Abib Minimalists Skincare: Regain your skin's self-perpetuating ability

Why go minimalistic on your skin? 

More and more people are going minimalist on their skincare. So instead of dumping a bunch of skincare products on to your skin across a number of different steps, a minimalist skincare routine focuses on the key steps and ingredients that is actually needed by your skin in order to appear healthy and vibrant. Scientifically speaking, your skin should regain its ability to self-repair and self-generate, and this, is the spirit of Abib which is a Korean skincare brand that uses minimal yet powerful ingredients to pursue a natural skin cycle for all skin types (even sensitive skin)

With the bombardment of skincare product advertisements across social medias, we tend to buy more skincare products than what our skin actually need & want. We've all been there, putting layer over layer of skincare and end up having irritated and worse skin. Slowly our skin loses its ability to fulfil itself. Abib focuses on the skin's own healing process from creating cells, growth and death repeatedly:

    • Increase the self-generating power of skin
    • Prevent skin from toxic ingredients and remove
    • Slow the aging process
    • Induce removal of dead skin cells and increase the defensive power against external stimulus.
    Abib Balancing Toner and Emulsion

    Abib Rebalancing Toner & Emulsion Skin Booster (for all skin types & sensitive skin)

    Do you know how much stress is faced by our skin on daily basis from all the pollutants, mobile phone screens and oversaturated skincare routines? It is time to offer your skin a break. 

    This mild acidic toner & emulsion is derived from deep ocean water that hydrates, soothes and repairs tired skin. 

        • 60%  Hawaiian deep ocean water: fully moisturise skin
        • Mild acidic pH 5.5~6.0: The pH of this toner is close enough to our skin pH that it minimises irritations to the largest extent. 
        • S.O.S Solution: Vegetable protein & Madecassoside strengthen skin barrier. 
        • Centella Asiatica & Heartleaf: Reduce inflammation, repair skin damage. 

    This toner feels super light and watery, and will let your skin stay hydrated and protected from external stimulus for hours. The emulsion can be used directly after the toner or after a serum, providing intense moisture without feeling greasy and heavy. This combo is surely a perfect choice for those of you who are thinking of starting a minimalist skincare routine for your skin to regain its healthy glowing look.


    With different skin types, each of us may need different essences to provide that extra boost of nutrient needed by our skin. Here, I'll talk about 4 kinds of essences by Abib, each addressing a different skin problem.  

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    1. Abib Heartleaf Essence Calming pump 

    Abib Heartleaf Essence

    If your have oily, combination or acne-prone skin, then this Abib essence packed with heartleaf extract might be your saviour. This Heartleaf essence soothes the skin while gently exfoliating the skin and controlling sebum production. If you have sensitive skin, don't panic when you see the word 'exfoliate', because this essence would be one of the most gentle product your skin have ever experienced, letting your skin to return to its healthy and balanced state. 

    This essence is non-sticky and will give you that translucent skin finish that you have always wanted, leaving your skin super clear and bright!  Shop Abib Heartleaf Essence Calming Pump now!

    2. Abib Yuja Essence Vitalizing Pump 

    Abib Yuja Essence

    I think we have all craved for that Korean glassy, dewy and bright skin and wondered how on earth did they do to get that skin. This Abib Yuja Essence may be the answer. Yuja is citrus fruit and is currently a popular skincare ingredient in Korea that helps to brighten and moisturise skin. With the additional ingredients such as Sugarcane extract and Butylene Glycol, this product is the ultimate essence for skin brightening, softening & rejuvenating!

    And Yes, this essence can be used by all skin types including sensitive skin. Again, it has a non-sticky formula, and can be used both day & night. Shop Abib Yuja Essence Vitalizing Pump now!

    3. Abib Hemp Seed Essence Activating Pump

    Abib Hemp Seed Essence

    Abib Hemp Seed Essence Activating Pump is a lightweight oil-based essence that offers deep, intense hydration and increases skin elasticity. Don't back off cause you saw the word 'oil', because the hemp seed oil has been capsulated and will pop and melt into the skin immediately leaving no stickiness and greasiness behind! So what are the benefits of hemp seed oil? It soothes inflammations, increases skin elasticity and balance oil production.

    If your are in your early 20's or 30's with sensitive skin and you are looking for something to prevent aging, this essence is your go to! Along with the hemp seed oil, it also contains Jojoba Oil and Shea butter that work altogether to moisturise and restore skin intensively. Shop this essence now! 

    4. Okjuk Essence Nutrition Pump 

    Abib Okjuk Essence

    With 55% of Okjuk extract, this cream-like essence effectively relieves stressed and dehydrated skin, helping our skin to retain its elasticity and strength. The unique light cream texture allows it to be absorbed into the skin super quickly without leaving any residue or stickiness. Glycerin was purposefully added to this essence to level up moisture and soften skin.  The powerful formula of this essence can also strengthen skin barrier and protect it from external stressors, leaving your skin super comfortable and relaxed. 

    With absolutely no irritants, fragrances and essential oils, this essence is indeed for anyone who is in search of a nourishing essence that is helps to rejuvenate the skin. This essence has definitely been underrated, but you'll definitely fall in love with it once you have tried it! Shop for Abib Okjuk Essence Nutrition Pump now! 

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