K-Beauty Makeup Tips to blow up in 2022

2022 K-Beauty Makeup Trends

Like all the other trends, Korean Beauty trends and standards are constantly evolving! This year, the makeup look of most Korean girls is all about Moist, Clear and Glow! I have summarised 7 key trends that you have to know to replicate the glamorous look! 

1. Healthy Glow skin

Unlike few years ago when most Korean women were after a flawless skin with 100% coverage, this year the beauty standard has become more natural and acceptive of flaws. A moist, dewy and glow skin has become extremely popular in Korea, and this can be achieved by using 재유JEYU's method (who is a popular K-beauty guru). 

a. Use a toner pad to gently remove dead skin and provide hydration to skin to give that inner glow. Check out our Heartleaf Spot Pad Calming Touch (75 pads) from Abib. This is a super hydrating and calming toner pad that is perfect for prepping your skin before makeup. Check out other toner pads from us here.

b. Apply ampoule thoroughly. Pick an ampoule that is hydrating and soothing with a non-greasy texture. Our newly arriived Cicaful Ampoule II 30ml/50ml would be perfect to use before makeup. It full of Centella Asiatica Extract, Sodium Hyaluronate & Hyaluronic Acid, great for all skin types including sensitive skin. 

c. Apply a moisturising cream that has a gel-like texture. Try out our Power Aqua Cream 50g from Medi-Peel! It is a blend of cream and gel, so that it is moisturising yet not so heavy. Features 56 Hyaluronic Acid watery capsules that moisturizes the skin and helps enhance skin elasticity and consists of Astaxanthin that enriches in Antioxidants and helps brighten up the skin tone.

e. Pick a cushion foundation with a dewy finish to achieve glassy skin look. I recommend the *Limited* Kill Cover Glow Fitting Cushion which has got SPF50+ PA+++ smooths out skin texture and provides long-lasting natural radiance! In order to maintain the inner glow, you don't need to apply a huge amount of cushion, a thin layer of it will do the job! Use concealer for blemishes and dark spots. 


2. Fluffy semi-arch eyebrows

With eyebrows, it is best to draw them softly from the bottom line like you're filling them in. Draw them in a slightly semi-arch shape then bend it out lightly by contouring. I recommend you to use the Kill Brow Auto Hard Brow Pencil by Clio which is an eyebrow pencil that has a slim, hexagonal tip for a delicate and easy application.


3. Plumped 'Aegyo Sal'/ 'Silkworm'/ 'Cute Eyebags'

'Aegyo Sal' is a popular beauty concept in Asian countries like South Korea, China and Japan because it not only makes your eyes appear larger but also gives you a more youthful look! Last year, it was trendy to apply glitter and decorative pearls onto the undereye line area, however this year Korean girls tend to use subtle products to naturally emphasise their 'Aegyo Sal'. 

Try out our newly arrived Enchanting Stick Shadow 01 Milky Way Beige from I'M UNNY. This products gives you a natural shimmer that is long-lasting and moisturising. Get ready to go out and enjoy your whole day without worrying about creasing and smudging eyeshadow.

4. Light & Natural Eyeshadow

Unlike a few years ago when trendy eyeshadow palettes all have a pigmented warm tone, in 2022 Korean girls are putting less effort into the eyeshadow. They simply use eyeshadow palettes with softer colours to lightly contour the eye shape. I strongly recommend you to check out Clio Pro Eye Palettes!

5. Natural eyeliner colour 

Instead of using a black eyeliner, try using a brown eyeliner that gives a softer, more natural look. One of my personal favourite eyeliner is the Artclass Fixing Gel Liner from Too Cool For School. It is super long-lasting and easy to apply! Trust me it won't smudge at all! 

7. Natural Plumped Lip look 

Instead of using a classic red lipstick, natural glowy lip tints are raving in Korea. Try out our newly arrived Ink Mood Glowy Tint from Peripera! Apply a light layer of concealer over the edge of your lips, then apply the lip tints. Use your fingers to gently smudge the lip tint to get that glowy lip look.


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