The Best Lip Balms for Dry Lips in Australia

The Best Lip Balms for Dry Lips in Australia

If you're like me and experience dry, chapped lips throughout the drier Winter months. Especially because its so cold in Australia this year! It might be time to explore the lip care that some of these amazing K-Beauty brands can offer you.

In the world of endless skincare options that help to clear your skin and target particular skin types, we often neglect or even forget about our lips. Whilst the ever popular Nivea lip balm range that you find at your local pharmacist might do the trick temporarily. You'll find yourself reapplying throughout the day and somehow still waking up with dry lips!

That's where the comprehensive solutions to your lip concerns from Korean skincare brands come into play. You'll see brands like Laneige, Ma:nyo, Klavuu and Tocobo featured!

Read on to discover our favourite lip care products to add to your Korean skincare routine and to set you up for juicy and vibrant lips throughout this Winter. We'll also go over why your lips get dry and chapped in the first place. As well as some of the most commonly recommended remedies and treatments. 

Best Korean Lip Balms and Lip Care for Dry Lips in Australia

We'll go over some of our favourite lip balm and lip care products. From a range of Korean beauty brands, including Laneige, Klavuu, Tocobo and Ma:nyo

Laneige BTS Lip Sleeping Mask Lip & Pop Edition 8g (3pcs set)

BTS Lip Sleeping Mask Lip & Pop Edition 8g (3pcs set)

This BTS and Laneige collab is certainly one of the most exciting products that we have in stock. This Laneige Lip Mask set features three different colours of the Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask, each inspired by a BTS song! Not only does it deliver these lip masks inspired by smash hits including Butter, Dynamite and Permission to Dance. But it retains Laneige's best-selling lip sleeping mask formulation.

The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is one of their most popular lip products. Its ultra-hydrating formula targets your lips at their lowest moisture level. Delivering boat loads of hydration both instantly and overnight. With a berry fruit complex and vitamin C, this lip mask is super effective at addressing your chapped lip concerns.

This Laneige Lip Mask set features three exciting new flavours. Its also one of the most creatively packaged products we've ever seen. 

  • #01 Butter: Butter

 Leaves lips buttery smooth, with a sweet twist 

  • #02 Permission to dance: Peach Ice Tea

Fruity refreshing scent that makes you feel like dancing

  • #03 Dynamite: Sweet Candy

Explodes with sugar-sweet perfection

Ma:nyo What A Melon Moisture Lip Serum 10ml

What A Melon Moisture Lip Serum 10ml

Personally, the Ma:nyo What A Melon Moisture Lip Serum is the most delicious sounding option on this list. Probably because it features a unique combination of Watermelon extract and Propolis derived from Honey. It deliver endless hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties.

This is an exciting change from your typical Lip Balm and gives you a glimpse into the range of lip care products on offer. 

The texture is super smooth and soft feeling. It offers excellent coverage and easy application in any situation. Apply it before bed for use as a lip sleeping pack. But with its compact sizing, I'd be carrying this one with me everywhere I go!

Klavuu Nourishing Care Lip Sleeping Pack Berry 20g

Nourishing Care Lip Sleeping Pack Berry 20g

This Klavuu Nourishing Care Lip Sleeping Pack in the berry flavour is actually a product renewal. Its now faster acting and milder than before to accommodate sensitive skin.

This is the best option on this list for those with sensitive skin as its been irritation tested. And focuses on two key naturally derived skincare ingredients including a berry complex and rosa canina fruit oil.

It's a sheer pink lip mask with soothing notes of fresh berries. This makes it perfect for application right before you sleep. 

TOCOBO Lip Balm Range 

Tocobo Lip Balm Range

Some of the newest arrivals in our stores are these Tocobo Lip Balms. They come in a range of different shades to suit your lip skin tone and complement your complexion. They also each feature unique formulations, designed to target specific lip concerns. Check out their range down below!

A combination of olive fruit and sunflower seed oil replenish and hydrate your lips. Whilst diamond and sapphire powder provide the ultimate glass-like finish. 

Finish: Shimmery, glass-like shine 

Colour:  Coral Water (Light, natural pink that brings life back to your lips) 


Formulated with a proprietary Vita7 Complex to nourish and hydrate your lips whilst improving overall vitality and skin tone. 

Finish: Natural, glossy finish that brightens lip complexion 

Colour:  Colourless, unscented (Perfect for sensitive skin) 


The Powder Cream Lip Balm is a tinted lip balm to enhance your natural lip tones. It also prevents moisture loss by producing a protective film with Macadamia seed oil. 

Finish: Soft, matte finish 


  • #032 Rose Petal: Soft, rosy pink colour 
  • #033 Carrot Cake: Dusty, brick orange colour


This highly pigmented formula brings the most vibrant colour payoff amongst these Lip Balms and is even vegan certified! It's syrup-like texture melts into your lips with ease. 

Finish: Vibrant colour and high shine


  • #011 Flush Cherry: Lively cherry pink
  • #012 Better Pink: Lovely soft pink
  • #013 Tangerine Red: Sunset orange red 

Why do lips get dry and chapped during winter? 

Whilst many skincare fanatics out there know all about oil-producing sebaceous glands and the role they play in common skin concerns including acne, lesser known are that our lips have no sebaceous glands of their own! This means that that they're all on their own when it comes to keeping themselves moisturised.

The differences don't just stop there. In fact, all three layers of our skin structure are different in our lips. They're all significantly thinner than the rest of our skin, making them vulnerable to environmental stressors and damage.

All of these factors lead to a part of your skin that can't produce its own source of moisture. Its also one of the most vulnerable parts of your skin due to its thin structure. No wonder our lips get dry! 

How do you avoid dry lips in winter?

How to prevent dry lips in Winter

Take these five key factors into consideration when trying to appropriately target your dry lips:

      1. Use SPF

Applying SPF on your lips can play a crucial role in protecting them against environmental stressors. Like UV damage from the Sun for example.

Whilst its recommended to use a lip balm with SPF. In the worst case scenario you can apply facial sunscreen to your lips. This should still provide adequate protection from the sun. Check out our sunscreen range here

      2. Stay hydrated

Whilst it sounds intuitive, people often forget that the body's overall level of hydration will effect other parts of the body. This includes the skin and lips! Particularly in the drier months, it is essential to maintain good levels of hydration by drinking water throughout the day.

      3. Avoid licking your lips

Whilst it might seem like licking your lips would help to make them less dry. It in fact does quite the opposite. After a brief period where it may seem as though your lips have rehydrated. The saliva on your lips rapidly evaporates and leaves your lips drier than before.

In addition to that, the enzymes in your saliva further dry out and irritate your lips. Don't lick em!

      4. Deliver both water and lipids

Unlike other parts of your skin, your lips like previously mentioned cannot produce their own lipids. This means that when you intend to rehydrated your lips. You have to replace lost water AND lipids to help them return to a healthy state.

      5. Choose non-irritating and non-drying lip products

Just like the rest of your skincare collection. We recommend that you focus on products with a bunch of naturally derived ingredients. Avoid those with ingredients that might actually cause more irritation than anything else.

    Discover more amazing lip care products from quality Korean skincare and beauty brands with the link below. Give your lips the care that they need during the dry Australian Winter! Get free shipping on orders over $99* 

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