New Brand Alert: BIO HEAL BOH

BIOHEAL BOH New brand Alert

Introducing Bio Heal BOH

Bioheal BOH is a functional skincare brand based on 'Bio-dermatology', combining biology and skin science. A professional skincare solution, at a reasonable price! See results in your skin with these highly effective products containing high-quality ingredients and a specialised formula.

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The Bioheal BOH collection features some iconic lines such as the Probioderm line - let's delve into some of the best sellers from this popular Korean skincare brand that you definitely need to try!

1. Panthenol Cica Blemish Cream

Panthenol Cica Blemish Cream 75ml + 30ml BIOHEAL BOH

Fortify your skin barrier and soothe skin troubles! The star of the Panthenol Line, the Panthenol Cica Blemish Cream is an award winning bestseller, and for good reason. Rescue your skin from external irritants from the environment and calm skin all at the same time! 

Just like the name suggests, this cream features a combination of a Cica complex and Panthenol that work together to hydrate your skin, as well as repair and strengthen your skin barrier. Let's have a closer look at the other ingredients and what it can do for your skin!

This creams also contains key ingredient Madecossoside that will aid in stopping itchiness and inflammation in the skin. Watch redness disappear when you consistently use this product. Additionally the Ceramides strenghten the moisture barrier that will ensure your skin stay hydrate for a long time.

This cream is also a multi-use product, it can be used a moisturiser and sleeping pack! Apply a thicker layer overnight and see glowing skin in the morning.

Buy the Panthenol Cica Blemish Cream today!

We're offering a special set that includes an additional 30ml tube with your purchase - don't miss out!

2. Probioderm Lifting Ampoule 

Probioderm Lifting Ampoule 50ml (+Ampoule 7ml*2) BIOHEAL BOH

A highly-concentrated skin elasticity booster! Once you start you can't stop! Perfect for noticeably sagging and dull looking skin, this is an ampoule that penetrates the skin deeply to fill the layers with moisture and fight the effects of skin aging.

In this ampoule's impressive ingredient list, features an exclusive patent - Tension Biome! The Tension Biome consists of three key components: Probiotics, Prebiotics and Postbiotics. Increase skin firmness and reduce skin aging symptoms like dehydration, sagging wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

This ampoule promises skin volume restoration, hydration and brightening effects!

Buy Bio Heal BOH Probioderm Lifting Ampoule 30ml or 50ml

We're even offering an additional gift of either 1 or 2 travel size bottles of the ampoule (depending on the size) - perfect for when you're on the go! Don't miss out on this opportunity!

3. Vitamin Hyaluronic Skincare Set - 3 piece set

Vitamin Hyaluronic Skincare Set 3-Piece Set BIOHEAL BOH

Brighten, hydrate and improve skin elasticity! This set features products for those that want clear complexion and a deep inner glow. If you've got dry and rough skin, and it's losing elasticity

See immediate brightening effects with the Vita-Ion Liposome complex!  This complex contains a multitude of vitamins such Vitamin C, B, E and more, effectively delivers these ingredients to help give you a clear, bright skin complexion.

Feel the hydrating effects of both Vitamin and Hyaluronic Acid complex! 8 layers of Hyaluronic Acid offers 8 layers of hydration, that penetrate all layers of the skin. Provide simultaneous hydrating barrier care with the 5 ceramide complex that help smooth rough, dry skin.

Start off with the Vitamin Hyaluronic Ampoule Toner and make sure to follow up with the emulsion!

The Bioheal BOH Vitamin Hyaluronic Gel Cream is a moisturiser with a weak acidic pH, perfect for the skin and a soft-gel type water gel cream texture that forms a light moisturising film to lock in all of the goodness!

Buy Bioheal BOH Vitamin Hyaluronic Skincare 3 Piece Set

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