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Growing up, I saw my grandma washing her hands and face with lemon juice every morning, and honestly, I always found it quite weird, but she was adamant that the nutrients, what today we know as vitamins, in the fruits could seep into the skin, keeping it healthy and vibrant just like a lemon. And, in all fairness, she did have great skin for someone in her 80s, so probably she was onto something [Editor’s note: most dermatologists agree that this practice is dangerous and could ruin your skin pH, so please don’t do it, instead keep reading to find out how to obtain the same benefits without ruining your skin].

But how can we incorporate my grandma’s timeless wisdom of using fruits into our skincare routine, without having to endure stinging eyes and smelling like a walking lemonade stand? Well, that’s the question that the scientists working for Frudia asked themselves too!

What they noticed, is that the hands of jam-makers in France always seemed to be in tip-top shape, all thanks to regular contact with mashed-up fruit. Turns out, the antioxidants and vitamins from those fruits were working wonders for their skin, keeping it healthy and smooth despite the hard manual work. So, the Frudia squad dove headfirst into a 30-year mission, hell-bent on figuring out how to tap into the skincare potential hidden within fruits. Lucky for us, they cracked the code!

The Science Behind the Glow

After three decades of relentless dedication and groundbreaking research, the scientists at Frudia unveiled their masterpiece – Frudia's patented R VITA WDS®, a low-temperature extraction liposome technique that allows to extract all nutrients from the fruit and turn them into something that can seep into your skin seamlessly. This innovative technology, with its skin lipid-like structures, effortlessly allows active ingredients to seep into your skin, creating a shield against external irritations.

Frudia Extraction Process

Are Frudia Products Vegan?

If I still didn’t convince you to try Frudia’s products, here's the cherry on top (pun totally intended): Most of Frudia's products are not just skin-friendly but also eco-friendly. They proudly carry the EVE VEGAN certification, a stringent French vegan certification, ensuring that your skincare routine aligns with your values. Allowing you to nourish your skin, and at the same time contribute to a more sustainable and compassionate beauty ethos.

Frudia EVE Vegan Certification

FRUDIA Lip Balms

This is probably the reason why you are on this page in the first place. Frudia lip balms are the crown diamond of this brand, and what made them world-famous. But is this fame well deserved? And the answer is a firm and resounding YES.

The balms come in 3 “flavours”:

  • Blueberry Hydrating Honey Lip Balm: made with the essence of honey, blueberry, and hydrolysed collagen. It has a semi-matte finish and a non-sticky and surprisingly long-lasting effect. Beyond its cosmetic allure, this sweet blend nourishes, gently exfoliates, and plumps up my lips.
  • Pomegranate Honey 3 in 1 Lip Balm: it helps give your lips elasticity and vitality so it’s particularly suited if you are trying to fight wrinkly or pale lips. It works great also on dry lips since it provides unparalleled hydration.
  • Avocado Cica Relief Lip Balm: It has more of a comforting blend of softness, protection, and intense moisture. It prevents dryness and soothes my sensitive skin. I love to use it on those days when my skin is very dry, and it never fails to impress!
Frudia Lip Balm

    FRUDIA Green Grape Line

    The Green Grape line come in the most adorable green packaging, but if you think that’s their main selling point, then wait until you discover the incredible benefits this skincare range has in store for your skin! All of the products are packed with the goodness of green grapes, renowned for their rich tannins (yes, the things in wine that make it taste good!), these products work wonders – tightening pores, rebalancing skin by controlling sebum production, and shielding your precious skin from the damage caused by those pesky free radicals.

    This line is particularly good if you're dealing with excess oil, lots of blackheads, or the need for smoother, refined skin. Plus, as most of FRUDIA products, it’s proudly sporting the EVE Vegan Certified badge, you can revel in the assurance that they are cruelty-free, environmentally friendly, and blissfully devoid of harmful chemicals.

     Frudia Green Grape Line

    While all of the products in these lines are good on their own, when used together they work like magic. You could start off by applying the Green Grape Pore Control Scrub Cleansing Foam – a powerhouse cleanser that not only rids your skin of impurities but also provides a gentle exfoliation, bidding farewell to dead skin cells, blackheads, and rough patches. Follow it up with the refreshing Green Grape Pore Control Toner, either swiped on with a cotton pad for that extra cleanse or patted gently to replenish hydration. The Green Grape Pore Control Serum takes the stage next, supporting your moisture barrier, reigning in excess sebum, and tightening up all your pores. And, for the grand finale, my all-time favourite moisturizer – Green Grape Pore Control Cream! It has an amazing sherbet texture that transforms into a refreshing water drop sensation on your skin, leaving it smooth, revitalized, and comfortably matte while ensuring the hydration game is strong.

    If your skin is oily or combination skin, as you might know, exfoliation is a crucial step in the battle against excess sebum and the buildup of dead skin cells that often pave the way for blackheads and whiteheads. Enter the Green Grape Pore Peeling Pad – a gentle, double-sided toner pad that indulges your skin in both physical and chemical exfoliation. So, make it a routine – 2-3 times a week – to unveil that glowing, fresh complexion you've been dreaming of!

    FRUDIA Citrus Line

    As we all know, citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, etc. are champions when it comes to Vitamin C content, that’s why Frudia harvests (pun intended …again) their amazing natural properties to create the fan-favourite Citrus Skincare line. Bursting with the invigorating power of Jeju Tangerines, plant seed oils, and Niacinamide, this lineup promises a revitalized, luminous complexion, and let me tell you, it does NOT underdeliver. Together, these dynamic ingredients tag-team to suppress melanin production, combat dark spots, and bid farewell to post-acne scars, all while ensuring your skin's moisture levels stay in the goldilocks zone.

     Frudia Citrus Line

    For the ultimate glow-up, I recommend embracing the full line. Kickstart your ritual with the Citrus Brightening Micro Cleansing Foam, a cleansing maestro that transforms into a rich foam, bidding expert in clearing fine dust and unclogging your pores. Follow up with the refreshing Citrus Brightening Toner, which leaves your skin with a fresh, energized finish, perfect for those warmer spring and summer months when your complexion craves that extra boost.

    Lastly, you can infuse brightness into your day with the Citrus Brightening Serum, a radiant concoction crafted with 71% citrus fruit juice to illuminate your complexion and leave behind a coveted healthy glow combined with the irresistibly smooth Citrus Brightening Cream, locking in all the nutrients that keep your skin looking healthy.

    FRUDIA Pomegranate Line

    It shouldn’t come as a surprise that pomegranates, one of the fruits with the highest levels of antioxidants, also boast undeniable skincare benefits, catering even to the most finicky complexions. The Pomegranate Skincare line adeptly captures the antioxidant prowess of this superfood that even Cleopatra used in her beauty routine.

    Frudia Pomegranate Line

    The star of the line is undoubtedly the Pomegranate Nutri-Moisturizing Eye Cream, which is something I have only recently embraced as I start to navigate my late twenties, this amazing product graces my skincare ritual with its dusty rose packaging. Powered by the core ingredient of the line, pomegranate, and fruit seed oil, it pledges hydration, wrinkle softening, and enhanced skin elasticity. The cream's lightweight, non-greasy texture delighted me when I first used it, offering a refreshing feel as it seamlessly absorbed into my skin reducing the appearance of tired eyes, dark circles, puffiness, and fine lines after just a few applications! I also tested it on the neck where it did wonders reducing lines and gifting my skin a smoother texture.

    If you try and love the pomegranate eye-cream (and you will!), I also suggest to try the other items in this line to unlock the synergies between the products. My personal favourite in the line is  the Pomegranate Nutri-Moisturizing Cream, which is the most efficient at delivering those oh so precious antioxidants straight into your skin cells to keep them moist, elastic and protected from free-radicals.

    FRUDIA My Orchard Sheet Masks

     If you want to spice up your skin care routine but are also on a budget or if you never tried Frudia’s products before and want to give them a trial-run before you invest several hundred dollars in their full lines, don’t worry, I got you covered!

    You see, Frudia also offers some very budget friendly sheet masks that go for upwards of $2 but trust me when I say that they don’t underdeliver on quality. All of the sheet masks from the My Orchard collection are enriched with a substantial amount of fresh juice extract, are and work miracles for distressed skin, and serves as a dependable refresher for sagging, irritated, or excessively dry skin.  The botanical mask sheets don’t contain bleach or any other brightening agents, ensuring safety while optimizing the delivery of active ingredients. Adorning my skin with this "juicy" essence, I reveled in the aftermath of a smoother and healthier-looking complexion after a single use. Plus, they also boast long-term anti-aging proprieties, so your future self is surely going to be thankful for this purchase. These masks are also all remarkably gentle and impeccably fitted, the mask's adherence and comfort, including a perfectly tailored nose flap, contribute to its appeal, a real must-have under all aspects.

    Frudia Sheet Mask

    FRUDIA for your Body

    Frudia has also expanded their offering to include quite a few body care products. Notably, their “What's Wrong Help”  line designed to help tackle troubled skin on the body. Worth of mention is  the What's Wrong Help AC Clear Body Mist used to treat acne by removing dead skin cells thanks to its slightly acidic composition. This mist works great for calming irritation and clearing up the skin. In my opinion, an essential if you suffer from chronic back acne.

    Frudia What's Wrong Help AC Mist

    Frudia also offers a collection aromatic hand creams and hand cream sets as part of the My Orchard Collection. Enriched with shea butter, fruit seed, and honey extracts, these creams offer a silky-smooth finish, enhanced with Cica extracts and panthenol for soothing effects. With various delightful scents, from quince to acai berry, Frudia's hand creams are a real treat for your hands, and your eyes too, since, the colourful packaging is a show-stopper in itself.

    Frudia Hand Cream Set

    This short guide would not be complete without mention of one of Frudia’s most popular body items: their Tone-Up Base Sun Cream. This product is both useful and delightful. It shields you against harmful UV rays and at the same time it acts as a radiant enhancer. This is thanks to the glutathione and pearl extract, which collaborate to create a subtle "tone-up" effect, leaving the skin feeling luminous. I also love the fact that they included mango seed oil and vitamin E, that ensure hydration without the typical heaviness of other sunscreens. While its more tailored toward fair skin tones, I've discovered its actually quite versatile and it also works as a fantastic primer.

    Where to buy Frudia in Australia?

    All of Frudia’s lines are available both in-store and in our online shop. Head to our stores in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra to try out Frudia's products. Or visit the Frudia Collection Page to get them now!

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