New Arrivals: Introducing WAKEMAKE!

Wakemake new arrivals

Introducing the hottest Korean makeup brand this year, WAKEMAKE! Vibrant, eye catching, yet functional, become the main character you're destined to be. WAKEMAKE attends to the needs of beauty lovers and keeps up with the latest K-beauty trends!

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The WAKEMAKE collection features some of the hottest makeup products from Korea this year! Let's have a look at some of their trendiest and best-selling items.

1. Water Colouring Pure Tint

WAKEMAKE water colouring pure tint link

Reapplying your lip every few hours can get annoying - and long lasting tints tend to dry out your lips. That's not a worry with the WAKEMAKE Water Colouring Pure Tint! Long lasting hydration and staying power - look good all day!

You can even get varying levels of intensity, starting a from a pure and transparent shade to a fuller, more intense shade. This lip can do it all. Hydrating, yet not sticky, this lip tint is comfortable on the lips all day long! It comes in six shades, featuring warm and cool undertones, so you're sure to find the shade that fits you!

Save now and buy WAKEMAKE Water Colouring Pure Tint!

2. Mix Blurring Eye Palette

wakemake mix blurring eye palette

Set the mood for your day! This eyeshadow palette is impossibly smooth, easy to layer and perfectly pigmented. Featuring a carefully curated colour story with glitter shades that stick like glue to the skin for long lasting wear!

You can create multiple looks with these palettes, from a daily muted look, to an elaborate eye look for a night out, use it whenever! Super fine glitter particles bring that something special to your look, whilst the matte tones serve as the perfect backdrop. 

Buy the Mix Blurring Palette today!

3. Water Velvet Vegan Foundation

wakemake water velvet vegan foundation

Famous for its adhering closely to the skin, you can barely notice this foundation! With a lightweight and hydrating texture, it it sits perfectly on the skin providing smooth coverage. Water to velvet, it dries down to a matte finish that doesn't dry out your skin! Don't be fooled by the light weight texture, this is a high coverage foundation that cover any troubles. 

This foundation comes in a set, including the foundation a spatula and and spatula case! Why a spatula? A trend that has exploded in popularity in Korea this past year, the spatula is used to spread an extremely thin layer of the foundation across the skin before blending. This ensures that an even layer of foundation is distributed onto the skin for smooth, even full coverage. Get the most of the product with this new technique!

Can't forget, this foundation is also vegan approved, and proven to be safe for sensitive skin! 

Try the Water Velvet Vegan Foundation today!

4. Summer Season Nail Gun

summer season nail gun wakemake link

Get ready for the summer! The SS Nail Gun range features easy to wear pastel colours perfect for this year's warm weather.  A smooth texture with a high glossy finish, the Nail Gun polish is a long-lasting gel that can complete your summer mood. With a buildable texture and colour, you can achieve varying degrees of transparency depending on the look you're aiming for!

Get your hands on the 2022 Summer Season Nail Gun today!

It’s no wonder why WAKEMAKE has been so popular in Korea this past year! We love their vibrant approach to makeup, and it’s perfect for both beginners and makeup gurus. Check out the WAKEMAKE collection today!

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