEAL is distinguished by its focus on medical slow aging. Their skincare formulations are backed by scientific research, specifically designed to effectively reverse aging skin while delivering mild and effective results.

    No, BIOHEAL is committed to cruelty-free practices. Their products are not tested on animals, and they prioritize ethical and responsible sourcing of ingredients.

    Absolutely. All BIOHEAL products are dermatologically tested and proven to be suitable for sensitive skin. They prioritize skin safety and ensure their formulations are gentle yet effective.

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