Korean Makeup: A New Trend With Long-Lasting, Mask Friendly Makeup

The Korean Beauty makeup trend has been growing in popularity for years. Korean makeup used to be all about glowing, dewy "glass skin" but the recently released Korean makeup products showed a shift towards more matte and long-lasting makeup.  This is because the outbreak of pandemic has led people to wear face masks in public, and a dewy finish would cause the makeup to smudge. To avoid this, below are a few makeup tips on how to achieve a mask-friendly and long-lasting makeup look that would not smudge on your mask.

Tip #1: For a flawless base, use long-wear foundation or cushion foundations.

For those who are looking for a makeup base that would stay on your face all day without smudging on their masks, this is the best choice! I recommend trying the LUNA Long Lasting Conceal-Fixing Cushion. The formula is sweat and sebum proof. It is a multifunctional cushion that prevents darkening, separating, or smudging. 

Tip #2: Remove excess oil by using blotting sheets.


The oil from your skin will make the makeup moves around and smudge when you are wearing a face mask, so use these to freshen up for hours of wear without worrying about touch ups. I recommend trying these Too Cool For School blotting sheets that comes with 50 sheets. They came with a mirror and a puff for easy and hygienic touch up on the go. Choose Charcoal for extra oily skin and Green Tea for sensitive skin.

For a more environmental-friendly option, try VALL Volcanic Stone Oil Remover. It's made with natural volcanic stones that replaces oil blotting paper. Simply rolling the the tool on your face could help to remove excess sebum, sweat and dust on your face. Not only is it eco-friendly, it is also antibacterial and can be cleaned easily. The pocket-size design allows you to touch up anytime.

Tip #3: Use Powder to set your makeup and control sebum production.

Blotting sheets may not be enough to control excess oil production. In this case, you can use loose or pressed powder as a second layer of matte coverage for the face. I recommend Luna Fixer Powder Pact in #02 Beige for a poreless matte finish. Add a small amount of powder to the puff and pat into your T-zone and the areas that your mask would cover to set your makeup in place.

Tip #4: Makeup Setting Spray


Makeup Setting Spray is a great makeup product to use after your foundation and powder. I recommend the Too Cool For School Perfect Day Makeup Fixer as it is a fine, weightless, continuous aerosol makeup setting spray that prevents makeup from smudging and keeps it in place all day.

Tip #5: Matte lip tints and lipsticks

Matte lip tints and lipsticks reduces the chance of transferring your lip colour to the mask. A great option to try would be the Too Cool For School Fixing Blur Lips , a clinically proven mask-proof lip tint that applies finely onto the lips without transferring. It slides on so smooth it feels slippery while avoids making the lips feel tight and dry. Leaves a cottony and velvety blurred effect.

Korean mask-proof makeup is a thing. And it’s not going away any time soon, since the outbreak of pandemic has led to a shift from dewy finishes to matte and long-lasting makeup. That means you need products that will stay put for hours at a time without smudging or transferring on your mask! Thankfully, there are plenty of options out there if you know where to look. All these products can be bought from La Cosmetique. Browse our website for more information, as well as reviews by customers who have tried them themselves!

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  • Nancy

    Wow 🤩 I love the too cool for school makeup setting spray! It’s really light weight and very comfortable when spray on face. And thank you for the great idea of the wear the mask makeup, especially summer is coming soon

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