NEOGEN Official Lauch: Brand Overview

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The Korean beauty brand, NEOGEN, is known as an innovation-driven skincare brand that is specially developed for your customized skincare routine, addressing your specific concerns. With innovation at its heart along with skin-boosting, high quality ingredients, products from NEOGEN are tested and proved to deliver visible results. With NEOGEN, expect only what is good for your skin!

NEOGEN's Skincare Collection Overview

Let's have a look at a few of NEOGEN's bestselling product range.

Neogen Peeling Gauze Pads in 3 types.

1. NEOGEN Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Pads

An exfoliating pad that gently purifies, lifts up dead skin cells and shrinks pores, promoting skin renewal while replenishing nourishments back to skin with PHA, LHA, AHA, BHA and other skin-beneficial ingredients. The patented 3-layer pure cotton pads help exfoliate skin better yet are soft and friendly to skin enough to protect your skin barrier.

Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling has different types for different skin concerns:

  • Green Tea: Suitable for dehydrated and irritated/sensitive skin with damaged skin barrier.
  • Lemon: Suitable for dull skins that want a brightened, glowing skin complexion.
  • Wine: Suitable for people with early anti-aging concerns.


2. NEOGEN PHA Gauze Peeling Pads

What's the difference between the Bio-Peel Gauze Peeling Pads and this PHA Peeling Pads? The PHA Guaze Peeling Pad is a renewed and improved version that gently removes skin impurities, helps regenerate skin while targeting at specific concerns such as dullness (#Glowing Peel), irritation and dehydration (#Soothing Peel), and skin elasticity (Firming Peel).

  • Glowing Peel: contains Glutathione and Lemon – active vitamin C, helps with general complexion by brightening skin tone and promoting radiance.
  • Soothing Peel: contains Green Tea and Hyaluronic Acid, helps soothe and add hydration while gently exfoliating skin.
  • Firming Peel: contains Peptide and Wine, helps nourish and revitalize skin, promoting a youthful skin with better firmness and a healthier skin barrier.

It also comes in the form of calming cica tree padcarrot cleansing oil pad and charcoal pad


3. NEOGEN Probiotics Line (Basic and Nutrition)

The NEOGEN Probiotics Basic Collection focuses on balancing the pH level of your skin and protecting skin from damages caused by free radicals, promoting a healthy skin barrier.

NEOGEN Probiotics Basic Line includes:

The NEOGEN Probiotics Nutrition Line replenishes moisture and protects skin barrier for a balanced and youthful skin with visible improved firmness. Probiotics Nutrition Line is suitable for people with early anti-aging concerns and a fatigued skin barrier.

Probiotics Nutrition Line includes:


4. NEOGEN Real Fresh Foam

A foaming cleanser with real fruit extracts and natural, skin-friendly ingredients that thoroughly cleanses and delivers clinically proven benefits, including hydration replenishment, sebum control, dead skin cells exfoliation, and reduction of enlarged pores.

  • Green Tea: contains Green Tea Extract with Real Green Tea Leaf, promote thorough yet gentle cleansing by soothing and replenishing hydration back to skin.
  • Blueberry: contains Real Blueberry Extract and Real Blueberry, helps cleanse skin thoroughly while maintaining skin moisture, leaving skin supple and glowingly hydrated after.
  • Cranberry: contains Real Cranberry Extract and Real Cranberry, rich in antioxidants, helps revitalize skin and leaves skin radiant with a subtle glow.


5. NEOGEN Real Ferment Line

Featuring fast-absorbing Real Ferment Micro Essence and Serum which help to balance skin’s pH levels, deliver intensive hydration and moisture for a supple and healthier skin. They also promotes skin renewal, helps brighten complexion, improve firmness and smooth out wrinkles. Skin will appear to be healthier, firmer and brighter with continuous uses.

Real Ferment Line includes:


6. NEOGEN x JOAN KIM: Joan Day and Night Creams

A collaboration between Joan Kim and Neogen which is innovatively and uniquely developed for both day and night.

Joan Day Vita Cream has Green Tea as one of the key ingredients, skin is soothed and moisturized while Vitamin C helps revitalize and protect skin from UV-derived free radicals. The fast absorbing texture makes this day cream perfect to use during the day and under makeup.

Joan Day Vita Night Cream is enriched with Vitamin E, skin becomes soft and is protected with intensive hydration all night long. A moisturizing yet non-greasy texture and a natural lavender scent is just perfect for the night!


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