How To Use Your Korean Reed Diffuser

Round A'Round Reed Diffusers

A wonderful range of reed diffusers from clean beauty expertsROUND A'ROUND, have entered our La Cosmetique stores. They more than warrant a deviation from our normal Korean skincare blogs to explore what they have to offer. Its time to check out our home fragrance collection!

Reed diffusers are an incredibly cost effective and easy way to utilise essential oils. Each offering provides its own unique set of benefits and aromas. We'll explore some of the best reed diffusers on offer and everything you need to know about how to use them. 

What is a fragrance diffuser used for?

Aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years. Ancient cultures in China and Egypt have been using the same core principles to this day. The practice involves using natural plant extracts to enhance mental and physical health. In modern society, Aromatherapy is a broad term that encompasses things like:

  • Diffusers
  • Body mists
  • Pillow mists
  • Bathing salts

Diffusers are an inexpensive form of aromatherapy that spread a scent throughout a room or home. One of the most common ways to use a diffuser is with essential oils. Each of these naturally derived oils has their own unique properties. 

Compared to candles, diffusers spread scents more evenly and for longer. They also don't require an open flame, that can be dangerous in a house. 

What are the differences between an electric diffuser and a reed diffuser? 

What are reed diffusers?

Reed diffusers are simply a container of essential oils with reeds that gradually distribute a scent. People typically think reeds are simply sticks, but they're actually essential to the diffusion process. They're also made with bamboo or rattan wood. 

Electric diffusers on the other hand automatically break down essential oils into a fine mist, spreading it across a room. There are benefits and draw backs to both. 

A reed diffuser is typically the more affordable option of the two. They also require no electricity and are very easy to use. You can just leave them in a room with minimal maintenance.

They do however depend on natural processes to disperse the aroma. Meaning that you have less control over the strength of the scent. 

Electric diffusers use an automatic evaporation process to continuously disperse an oil vapour. They are fast acting and require less essential oil than the reed diffuser. They do however make more noise and require more space. Two factors that can be very important in a room or small area. 

How do you use a reed diffuser? 

How to use a Reed Diffuser

Reed diffusers are incredibly easy to set up. Simply insert the provided reeds into the container and allow them to absorb the essential oils. You can adjust the intensity of the scent by changing the number of reeds in the diffuser. 

How often do you need to flip the reeds in a diffuser? 

Whilst it largely depends on the type of diffuser and brand that you are using. We recommend that you flip the reeds within your diffuser once every week or so. Or simply flip it when you think that the scent is fading! Flipping the reeds allows for the essential oils to absorb into the dry portion of the reeds, dispersing more scent. 

How long do reed diffusers last? 

Reed diffusers last as long as it takes for all of the essential oils to evaporate. They typically last around a month but factors like the number of reeds can affect this. Luckily, it's easy to refill a diffuser with more essential oils or simply purchase a new one. 

Are reed diffusers safe for the lungs?

Diffusers and essential oils are typically safe for most people. There are some concerns for people with medical conditions like Asthma. However, those with no pre-existing history of respiratory conditions should experience no issues with the use of fragrance diffusers.

Please refer to professional medical advice if you are concerned about your personal use of diffusers. 

The Most Popular Essential Oils and Our Favourite Blends 

So you've decided to invest in some reed diffusers to spread their amazing aromas and benefits throughout your house. The next step is to understand some of the most popular essential oils and which ones will be right for you. Just like Korean skincare ingredients, you should carefully curate and try out essential oils to see what works best for you. 

Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender Essential Oils Benefits and Uses

A versatile essential oil with a multitude of uses and benefits. This choice is one of the most popular for a reason and boasts benefits like: inflammation reduction, stress relief and more! More importantly its a super soothing and relaxing scent that's highly suitable for a bedroom.

Lavender essential oils are also great for mixing and blending with other essential oils, without reducing its effectiveness. The ROUND A'ROUND Forest Diffuser 100mL (Cypress Dawn) features this amazing essential oil. 

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil 

Ylang Ylang Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Ylang Ylang essential oils are the ideal stress and anxiety relief choice when it comes to essential oils. With a rich floral scent, this beloved perfume base is sure to delight when it comes to reed diffusers. You can find Ylang Ylang essential oils in the ROUND A'ROUND Forest Diffuser 100mL (Unknown Cloud).

Whilst in Korean skincare we often find ourselves going towards the fragrance-free option (particularly for those with sensitive skin). Aromas from Ylang Ylang extracts flip that notion on its head and make you want to come back for more. They're also naturally derived so they're still great for those with sensitive noses!

Bergamot Essential Oil 

Bergamot Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Bergamot essential oils belong to the citrus family and boast impressive mood boosting benefits. It adds a fresh, citrusy aroma to any blend and is perfect for brightening up a living space.

One of the most popular ROUND A'ROUND diffusers, the ROUND A'ROUND Forest Diffuser 100mL (White Dazzle) features Bergamot in its formulation. 

Next, we'll explore how the ROUND A'ROUND brand has transformed these popular essential oils with their reed diffuser range.

The Best Korean Essential Oil Reed Diffusers in Australia 

ROUND A'ROUND is a Korean skincare brand known for their super effective skincare range. They do however, also offer a range of reed diffusers! These Forest Reed Diffusers have a range of unique essential oils with their own scent and aromas. 

ROUND A'ROUND Reed Diffuser Range

Each of these reed diffusers offer a blend of essential oils that is unique to the ROUND A'ROUND brand. This makes these diffusers perfect for those after an aroma and scent that will set their room and house apart. 

ROUND A'ROUND Forest Diffuser 100mL (Unknown Cloud)

Round A'Round Unknown Cloud Diffuser

Scent Profile:

The scent of clean fluffy clouds floating in the sky. 

  • Top note : Green, Spicy, Lemon
  • Middle note : Tuberose, Ylang Ylang, Jasmin
  • Base note : Musk, Mossy

ROUND A'ROUND Forest Diffuser 100mL (Cypress Dawn)

 Round A'Round Cypress Dawn Diffuser

Scent Profile:

The scent of wild white flowers growing in a field.

  • Top note : Aromatic, Bergamot, Eucalyptus
  • Middle note : Pine, Rose, Lavender
  • Base note : Cedarwood, Musk, Mossy

ROUND A'ROUND Forest Diffuser 100mL (Violet Wave)

 Round A'Round Violet Wave Diffuser

Scent Profile:

The scent of sweet scarlet blowing in the wind. 

  • Top note : Strawberry, Black Cherry
  • Middle note : Cassis
  • Base note : Musk

ROUND A'ROUND Forest Diffuser 100mL (White Dazzle)

Round A'Round White Dazzle Diffuser

Scent Profile:

The scent of wild white flowers growing in a field.

  • Top note : Bergamot, Water Jasmine
  • Middle note : Magnolia
  • Base note : White Musk

These wonderful reed diffusers are part of our home fragrance collection. If diffusers still aren't your thing or you feel like something a bit more portable, we have one more product to show you. 

ROUND A'ROUND Sleep Better Pillow Mist 100mL

Round A'Round Pillow Mist

This Sleep Better Pillow Mist is an "Essential oil to spray on your pillow to help you sleep better". Its the perfect way to help your body achieve a deep and calming sleep each night. 

With just two or three sprays a day, this ROUND A'ROUND pillow mist will last you a couple months. That makes this a particularly cost effective option and a bargain for sure!

Simply spray the product on your pillow or in your bed area before you sleep. If you're after a less intense aroma, spray it onto a cloth and keep that beside your bed instead. You can very easily add this to the end of the Korean skincare routine. 

Scent Profile:

The scent of warm wood tones that are calming and remind you of home. 

  • Top note : Citrus, Green Eucalyptus 
  • Middle note : Hinoki Pine, Herb
  • Base note : Musk, Amber Cedarwood

The sleep-inducing oils help to promote a healthy sleep cycle. The product also actively sterilizes and deodorizes to leave you with a clean sleep.

Is beauty sleep a real thing?

Quality sleep is actually a huge component of maintaining a healthy life style. Its recommended that you get 7-9 hours of sleep for good skin health. You skin actually produces new collagen whilst you're sleeping, an essential part of the repair process.

So whilst we started out thinking this would be a deviation from our skincare blogs. We've come to realise that there's actually a lot more to skin health than just what we put on our faces!

We have more and more beauty brands and products that are targeting lifestyle and health concerns. This will ultimately lead you to that clear skin that we're all aiming for. 

So check out our Home fragrance collection that features these ROUND A'ROUND reed diffusers with the link below. Discover the soothing and refreshing essential oil blends that are on offer from this wonderful Korean skincare brand. 

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