2023 Olive Young Awards: What's Actually Popular In Korea

What is Olive Young Award?

Just in case you didn't know, Olive Young is the largest health and beauty retailer in Korea. Each year, Olive Young reveals their top best selling products based on real data. If you're new to K-beauty, this article is your quick track to the products that are actually popular in Korea in 2023.

This is the shop front of one of the Olive Young store. In 2022, there were 1,298 Olive Young stores in South Korea, home to the latest, most innovative K-beauty brands.

No.1 Toner - Round Lab 1025 Dokdo Toner 200ml/500ml

This cult favorite Round Lab 1025 Dokdo toner has won the competition with surprise. This is a triple award-winning skincare gem. Enriched with deep sea water sourced from Ulleung Island near Dokdo, this toner is a powerhouse blend of panthenol and allantoin, meticulously formulated to refine skin texture and provide a dewy, supple complexion sans any residual stickiness. This daily toner nurtures healthy, dewy skin while maintaining the delicate oil-water balance. 

Its lightweight, watery texture ensures a refreshing toning experience, making it an ideal choice for sensitive skin!

No.1 Cleansing Oil - Manyo Pure Cleansing Oil 200ml/400ml

Have you wondered why Skincare Influencers on Tiktok have such perfect, clear, glassy skin? Using an oil cleanser may be the answer:

@yurileeeee #manyopartner @Manyo US Cleansing oil will give you glazed skin❤️ Products are linked in my bio, also my amazon storefront🫶 #cleansingoil #doublecleanse #glazedskin #bestselling #koreanskincare #manyo #manyofactory ♬ original sound - Skinfluencer

This viral Manyo Pure cleansing oil is actually formulated with plant based oil, which means it will not cause a breakout like some cleansing oils do and it is much more gentle on the skin. Have you watched one of the videos of Koreans integrating rice water in their skin care routine? Looks very tempting right? But hold on a second, using rice water may cause bacterial infection in the skin and worsen the skin condition! This cleansing oil is actually infused with Fermented rice to get that clear, glass skin effect without the risk of a skin infection.

No1. Sunscreen - Round Lab Birch Juice Moisturizing Sunscreen 50ml

If you hate the heaviness of a regular sunscreen, then you will 100% love this Round Lab Birch Juice Moisturizing Sunscreen. So why is this Round Lab Birch Juice Moisturizing Sunscreen so popular and what makes it so good? Here's why, it features a non-sticky , essence like texture and actively moisturises the skin while protecting the skin from UV ray. It leaves the skin super supple yet refreshed. It is infused with Birch Tree Sap to maintain that moisture balance; and Vita Hyaluronic acid to keep the skin hydrated and glowy all day long.

If you're worried about whether or not it goes well before foundation, you don't have to be. Koreans actually love to use this sunscreen as a makeup base to prep their skin before applying foundation or cushion foundation! This sunscreen is basically everyone's cup of tea, whether you have dry, flaky skin or oily, acne-prone skin. Shop now

 No1. Base Makeup - Banila Co Prime Primer Finish Powder 12g

Being one of La Cosmetique staffs' top pick product, this Banila Co Prime Primer Finish Powder also is Olive Young's top 1 best-selling product in the base-makeup category. Banila Co Prime Primer Finish Powder is an air light, silky, velvety pore blurring setting powder that gives immediate oil control for smooth, flawless skin all day. 

Unlike some some western brand powders, this primer finish powder does not take away the skin's natural glow while providing just the right amount of refreshment. This unique formula doesn't just absorb excess oil; it's designed to strike the perfect balance, leaving your skin neither greasy nor dry. Crafted with micro, light powder particles, it's your ticket to flawlessly locking in your makeup throughout the day. Say goodbye to visible pores and skin imperfections—it works like a real-life face filter! Shop Korea's Best Selling powder now

No1. Cushion - Clio Kill Cover The New Founwear Cushion + Refill

This Clio Kill Cover The New Founwear Cushion is a thin, light cushion foundation that gives 72-hour long-lasting coverage! It gives a semi-matte coverage with sun protection, whitening benefit and wrinkle improvement. It has everything a good cushion needs and most importantly, it will make your skin have this magical, healthy glow that lasts for the entire day! Shop Now

This cushion is available in 6 shades:

  • 1.5 Fair
  • 2 Lingerie
  • 2.5 Ivory
  • 3 Linen
  • 3.5 Vanilla
  • 4 Ginger



    No1. Eyeshadow- WAKEMAKE Soft Blurring Eye Palette (6 Colours Available)

    If you're new to the K-beauty realm, you may be wondering...Which Korean eyeshadow is the Best? Well, based on the Olive Young 2023 rankings, WAKEMAKE Soft Blurring Eye palette is your go-to. You no longer have to shop from Korea and have it ship all the way to Australia with the risk of it cracking on its way, you can shop from La Cosmetique Today! Online and In-store both available. 

    Each year, there are new beauty trends in Korean that goes absolutely viral. Well this year, the new trend is "Less is more!" No more heavy eye makeup or dramatic eye shadows, the simpler the better. And this is the reason behind the popularity of the Wakemake eyeshadow palettes! Recommended by Korean Top Tier makeup artists, the pigmentation, color and texture of these palettes are just beyond. Each of these soft blurring palettes have 16 shades, which you can use for contouring your eyes, nose contour, creating aegyo-sal and even use of of the pinkish shades as a blush

    Implied by its name 'soft blurring', this whole entire palette range has a soft and subtle color, perfect for makeup newbies and those who want to use it to create a clean, effortless, everyday look. I personally have hooded eyes, and I am a so so in love with these palettes. Shop Now

    No1. Mascara- Clio Kill Lash Superproof Mascara

    This viral mascara ranked no1. best-selling mascara in Olive Young, but what makes it so good? Why is it the best mascara of 2023? It is long-lasting, water-proof, sweat proof and has a clump-free formula! This is the perfect mascara is you want to create a clean girl makeup look, it elongates the lashes with a natural finish and is actually smudge-free! I was so shocked when I first tried it out, because for years a struggled with drugstore mascaras which normally have a heavier texture that are unable to support my Asian-lashes. The Clio Superproof Mascara not only held my lashes up all day long, but was also water & sweat proof. Based on your desired eye look, you can choose from the following. Shop Now

    No1. Lip Makeup- Romand Juicy Lasting Tint #25 Bare Grape

    If you are in Australia wondering what Korean girls actually use? Well, Almost every Korean girl owns one of the Romand Juicy Lasting Tint shade 25 Bare Grape.

    Did you know that the Juicy Lasting Line is actually inspired by seasonal fruits? Shade 25 is inspired by the delicious grapes, it is the perfect lip tint for everyone, giving you this juicy kissable look. This is also a must-have by all by Olive skin girlies, as this cool toned lip tint will make your skin look so clear and bright. Check out more shades from Romand Now. Shop Now


    No1. Hiar Dye- Mise-En-Scene Hello Cream Hair Color (Black Pink Edition) #Cool Black

    What did Black Pink Jisoo use to dye her hair? 

    Black Hair aesthetic is officially BACK! The number one best selling hair dye on Olive Young in 2023 is shade Cool Black from Mise-En-Scene (Black Pink Edition). This is no regular hair dye that you can find at Chemist warehouse, it has no terrible odor, it causes less damage to the hair and scalp, it is so easy to use and most importantly, it gives the most chic and pretty hair colors! 

    All you have to do is just to follow the simple & visual instructions, shake and apply with a bottle that comes with the kit.  Shop Now


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