2023 Makeup Trends: Korean Foundation Spatula

The Korean Foundation Spatula: How does it work? 

If you're a makeup enthusiast, you're probably always on the lookout for new tools and techniques to help you achieve a flawless complexion. One tool that you may not have heard of yet is the Korean foundation spatula. If you have, you might have seen it on Tik Tok, namely viral thanks to a video by Tik Toker Erika Titus.

What is this Korean tool people are using to apply foundation?

So what is the makeup spatula and how do you use it? The Korean foundation spatula is a small, flat tool that is used to apply liquid or cream foundation to the face. It's designed to spread a super thin layer of product that can then be blended in. This results in a super skin-like, natural finish.

This technique has several benefits over traditional methods of foundation application. First, it helps to evenly distribute the foundation across the face, which can help to prevent patchiness or streaking. It also allows for a more natural, sheer coverage, as opposed to the heavy, cakey look that can result from using a brush or sponge. Finally, it is one of the more hygienic applicators. Unlike traditional makeup brushes or sponges, makeup spatulas are easy to clean and do not harbour bacteria.

What brands of Korean makeup spatulas are there? 

The original makeup spatula that went viral is the Picasso foundation spatula, but they can be hard to get your hands on in Australia. So what are your other options? Well there's a specific foundation that's formulated to be applied with a spatula and the set includes a foundation spatula!

Wakemake Water Velvet Vegan Foundation Set (3 Colours)

The Water Velvet Vegan Foundation by Wakemake is a perfect natural foundation designed to be applied with a spatula. It is a very light natural foundation with a watery texture, yet dries down to velvety outside, whilst maintaining inner moisture. This foundation is already formulated to perfectly adhere to the skin, and will apply even more like a dream when used with the spatula. This set includes the Water Velvet Foundation, a spatula and a handy cover. 

Fillimilli Dual Makeup Spatula 

 Dual Makeup Spatula

One of our most popular Korean makeup tool and accessory brands has come out with a new Dual Makeup Spatula that features a unique two ended design. This Fillimilli product design allows for the most versatile makeup application, with the narrow tip optimised for areas like the nose and forehead, and the wide end optimised for the cheek area. 

What other tools are the best to apply foundation? 

Fillimilli Multi Cover Fit Sponge

For the best results, you don't want to just use the foundation spatula on its own. Instead you want to incorporate the use of makeup sponges afterwards to create the most even and natural looking foundation effect. Simply saturate the  sponge with water and then wring it out. In order to avoid it absorbing the foundation itself, you want the makeup sponge to be damp and not dry. Next, blend the product into your skin by bouncing or dabbing the foundation to create an even makeup look. If you're after a makeup sponge we have some great options for you!

In conclusion, the foundation spatula is a must-have tool for anyone who wants to achieve the coveted Korean makeup look. Its precise and controlled application, easy-to-clean feature, and ability to provide a natural, skin-like finish make it a game-changer in the world of beauty. So next time you're applying your makeup, consider giving a foundation spatula a try, and see the difference for yourself!

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