Reviews on Neogen: Skin Energiser 1, 2, 3 (by Yoko)

If you want to transform your skin and get rid of redness, dullness and textured skin, La Cosmetique has the perfect recommendation for your skin goals. Neogen has three innovative products that will enhance your skin and your skin will feel clean, incredibly nourished and plump.

Neogen is a Korean beauty brand formulated with the highest quality natural ingredients and their products are free from synthetic-fragrances. All Neogen’s products have been dermatologically tested to ensure that it delivers dramatic and long-lasting results for your skin. Most notably Neogen’s products are cruelty free and have not been tested on animals! Meaning that everything has been made with love and care !

Neogen Real Charcoal Pad

If dead skin cells build up over time, it may cause dullness in your complexion and clogged pores especially on oily T-zone. Hence, it is important to exfoliate your skin regularly to remove dead skin cells and promote skin regeneration for better absorption for the following products. It is recommended to use a gentle yet effective exfoliator instead of a harsh scrub on your face. It is important to remember to never over exfoliate! Never use a physical exfoliant that has harsh exfoliation beads that damages skin barrier!

The Real Charcoal Pad has been formulated with real bamboo and charcoal materials making this perfect for people with sensitive skin and acne prone skin types. The charcoal pads have been formulated with high quality pure ingredients; Canadian glacial soil, Hungarian moor mud, peat water, ABS Ginger Mint Extract cooling and non-irritating peeling ingredients to help with chemically exfoliating dull skin and blackheads. This light exfoliation will deep clean your pores without stripping away too much of your natural oils and it will not leave your skin red and raw like most exfoliating products do.

The combination of Canadian glacial soil and Hungarian moor mud works to deliver absorb skin impurities and sebum whilst simultaneously delivering hydration. 

After two weeks of using the Real Charcoal Pad, my pores have noticeably become smaller and my T-zone area has been less prone to having blackheads and white heads. Daily use of the Real Charcoal Pad has helped with balancing my skin tone and reducing discolouration in areas of concern.

Neogen Calming Cica Tree Pad

Used in combination with Step 1, step 2 Neogen Calming Cica Tree Pad will help with deep skin cell hydration and restoration. After deep cleaning your pores and removing all dead skin cells, your skin will be primed for optimum absorption of hydration products afterwards.

Calming Cica Tree Pad has been formulated with Cica, Tea Tree, Aloe, 5 types of beneficial Ceramides and 8 types of Hyaluronic Acid. This hydrating product is delivered on a hypoallergenic microfibre pad making this product perfect for sensitive skin and acne prone skin.

After two weeks of using the Neogen Calming Cica Tree Pad, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin texture. My skin has become less red, smoother and more luminous, helping me achieve my skin goals. I sometimes like to use it in replacement of my essence.

Neogen Black Energy Cream

Finalising your skin care routine with the NEOGEN Black Energy Cream will help lock in all of the moisture and protects your skin barrier from pollutants and dehydration.

Black Energy Cream is the perfect water based gel cream that absorbs into skin beautifully.

This cream has some interesting ingredients that aren't commonly seen in other skincare products. It contains naturally-derived black complex ingredients such as charcoal powder, black current extract, sesame extract, cacao extract, etc., which contributes to the blackish, greyish colour. It helps to strengthen the skin barrier by delivering rich nutrients that help soothe and revitalize the skin.

But the two key ingredients in Black Energy Cream are Ceramides and Lactic Acid making this product perfect for moisturising and incredibly hydrating when worn under make up. These benefits may have anti-aging effects. Fine lines and wrinkles are often more noticeable when skin is dry. Locking in moisture with this product will minimise the appearance of wrinkles. The ceramide restores hydration and plumpness to your skin and gives your skin a ‘glass skin’ glow. This product also primes the skin by blurring all texture and creating a beautiful base for all your day to day products.

With a thick gel texture full of nutrients and moisture, the cream when applied thickly can also be used as a sleeping mask the night before an important event.


Final Thoughts

The combination of these three products has rejuvenated my skin by deep cleansing my pores, hydrating and reducing discolouration on my skin. After trialling this 1,2,3 step routine, I would recommend these products for most skin types including aged skin, sensitive skin and acne-prone or dry skin.


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