Ultimate Guide to Lashes: Masacara, Falsies and more!


Ever wondered how to get those perfectly curled lashes that stay all day? Wonder no more, as we take you through a step by step routine and our product recommendations!


1. Curl your lashes thoroughly!

Start on the right foot when applying your mascara. When curling your lashes, make sure both your lashes and lash curler are clean! Holding the lash curler as close to your eyes as possible gently clamp the curler and slowly move up your lashes to clamp at multiple points of your lashes! This will ensure they stay curled longer. 

Our recommendation: Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

This eyelash curler is perfect for matching your eye shape to grip onto all of your lashes!


2. Apply mascara fixer

A must if you want your lashes to stay curled and sky high all day! Mascara fixers hold the shape of your lash curl, meaning there is also no clumping, or drooping throughout the day! Apply a thin layer of fixer before you apply your mascara and let dry.

This step is crucial for those with stubborn straight lashes that refuse to stay curled, as often mascara alone is not enough to maintain its shape.

Our recommendation: Peripera Ink Setting Mascara Fixer 

For those that have used mascara fixers before, you may have noticed the clear formula is visible as white when completely dried. This leads to messy looking lashes. That's no longer a problem with the Peripera Ink Setting Mascara Fixer! With a gray tinted formula, flaking mascara and clumps are no more. 

3. Mascara!

Perhaps one of the most important parts is to choose the right mascara for you. Do you want long and curl, or intense volume? You might even want to opt for a brown mascara when going for the more natural look. Either way there's a plethora of products to choose from. No matter what mascara you choose, it's important to apply even layers from the root to tip.

Not all mascaras are made the same! It's important to choose the right mascara with the right formulation for your lashes. For shorter, stubborn asian lashes that refuse to stay curled, it's important to choose a mascara with a curling effect and long lasting power! It's also important to consider what look you're going for. Want longer lashes but with a more natural look? Consider the shape of the mascara wand and the a formula with a lengthening effect. Want voluminous, full lashes? Make sure to look a mascara with a thicker formula. 

Our Recommendation #1: Dasique Mood Up Mascara Long and Curl

The Dasique Mood Up Mascara Long and Curl comes in two colours: black and natural brown. With a thinner wand and formula, this mascara will evenly coat individual lashes for a light, fluttering lash look that will last the whole day for even the most stubborn straight lashes.


Our Recommendation #2: Clio Kill Lash Superproof Mascara

The Clio Kill Lash Superproof Mascara on the other hand has a range of mascaras with different formulas and is perfect for more intense looks that require more voluminous full lashes. With various wand sizes for your preferred application and colour choices between black and brown, you're sure to find the mascara for you!


4. False Lashes

Depending on what look you're going for you might want to stop at mascara. However, if you want a more dramatic or fancy eye look consider adding false eyelashes! Apply a thin layer of eyelash glue to the band and use tweezers to apply as close to your eye as possible.

Our recommendation: Dolly Wink Eyelash No.31

Our Recommendation: Koji 3D Eyes Eyelash Fix Ultra Hard

A tip used by many makeup artists for natural looking fake eyelashes is to cut up the lash band into 3-4 mm pieces. Whilst it may take more time, it allows you to get a much more closer match to your lash line. 


5. Removal and Cleansing 

Not quite done yet! To maintain healthy lashes, make sure to remove falsies and all mascara. Long-lasting mascaras tend to be quite hard to remove, but not to worry there is a solution! By using a mascara remover, you can get rid of all traces of mascara and keep healthy lashes! 

Our Recommendation: Clio Kill Lash Mascara Remover


6. Eyelash Serum

Last but definitely not least, consider using an eyelash serum. Eyelash serums will help lash growth and health, meaning it is easier to get fantastic looking lashes with less work! 

Our Recommendation: COSNORI Long Active Eyelash Serum


Now you know the secret to sky high lashes that will last the whole day, go wild with your eye looks! 

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