Centellian24: A New Korean Beauty Brand Just Officially Landed in La Cosmetique

How’s your skin condition today?

People have learnt from the COVID pandemic, that they need to slow down their lives and seek a better version of themselves. This applies to skincare products too. People are looking more at natural ingredients and environmentally friendly products.

 In 1968, Dongkook Pharmaceutical developed a beauty brand, Centellian24, implemented with TECA (extracts of Centella Asiatica), specialised to treat damaged skin and wounds. The wonder plant Centella Asiatica, known as Tiger Grass, was given the name as tigers were known to roll around in the plant to heal themselves.
The TECA extraction process takes 180 days. Extracting the best quality Centella Asiatica growing in Madagascar.

Promoting regeneration of skin collagen, stimulating the development of hyaluronic acid, promoting the growth of skin dermal fibroblasts, as well as calming and hydrating the skin. The TECA works as an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.

A hand holding the Centellian24 Madeca Relief Cream against the blue sky
Here we are introducing Centellian24, the best seller of the original Madeca Cream. This Madeca Relief Cream is an all-in-one cream that gives the results of firming, brightening, soothing and nourishing. It provides a powerful recovery for those who have weak, irritated, stressed, irregular skin or skin that were affected by environmental changes.

We are very happy about the official launch of Centellian24 in La Cosmetique. We are the official Australian distributor of Centellian24 since 2021. You can now shop for Centellian24 in-store or online. 

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