The Timeless Beauty Secrets of Chogongjin Skincare


How old is Korean skincare? Actually, really really old! Some historical records suggest that the use of medicinal herbs topically in Korea has roots tracing way back to the Goryeo dynasty (~918 AD), proving that Koreans cared about having flawless skin way before K-dramas.  

Hanbang and Traditional Korean Skincare 

This type of traditional skincare takes the name of HanBang (한방). To put it simply, HanBang cosmetics harness the healing properties of herbs and plants, a practice deeply ingrained across many Asian cultures but especially prominent in Korea. And since 1997, HanBang has become world famous thanks to  Amore Pacific and their now renowned Hanbang brand: Sulwhasoo. 

Today, these cosmetics are primarily formulated for mature and dry skin given HanBang primary focus on building skin resilience and astounding anti-aging properties. Featuring rich textures, these products may be overwhelming for those with combination or oily skin, though exceptions exist. Sadly, these cosmetics are priced quite high, due to the premium ingredients they use, with even basic products like essences or serums starting at around $100+ and more concentrated treatments easily fetching several hundred dollars.  

But worry not, because if you are looking to explore the century old HanBang skincare tradition without breaking the bank, I have the brand for you! Today I will introduce you to Chogongjin, formerly part of Missha,  which offers premium HanBang results at an affordable price. 

Rising HanBang Brand to Try: Chogongjin 

But before we dive right in, let me ask you a question, what is important in your skincare?  

I will tell you that what really does it for me are the emotions evoked when I use a product. It begins with the allure of an elegantly crafted container, extends to the indulgence of a velvety texture, the aroma of a sophisticated fragrance, and even the narrative behind unconventional ingredients. Essentially, it encompasses all the gratifying aspects that elevate a cosmetic product into a complete sensorial experience. A product that can deliver all of that is an ideal product for me. And let me tell you that Chogongjin has it all! Beautiful, elegant containers that look straight out of the empress room, luxurious textures, wonderful aromas and premium ingredients with centuries old backstory, this brand is a true treat. 

Chogongjin gets its name from Gong Jin Dan, an herbal tonic also known as the "Super Tonic Ball", that was used by emperors in days of old. This brand takes this most precious ingredient from oriental medicine, and it combines it with modern skincare technology to craft a diverse range of products that have proven anti-aging properties.


At the heart of Chogongjin's formulations lies their exclusive formulation of Gong Jin Dan called BioGongjin™️, that, unlike its traditional counterpart has undergone a double fermentation process to perfect its effectiveness on the skin. BioGongjin ™️ targets signs of aging and skin damage, restoring vitality and radiance to the complexion. Each of the main Chogongjin lines then further combines BioGongjin ™️ with other premium ingredients to provide a myriad of different benefits for your skin. Let’s have a deeper look at their main lines and their key ingredients: 

Sosaeng Line: For Sagging Skin 

The Sosaeng line is specifically formulated to provide elasticity to sagging and aging skin, with a lifting-like effect. This line incorporates the potent Korean Red Ginseng, the pièce de résistance of Korean anti-aging skincare, which is renowned for its potent ginsenosides*. This premium ingredient makes the Sosaeng formulation perfect to tackle all sign of aging such as loss of elasticity, fine lines, and dullness, leaving behind a revitalized complexion brimming with vitality. 

*Ginsenosides: a molecule in ginseng that helps addressing the effects of daily skin damage and aging, while simultaneously revitalizing the skin barrier from within. 

To fully harness this line’s anti-aging properties, I recommend embracing the full line.  

  • Chogongjin Sosaeng Jin Toner is a powerful toner infused with herbal ingredients, that works to restore balance, promote smoothness and brightness, and enhance elasticity and suppleness, resulting in a rejuvenated complexion.  
  • Follow that with the Chogongjin Sosaeng Jin Essence, a luxuriously smooth, enriched treatment essence that revitalizes and uplifts compromised skin, unveiling a visibly smoother, youthful complexion.  
  • Afterward, apply the Chogongjin Sosaeng Jin Eye Cream to aid in boosting hydration and vitality, while also alleviating puffiness in the sensitive under-eye region. 
  • As a last step apply the Chogongjin Sosaeng Jin Cream a rejuvenating moisturizer designed to revive the complexion, acting as a youth-reviving solution that imparts a feeling of smooth hydration and comfort to the skin.

    Geumsul Line: For Skin lacking Vitality and Radiance 

    If you feel like your skin is lacking vitality, you will love the Geumsul Line. This line is enriched with premium Royal Honey Jelly, an ingredient abundant in protein, lipids, amino acids, minerals, and vitamins. Royal Honey Jelly deeply nourishes while stimulating collagen synthesis, for a more plump and youthful skin. It also soothes easily stressed skin, leaving it calm and comforted resulting in a complexion that's as smooth as honey. 

    The line includes (in order of application): 

    Youngan Line: For Wrinkly Skin 

    Harnessing the power of Black Ginseng, this line was made to visibly firm, lift the skin, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and dark spots, rejuvenating skin texture and integrity for a youthful glow akin to a "natural facelift". Its key ingredient, the black ginseng has long been used in traditional medicine, and thanks to its high content of ginsenosides, it naturally addresses skin pigmentation and deeper signs of aging and damage, aiding in lifting and firming the skin. 

    For the best skin lifting results, use all the products from this line together to uleash their full potential.  

      Sulbon Line: For Dull Skin and Pigmentation 

      The Sulbon Line is formulated as a solution to skin with dull tones and pigmentation like blemishes and melasma. To ensure an improved complexion, the products of this line feature pearl as their core ingredients. Yes, real pearls! Did you know that they are not just beautiful as jewellery, but they're also great for your skin?  In fact, pearls, illuminate and refine rough, lacklustre skin and fix dark spots. They are also abundant in amino acids, minerals, and antioxidants, offering a luminous glow with moisturising effects. Thanks to the inclusion of pearls and other herbal ingredients, the Sulbon line helps refine, clarify, and reduces dark spots, to gift your skin with a luminous, even complexion. 

      From this line I recommend trying: 

        Where to buy Chogongjin in Australia? 

        While HanBang products are hard to get outside of Korea, we are happy to announce that all of Missha Chogongjin’s lines are available at La Cosmetique both in-store and in our online shop. Head to our stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra to try out Chogongjin's products. Or visit the Chogongjin Collection Page to get them now! 

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